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  1. What news on the front? Tell me.

  2. So, it’s over. Finally got to the 3 episode finally. Well feels like a two parter followed by an epilogue. What did you think? 

  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

  4. Yes, I survived another Valentine’s Day alone.

  5. Never mind Rarity is beautiful ever however things will not be the same. To quote Gotye “Now you’re just somebody that I used to know.” Rarity will always be there but I no longer love her my waifu love has been tarnished and I don’t feel the same but I reconnected and subscribed because strangely YouTube has become boring without pony stuff after following for so long. Just friends then ey Rarity?
  6. Dammit Rarity, ya know it’s hard to love you when everypony ships you with AppleJack. Idk if I can keep up. I may even be a minority against the majority who knows? All I know is Rarity is my waifu, the reason I got into MLP. The reason I stay. I do stay because dammit Rarity I love you. Nopony loves Rarity more than me I will fight any creature on it. I’m the Superbrony. Enjoy some tasteful picks I dug up PG-13. hehe 😉 The lovely and talented and beautiful Rarity #BestWaifu #RarityisBestPony.
  7. Another 3 day weekend. I hate working winters here. Park is mostly dead and The govern,ent shutting down does not make me feel better. National parks are government too. So the worst thing is the place is out of order for a week or two and employees not making money just get a short break and a free meal or two when times are tough. Still doesn’t seem likely that I am going to go anywhere working here. How do people hold down jobs and still have time to attend these conventions and events? Money, planning, timing yeah probably but when your life is dictated by the work schedule you don’t have that luxury. I need something that is more flexible so I could see it one last time. I may never meet Rarity, but I could return to the only other  MLP event that I have been too. That was before I had a job that takes up my whole life. 

  8. So, you have joined the Sith Order and are dubbed Sith Lord. What is your Darth name? You can can choose or have your master name you. 

  9. Wake up, eat breakfast, take your vitamins, kill a few hours, go out, make plans for the evening and the next day, watch tv, Adult Swim, Dragon Ball Super, been watching every episode since it aired two years ago. Been a stretch in how long certain arcs go for. Par for the course Dragon Ball and we are just now getting the Tournament for the universes off the ground. Goku must be insane or taken too many hits to the head to ever think that letting Frieza on the team would be a good guy.

          They have dealt with him more than once even recently when he went gold Frieza and was currently being tortured in Hell for all eternity. Well for a tyrannical overlord a kin to Napoleon space Hitler. Cute furry cartoon critters singing joyfully would be torture. I thought that was hilariously clever. Where was I? 

        Yeah so I got work now at 6am which has me up around 4am. So the going about would be planning on how to face the day with only 4 hours, caffeine.

    2019 Still a huge DBZ fanboy. That Vegeta such awesome badassery to behold. A bad guy now a hard hitting anti hero. Still as arrogant and haughty as ever but it works because every time you beat a Saiyan the stronger they become. Also I The Prince of All Saiyans.

  10. You know what’s incredible? I had chosen to latch on to a fantasy of my ideal woman because that was what attracted me to Rarity in the first place. You know who Rarity is? She is a woman who knows what she wants and is a real go getter, she relies on nobody but her own skills and talents. And to my knowledge she does not ask anyone for anything. She can can take care of herself, she runs a successful business and is really good and generous. Not sure if there are any real women anymore. I want a special somepony to be like Rarity. Someone I have no right being with but am super lucky she noticed me. She only needs from me is my love and friendship and if I can help her I will, but if not she will be fine either way. That is why I love Rarity.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SuperBrony87


      Yeah but other than that she seems quite self reliant.

      what I want in a “marefriend” as you say is someone who ain’t going to rope me into some stupid scheme. Like iTunes cards or any cards they have gift cards at WalMart but thing is they want them for specific reasons and everyone just says those requests are scams. And then I would have to drop the girl because I am not stupid. I am guarded enough to know what’s up.

    3. CypherHoof


      Not many ponies in the show aren't self-reliant though. I guess that makes sense given Equestria seems to be a matriarchy (not only do we have the princesses in power now, but the founders of equestria do seem to have all been mares, unless the mane six were principal colts in their hearthswarming pagent :) )

    4. SuperBrony87


      Perhaps, but do you think Rarity is ever going to ask me to buy an iTunes card? iTunes is a trigger word for em now. Any sort of card I do not choose to gift her with myself is a scam. And then I would have to drop them because once the pin is pulled and I explain how I cannot do the seemingly easy thing they want. I have to drop the, comletely write them off. Rarity is the type of girl who will have to be convincing she needs it but I hope she is more independent and well rounded that she won’t need a gift card that is neither for your birthday or Christmas. A time when guys get gift cards for girls. 

  11. So I saw Watership Down on Netflix and got me wondering if they are thinking of working on a Warrior Cats movie or Series even mini. But at this point there are 5 sagas and 1 is a prequel series Dawn of The Clans. The series lives on in Vision of Shadows. The series after Omen of The Stars I have been following these cats  for as long as Ponies and not in a rush to see it end by finishing the saga. I am working on which I have not finished.

  12. Let’s not celebrate too soon. But it looks highly like I am going to make BabsCon 2019. I submitted a staff app.ication free pass for helping and am just waiting for reply future contacts to get that set up. My next move is getting the 2 weeks vacation I am owed to fall on the week of BabsCon to be able to get off work. And actually do something. Next thing is hotels I am torn between booking half the week at a nearby hotel and the rest at the Hyat for the final days. Hopefully this is the least of my problems for this to go successfully. After that it’s travel expense and the trip back when the event is over. I MUST GO! This year may be the last of any of the MLP conventions rumored to end after season 9 the alleged final season. God knows if Gen 5 will keep the fandom alive or end 8n which case all you have is tears of fond memories. All things must come to an end.


    1. Alpharius


      Hmm dunno bout that one :mlp_icwudt:

  14. Sup Bronies? Planning on BabsCon 2019 and am already obsessively planning on it. The guest list is already lining up why not try getting in on this early too. Even if some plan earlier than this my life has been working in an isolated National Park for over 2 years so I missed ‘17 and ‘18 but this one will be having The Voice of Rairty Ms. Tabitha St. Germain on the guest list. Also Chancellor Neighsay Maurice Lamarche who you may remaber trying to take over the world. Also I really want one last hurrah to immerse into the fandom if this or any of them bronycons end once season 9 ends. I saw a rumor that BronyCon will be closing it’s event doors then so does that mean all the MLP conventions will end? I fear the same for if Star Wars stops then their conventions will end. ComiCon will always be around but some won’t be. So I am trying to get to the only other one I have ever been to. BabsCon in Burlingame. I had before but travel was a pain. And the hotels were mostly booked that weekend.