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  1. When did I compare my own kid with a monkey? One who doesn't have a kid. I've never said that I'm a parent, where the hell did you get that from? You're right. Who cares if my spawn gets bullied? Nothing bad has ever come out of that.
  2. If they chose the namne because they like the name, why didn't it have any votes before the royal family announced the name of the princess? The answer is simple, they only voted for the name as a joke. Also to name a animal after someone is unrespectful as hell.
  3. Even better, name them after the writers of this show. Then we could talk about people having their feelings hurt.
  4. Isn't it kind of stupid to call a child a brat not even a week after she was born? Anyway If I remember correctly the article said something about how the name didn't have any votes before the royal family announced the name. And if we were to look at some of the posts in this thread then it wouldn't be hard to guess where I'm getting that assumption from. Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot that it's completely impossible for Japanese to be just as mean as the rest of the world. How could I be so stupid that I forgot that they're literally gods that can do no wrong? Because that's disrespectful
  5. To all of you that thinks that the zoo shouldn't apologize, can you answer thes question? If someone named a monkey after your child because they find it funny, would you think that it's okay? Would it be okay to name a monkey after a kid with autism? Would it be okay to name a monkey Robin Williams? Would it be okay to name a monkey after Martin Luther King? Would it be okay to name a monkey after Amanda Todd? And the most important, Is bullying okay? Because this is bullying.
  6. If you can't take criticism then don't upload your story online. Grammar is a important part of the story, it can be really hard to understand what the author is trying to tell.
  7. Except for being able to both fly and use magic. Normal ponies can only do one of them, or none depending on the race. Any way, alicorns tend to be Mary sues, badly written or both. I guess that there can be a good alicorn oc, however I've never seen one.
  8. Gildarts

    General Media Copying is not theft

    It's still bad even if it isn't theft. How many people would make games if people would just copy them without paying? And how good would the games be if they were free?
  9. You know what I find annoying? When someone tells me I'm a inefficient comedian because they don't like my jokes, and then feel offended because I tell them to get a sense of humor.
  10. I find it funny that you say that you want to be treated equally, but you also think that you should be able to break rules because you have autism.
  11. A lot of people like myself hate her because of her fans.
  12. Can you prove that this theory is true? Also there can exist a universe in which other universes doesn't exist. How can you be sure that this universe isn't that one?
  13. re·al 1 (rē′əl, rēl) adj. 1. a. Being or occurring in fact or actuality; having verifiable existence: real objects; a real illness. b. True and actual; not imaginary, alleged, or ideal: real people, not ghosts; a film based on real life. c. Of or founded on practical matters and concerns: a recent graduate experiencing the real world for the firsttime. 2. Genuine and authentic; not artificial or spurious: real mink; real humility. 3. Being no less than what is stated; worthy of the name: a real friend. 4. Free of pretense, falsehood, or affectation: tourists hoping for a real exp
  14. Earth is better then Equestria because earth is real.
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