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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I'm not at first glance. I'm big and heavily tattooed with a crazy hobo beard. I'm also not a big talker, prefer working to talking most of the time. So, people tend to be intimidated at first. Once they know me, all good though. Some of my favorite people have admitted to being terrified of me based solely on appearance and bearing. Would be lying if I said I didn't use that reaction to my advantage though.
  3. Cheese plate with fresh fruit and nuts. I'm a cheese freak, which is difficult since diet doesn't allow much of it. Also fruit for the same reason. I'd seriously consider doing bodily harm if it meant enjoying a good blue or brie without consequence.
  4. New York is was a mixed bag, though I wasn't staying one of the better parts of town. Seemed like every nook was packed with trash, and people generally sucked. The smaller Burroughs had their charm though. Queens actually kind of felt like home. Love Jersey, if even some places are as described above.
  5. Oh yeah? Well I know this one guy from Austria that had like 10 million confirmed kills. Sure there are some that deny it, but they're just haters.
  6. Same character, same malice. Honestly, the 90 series is more effective because of what's not implicitly said or shown. There's also something to be said for content on network TV vs cable TV. Fox was strict with their kids blocks back in the day.
  7. Really don't see the point. If you're incapable of checking your pulse/heart rate, the tech is probably beyond you anyway. Cal trackers are also worthless gimmicks. Your physiology is unique, algorithms don't account for that. The more involved stuff, I have a phone that does everything already. What's the point?
  8. Yeah..overpopulation is actually already a huge issue. Anyway, I remember the dreams I wake up from. But I've been working at it for years. They're an invaluable tool in regard to knowing yourself.
  9. Used to play strings, fell in love the first time I saw an amplified violin. Actually built an electric upright (baby) base. A friend of mine has it now. Broken my hands too many times to play like I used to. Just don't have the dexterity needed anymore. Took up the pipes though. Nothing fancy, middle of the road electrics. Love them. Though none of the neighbors feel the same...
  10. Does it matter? If we're truly identical, I endure either way. Right? From a logical standpoint, there's no reason to resist. Of course, two of me makes life much easier. No reason to try to kill one another either.
  11. David Allan Coe - Ghost of Hank Williams / Come to Boston Jennings - Drinkin' and Dreamin' / Rose in Paradise Highwaymen - Silver Stallion / Against the Wind Marty Robbins - Big Iron George Straight - Amarillo by Morning Bouncing Souls - The Night Train / I'm From There
  12. My grandfather. Throwing out Internet personalities... Can't wrap my head around it at all. Perhaps it's a generational thing. Celebrities in general, dunno. Just never understood it.
  13. Cute, OP thinks YouTube would exist if we were still on D/U. Rubbing one out would take forever. Seriously, back in the 28k/56k days it could take five minutes to load a page. An afternoon to DL a minute long QuickTime clip. And pirating music? We're talking about 30 minutes per song on OG Napster. You younguns don't know how good you have it.
  14. The Highwaymen - This Road Goes On Forever Discounting super groups...still a toss up. David Allan Coe - Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy Waylon Jennings - Fuck it, everything he ever recorded was amazing. Everything. Going Down Rockin' if I had to choose just one. See below for thoughts... Cash - American VI still touches a nerve. He knew he was slipping away, this was his goodbye. The whole album was like some kind of cathartic love letter to the world he left behind. It's odd, I've buried family and a lot of close friends. But I actually wept when Jennings and Cash died. Buck Owens was a jagged little pill too.
  15. Keith Moon, Neil Peart. Chris Slade is also vastly under appreciated, so glad to see him back with AC/DC on the next tour. Even if I don't care for them, dude deserves it.