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  1. :icwudt:Well that's a great idea! Maybe they run into each other at a bonfire that Rainbow Dash is throwing. That's a great idea! Maybe Rainbow Dash can throw a Bonfire and that's where they all run into each other.
  2. I will be submitting a new story Fimfiction, but there's one problem; I haven't gotten a clue on where to start. When I'm writing a fanfiction it sounds good at first but then a couple hours after it's accepted I feel like I'm a terrible writer. I wanna make a story with my favorite characters (if that helps) AppleJack SpitFire Fluttershy
  3. I find them a bit lazy, I just don't understand why people just can't pick only 1 race. And I feel I can't express my opinion without being hated on. Although, not all of them are lazy, some of them are alicorns for other purposes that can be legit if done right, but it's hard to do it right.
  4. June 2014, when I first saw I thought "I wanna get all these references, and what the element's of harmony are" I was a closet brony for a while, before I realized my love for it in August.
  5. I'll start with my favorite pony to my least favorite pony (not saying the last one is worst pony; just my least favorite, I still like whoever is last) AppleJack- Her love and loyalty to her family (also the country envinornment) Fluttershy- Like me, she can be emotional and has stage fright Twilight- Her reaction to being 'tardy' Rarity- Her generous ways Rainbow dash- Loyalty to her friends Pinkie- Hyper active attitude (I have ADHD)
  6. Pecan Pencil
  7. See I'm trying to write a sad fic for a cannon character, Applebloom. The problem is I'm not used to making types like these, any tips, tricks, and steps anypony knows of that could come to use?
  8. Well to be honest, shippers don't have any actual effect on the shows cannon. Plus they are made up ponies so, yeah.
  9. What really irratates me; People hate Twilight all of a sudden; oh she has wings?! Then let's forget about her character devolpment and character in general and just hate her. Hey hater? How about you worry about YOUR self. Please quit bothering the writers about how you hate this, please tell me how you think she should be a unicorn, it's a kids show, they are not gonna cut off her wings so there's no way she's gonna be a unicorn again. So move on please, and focus on wha...

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    2. pixelmusic


      Oh I forgot rarity said never to talk about Tom again :3

    3. Pecan Pencil

      Pecan Pencil

      They never spoke again about alot of things. Remember when Rainbow Dash joined the wonderbolts?

    4. Cannon and rarity

      Cannon and rarity

      1.i don't like alicorn twilight but I don't go insane about it


      2.i forgot rarity said never to talk about Tom :( time to destroy tompie

  10. I agree the backstory needs to be legitimate. Not just "i became an alicorn the end" princess awesome love was an example of mary sue
  11. I'd like to give my opinion *clears throat* But I can't, because people are going to call me racist because of my opinion and use all evidence against me. None legit evidence.
  12. Pecan jumped into the nice, cool pool of Baltimare, it was summer, finally. Kicky's fruit orange coat matched her mane completely as Atlas' was differed from her coat, her mane being a dark chocolate while her coat was a grass green orange. The ginger pegisis flipped her mane back and forth into the cool water feeling the nice breeze as the two earth ponies swam back and forth from side to side taking long breaks for breath. The nice sunshine mixed with the slight breeze made a memorable feeling that certainly would last for years. The music played a great role in future nostailgia, R Dash sang wop live. Every couple of seconds the ponies would stop to sing along. "I need a little bitta money" Dash pointed at the ponies at the pool, having them finish her sentance. "I pay my bills" the audiance sang. Rainbow Dash looked at Pecan. "Hey!" Pecan looked at her. "Aj's cousin, Pecan get up here!" Pecan's heart began to beat in excitement. She ranced up to the stage. "It's Daaash" She pointed the mic towards Pecan. "Why you gotta do me like thaaaat" Pecan sang along.
  13. Pecn trotted throughout Ponyville humming along to her favorite tune by Octavia, She found it strange that she named a song called "I am Octavia" but the song was still a great thing to hear. She felt as if she could relate to all the ponies in town on a certain level depending on who they were. She was looking foward to some tastety apples for lunch, the sweet taste and smell made her stomach growl just thinking of it! Ponyville seemed normal today, no fighting, no Country in danger no discordation nothing. It was just perfect. Lyra and Bonbon sat on the bench laughing like everyday, Scootaloo and her mom Spitfire played basketball together, Rarity was buying some bits for a new ribbion while Applebloom and Sweetie Belle played tag by the trees. Unicorns and Earthponies living in harmony Pegisi in the sky, it was all good. Pecan trotted up to her cousin AppleJack patting her side to get her attention. "Why hey there Sugercube!" She placed her bag of apples down. "I got hungry waitin, but I couldn't eat without you. After all, I promised we'd have lunch together, and that's nothing but the truth." She slid a tasty bag of apples over, Pecan picked it up smiling. "I'm starved," She said leading her cousin towards a table to sit down at, she had always been a leader. She had problems keeping calm under situations where everyone turns to her instead of working together, she can't work alone honestly. "So are you exicited to go to the water fountain today?" Applejack took a bite of her apple. "Tartarus yeah!" Pecan cheered. "I woke up bright and early tis morning to get ready!" Pecan continued to eat. "Ah'm glad you are so enthusiastic!" Applejack smiled. Eating her food quickly Pecan bounced up and down just ready to jump into that water as she trotted along Applejack and Applebloom. "We're almost there ain't we AppleJack ain't we ain't we?!" Applebloom shared her excitement with Pecan. "Yeup! Just about a few minutes we should be there"
  14. In his headcannon Luna is evil IDK why he just says he doesn't like her