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  1. Drystan

    Music What is Your Favorite Music Genre?

    I dont know what genre it is, but the John wick soundtrack is truly god like.
  2. I voted to stay human, I actually like being the outsider and think you would get alot of attention, negative or positive, why fit in and be part of the herd? No pun intended.
  3. Drystan

    Why do you like MLP?

    I only watch it now and again, the story is pretty great so is the design, but im more into the community than the show
  4. Drystan

    A thing I did for a school competition.

    Looks great, very well done to you.
  5. Drystan

    What's your favorite breed of dog?

    My Favorite is the Chi tzu , we have a puppy atm and she is amazing!
  6. Drystan

    Anyone think coffee daily is truly a bad habit?

    I strongly believe its a very bad habit, I have never drunk coffee , well on rare occassion, but it baffles me to hear people saying they cant survive the day without coffee, surely that is an indicator its bad? Sure I feel a bit groggy in the morning but I eat, drink water, go out for a walk and feel fine, i dont need caffeine messing with my brain to wake me up thanks
  7. Drystan

    What's your favorite planet?

    Jupiter, no real reason, but it's so massive that it shields us from asteroids due too it's gravitational pull, and it's pretty unique in terms of planets.
  8. Drystan

    My Reviewing OCs! Opinions please!

    I personally dont like the colors at all. I prefer the sort of basic colors, for example white / grey body with darkish colored hair, it works better than really bright colors imo, if you are going to make his skin red then have dark hair I would suggest.
  9. I've got to be honest Im desensitised to most bad news in the world. For me something 'hitting my soul' was the passing away of a family member some time ago, but that being said it turned me into a much more mature and humble person, so there is always a silver lining.
  10. Drystan

    First time drawing using charcoal pencils....

    Looks very good, only gripe I have is the eyes look a bit lifeless
  11. Sounds pretty good too me, realistic and well thought out.
  12. Drystan

    How late can you stay up till?

    3 nights in a row with no sleep
  13. Thanks, it means alot. Adios!
  14. Sound like a good idea, but what I was referring too was a simple topic advertising my clan and asking bronies who have said game to apply if they wish?