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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Loygansono55

    Do you think the new Doctor Who sucks?

    Absolutely not. I find every era of Doctor Who to be very enjoyable. It is my favourite show
  3. I have nothing to do
  4. Loygansono55

    Gaming Whats your favorite R.P.G, any format.

    Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Pokémon, and Xenoblade Chronicles are my favourites :3
  5. Loygansono55

    Mega Thread Your favourite pony and why?

    Fluttershy is my favourite because we're alike. We're both kind, love nature, and are, well, shy
  6. Loygansono55

    How did you find your avatar ?

    I watch One Piece, and I found a frame that I really liked from one of the openings
  7. Loygansono55

    General Media Favorite Channel on YouTube?

    Off the top if my head, my favourites are ERB, Jacksfilms, Game Grumps, and Chuggaaconroy