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    Cooking, gardening, volunteering, singing, taking care of animals and people, dancing, laughing, working

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  1. I nust want to end everything...

    1. catnet


      Would it help to vent about it? :( I can listen if you want, even if I'm terrible with advice, and/or you can post a topic about what's going on in Life Advice if you wish in case someone has something helpful they can say? *hugs*

  2. well...I guess everyone moves on at some point in their lives...

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    2. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      oh =( I see *hug* but you always welcome back here <3

    3. Honey Rose/Mama Rose

      Honey Rose/Mama Rose

      Thank you. I might not be in for a long time but I may be back. Just please.. do me a favor and make sure guunta will be ok.

    4. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      I keep my eye in him *hug* <3

  3. I always fudge up...I don't understand why I am even around anymore...

  4. I would do my best to figure out how to walk correctly and then just travel a bit and meet people.
  5. My brother played me a song on his guitar. I was having a bad day so I went over to his house after school and we ate ice cream and talked and then after jamming out, we watched the show because I wanted to know where the song was from.
  6. I would just hope that apple bloom would follow in applejacks footsteps.
  7. I am to scarred to tell anyone about how I feel about ponies. I don't really have a good relationship with my family and I only have one friend who likes ponies. However... I know my husband likes mlp but we don't talk to each other about it... I feel like he is really ashamed of me... I just hope that things change one day...
  8. I watch mlp with my husband, but when I first started I would only watch it at my brothers place. Him and his wife got me into it. I was to scared to do anything related to it in school or try to make friends with the same interest.
  9. I really like applejack. She is smart and honest and can stand up for herself. If I was able to switch bodies... I would be able to work for a day and not feel so out of life. I would be able to be free for just a day, to expirence life on a farm. It would be amazing.
  10. hello, I was wondering if anyone had a tumblr either dedicated to mlp, fanart, fanfic, etc? I am looking for some blogs to follow and I would love to check some out. Thank you.
  11. Hello and welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay on here! The people on the forums are super kind and very smart. I'm sure you will feel comfortable here and that you will go far and do wonderful things!
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