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  1. If Gilda returns someday, they need to give her the development that didn´t have in his debut. Maybe in a redeem episode, she will explain her motivation for being a bully like Babs Seed, and accept help from RD and Pinkie. But if we get Lightning Dust instead, either she redeems herself or she retuns in a similar way like Trixie and start causing trouble to Dash team; Perhaps she starts thinking that the Wonderbolts are stupid for wasting her potential, and starts training alone, without any leader to annoy her, becoming faster than Rainbow Dash. She creates her own team, composed mainly of rejected aspirants to the Wonderbolts, and they try to prove how useless are the Wonderbolts system, by attacking their flyers and other thins. Then she starts ruining everything Rainbow Dash do at the academy, and at the end she reveals her agenda: Teach her that he didn´t need a trainer or anypony to tell her what she has to do, she had everything he wanted inside of her all the time. Did i extent my dreams too much? DADDY PIE WILL APPEAR? YAY Then i take that.
  2. Seriously, we were hoping to see Trixie in S2, and he returned in S3. We think the same of Gilda, and well, since she was a weak and flat character she obviously didn´t return. Then Flim and Flam return and...ufff... But, why those one-shot characters can´t return? I refer to: Lightning Dust Cheese Sandwich Maud Pie Suri Diamond Dogs Steven Magnet The reason of why the two characters mentiond above returned and the other don´t was because they were fresh and really good characters, a large amount of fans, and because they serve to do a contrast to the protagonist, showing what they could have become. AND WHY THESE CHARACTERS CAN´T RETURN WHEN THEY HAVE A LOT TO SHOW!! LD served to show the bad aspects of Rainbow Dash, and since a lot of Wonderbolts episodes are coming, i can see her returning. Cheese Sandwich good development and is not really fair that they only use him for the keys. Suri was another counterpart to Rarity. These two last characters (Magnet and DD) got a lot of fans and fanfics, and the first one was a FUCKING MEME GODDAMNIT!! So, ¿What are the reasons to not bring they back? I WANT ANSWERS!!! I WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH!!! YOU CAN´T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!! FORGET IT, IT´S CHINATOWN!! PD: I want Chrysalis and Zecora to return also, duh.
  3. The texture is nice, but it looks like something i could use to make an N64 game version of MLP.
  4. I know that the new Season comes this May, but damn, time goes to fast. So, with all the leaks and fakes centered around the season and the characters, i want to question you, ignoring what could come this season. What we can expect from our favorite characters in this season? What characters we expect to appear or return? What thing this season must give to them that other seasons didn´t? Specially from: -Twilight Sparkle -Rainbow Dash -Zecora -Discord -Pinkie Pie -Library -Background ponies
  5. Underrated: -Sweet and Elite -Applebuck Season -Rainbow falls -The best night ever -The Crystal Empire -Over a Barrel Overrated: -Twilight´s Kingdom (Still love it duh) -Lesson Zero -Sonic Rainboom -Return of the Harmony (part 1)
  6. Note: Sorry for my fist topic. According to you, what episodes you think deserve more than they got, and what episodes got a lot of overhype.
  7. We already have a very charming, waifu stoler version of King Sombra that could rivalize Squidward´s handsomeness. So... Can you imagine alternate versions of characters like Discord, Trixie, Chrysalis, Celestia, Luna, Tirek and the mane 6 in a similar way (for the villains) or in a not-so-charming way (for the heroes)? Let your imagination flow and describe them.
  8. Come on little bronie! Get on the feels bandwagon and tell us what you consider the most saddest moment or episode in the whole series and why.
  9. Applejak lied to Pinkie in "Party for one" and Spike in "Spike at your service"; Twilight didn't understand Pinkie'sense; Rarity catching the flowers during the wedding, and in element exageration Pinkie caused problems with clones.
  10. Wow, seriously guys... First of all, i didn't expect to receive so much replies of people bashing this simple opinion, but i guess what was my mistake here, i forgot to put the word "arc" in the title and that make us think that i hated the whole season (i posted there was some flaws in it, through). But my opinion remains, i think it could have been better it there was a little more and not so subtle foreshadowing, also (yeah, laugh to me) i still don't think that shadow from Castle-Mania was Tirek since i only see it in only one episode, and still none of you answered my question: How the fuck Twilight-princeses fusion can match Tirek-Equestria-Discord fusion? And for the rest of the season, it has great episodes, but the ones that i didn't like were: -Somepony to watch over me -Daring Don't -One scene from Power Ponies -Twilight's time -Filli Vanilli I don't know if someone is going to read this, i gonna post this in another post if that hapens, but the lesson here is that opinions are like butts: Everybody has one, but we think that the other's one stinks.
  11. The story was a mess, the foreshadowing was bad, AJ and RD got flanderization episodes, no buildup or anything, and the worst thing is that the season finale (that i liked) was downright predictable. We all know that Discord was going to fail and that Twilight will have to save his world at the end, so Hasbro could sell their new toys. Moreover, how is it that Twilight+Celestia+Luna+Cadence fusion can match Equestria+Discord? Even if Tirek was just toying with her that doesnt make any damn sense! If Hasbro will do two seasons more they should give the producers more freedom so this wouldnt turn the series i know and love into a stinking marketing crap like the new Simpsons.
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