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  1. Hello there, @Starbit! Welcome to the club ^-^ I really like your OC and other arts. It's always a big pleasure to meet new artist here. =3
  2. Ponies and socks. The ultimate combination!
  3. I think that you have serious potential. You can do neat linework already. Develop your skills and you will reach excellent level pretty soon ^-^.
  5. So far the funniest claim to new site was "too much white". 9_9

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    2. Crypty the Explorer

      Crypty the Explorer

      @MintTiramisu, actually a lot of people told it.  =P

    3. PiratePony


      I agree though. It's kind of boring and sterile and hurts my eyes. 

    4. Crypty the Explorer

      Crypty the Explorer

      @PiratePonyYou wanted to say, your eye XD

  6. WOOOHOOO! Now I can use it on mobile properly ^~^ Feel like second Cristmass.

    Now I can stay with you all day every day. XD

  7. C'MON PEEPS! Give it a chance! This engine is in use only couple hours and people are angry. You will get used to "wide screen" "widgets in wrong places" and other stuff. Server ponies did it because it got too tough to maintain old forum engine. It's a serious technical reason. Trust me, I'm an engineer.
  8. Oh, man. I'm clumsy with words, so I can only wish you to stay strong for your children. Wheel of life is spinning.
  9. Yayz! Introduction page of "Ask adventurer pone" art blog! You can ask questions in Tumblr post and this topic as well.