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  1. no real count on books in my house, its easier to count book shelves, at 28 3x6 foot shelves, 3 8x8 foot custom shelves and a few dozen boxes more of random books that dont fit on any shelf. rough guess around 8000ish books and after my house was robbed im down to only 2000ish comics.
  2. Ok, Hvaing just watched that, Pinky just jumped up about 3 spots to no2 favorite pony (still like Rarity more). Pinky stole that entire 2 part episode. Ok, Hvaing just watched that, Pinky just jumped up about 3 spots to no2 favorite pony (still like Rarity more). Pinky stole that entire 2 part episode.
  3. For those of you who get your pony fix off netflix like me, the drop date of today (19 march) is now gone, We have ponies for the forseable future> YAY >O
  4. Zoology, Cryptozoology, Taxonomy, Geology, Chem, Botany, Physics..... I likes to science! (have over 200 combined hours in these fields at several universies). When ever I have a slow time at work I pop into a class just becuase I can. The admin office at APSU hates me .
  5. For me to get my buddies hyper active kids hooked all I had to do was show them the 3 minutes of Twilight laying the smack down on Tirek video on Youtube. They saw that and they were more than happy to sit down and watch the rest. One of my friends I tossed him Omnibus Vol 1, he read it and was more than happy to watch it. When I bother to convence someone to watch ponies, I generally pick something that I know they will appreciate. If you know your friend that you know what he/she likes or dislikes, pick from there.
  6. I had to giggle at this one. Ive not used my first name in 25 years. Even before the Army I was in a class with 5 guys that all had the same name as a result we all started using our last name and after high school it stuck, joining to the Army no first names where used (except paper work). One of my close friends who's kids have known me from birth, are now 15 years old and the oldest didnt know my first name untill i "Friended" him on Facebook. (coicidently so I could send him MLP Links).
  7. This is a baited question with and a very unfair vote. Both are equal and are very situationally dependent. Think of your friends, when they need a hand are you there to lend it to them or do you hide in the shadows and hope someone else picks up the slack. When your friends are feeling down are you there for a shoulder to cry on or offer words of encouragement. To me both acts are the same, action carries the same weight as words when given at the right times. Rarity is the best pony!
  8. I’m sitting here in my cozy (if not overly cluttered) library with a huge cup of coffee in my paws randomly clicking links, while listening to my “I’m being a lazy bum and relaxing today” music. My former roommate walks into the house (he’s lived with me off and on for 15 years so I don’t give 2 road apples if he knocks) while I’m playing “Smile, Smile, Smile” way to loud. As the end of the song the next song on my playlist (on random) is “Makes me Smile” (A.k.A the Ferret Song by Film Cow note this song is not ummmmmm….. politically correct if you choose to look it up). He walked into my library and just stares at me, I’m wearing a mink lion patterned robe (one of the heavy 20 Kg ones) and Lion King Slippers with my feet propped up on my desk and happily singing along to the lyrics. He looked at me and all he’s said was “God I hate you!” and promptly walked to the kitchen for coffee. This prompted immediate laughter and a huge smile from me. The level of disgust and disdain in his voice was a mirror to every other time he spoke those words knowing I am one of the few people he counts as a true friend. (he hates ponies and I got his eldest son hooked on them) So as I sit here chuckling to myself and sipping my coffee, and thinking things could be better, they could be worse but for now I think I’ll just play pony music really loud and see how much fun I can have pissing off my former roommate because I can. I’m a lot bigger than he is and there is not a damn thing he can do about it. So my question to you is, what makes you smile?
  9. pshhh, favorite nah , I love all fruits except magos and the creepy guy that wears yoga pants two houses down (he's an unpleasant human being)
  10. New 1 minute sneek peek of season 5 episode 1 on tv guide page As Alyaws Rarity is the best pony!
  11. small mp3, and ear buds' i spend 30-45 min on an eliptical blasting MLP, Lion King sound stracks, all dogs go to heaven 2 (1 song) and Tarzan sound track, and not one person has ever heard the stuff i listen too,
  12. Easy fix, load up the MP3 player with an extra hour of MLP music and do a dubble day on the 3rd, the added exercise will were you out and add a little shock to the sysem and you get a win win, you get a great workout and your Pony fix.
  13. NIce FIND!!!,, Please put some spoiler warings in your post warning clicking the link has a few huge spoilers!
  14. I feel your pain, I joined the Army after growing up at the base of the snow line in CA, 3000ft normally saw 1-2 feet a year. My first duty assignment was FT. Drum New York, that was ummm a little bit of culture shock with lake effect snow droppping 2-3 feet at a time. the worst was when we add 18 foot drift's pushed onto our dinning facility and we were told at 2 AM if we wanted breakfast the cooks needed to be tunneled into the building. Now I live here In Oak Grove, KY and for some reason I saw 8 inches of snow , went out side , shovled my drive way, cleaned my elderly neighbors drive way , and now im sitting here in my kitchen giggleing at all the people who are to "Special" to shovel a little snow and are just spinning out in their driveways. For the record I hate that white ****!
  15. The date that was posted a month ago ON IMDB was not confirmed "It just showed up" no one from IMDB was able to locate the source of the date so it was assumed to be a "Troll" to get all of us pony fanatics in an uproar, especially with the titles of the first 2 episodes being so incorrect. This is the first no jokes "Official" release of information. All I have to say is considering how well Hasbro has kept this hidden, Sony needs to send thier security guys over for some hard core training. Sony will never have a leak again if they follow Hasbro's modeling.