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  1. OH MY GLOB! I have seen similar things in dream years ago. It's freaking breathtaking to you see Jupiter taking half of all the sky.
  2. Found this graffiti on neighbor's garage gates yesterday ^-^


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    2. Nebula Wolf

      Nebula Wolf

      Either your neighbor or the graffiti artist is a furry. 

    3. Crypty


      @Nebula Wolf. Or just doge person. ^-^


    4. Chocolate Chip

      Chocolate Chip

      It was drawn by someone named Scout17

  3. Beautiful things are around. Found this graffiti on neighbor's garage gates yesterday ^-^
  4. Well. I love this year. After 2016 was one of really bad (actually not so bad because of one sweet little miss, who was a lantern in darkness for me ^3^), to fix the balance life gave me 2017, definitely one of the best. Now everything looks so clear. I achieved some big goals for this year and others look very real to reach them too ^-^ I wish you all the best, my dear ponies ^-^ Oh, Proph. I wish you to handle with it from all my heart.
  5. comic

    Sure, do it. In other hand I think to read later ones as you was so kind to refresh my interest to oficial MLP comic books.
  6. comic

    Ow! You have a great collection ^-^ My fav is #6 (Friends Forever) where Trixie was forced to become diamond dogs' queen. I find it hilarious. And one where Mig Mac tried to find some nails to fix the gazebo and it turned into totally weird journey involving many characters on city fair. (from #9) The thing is that he is silent as always and shit just happens around ^-^ And of course The Wild Stallion Within (#12) - the memories of Shining Armour and Cadence teen years (I'm usually not into romantic story lines, but really enjoy this one ) As you can see, I'm more into earlier comics.
  7. Yay! Star poneh! Welcome to the forums, @Planetaria ^-^
  8. Hi!

    Hello, @Sierra L ^-^ Helcome to the forums. If you are looking for friends, you came to right place. You said that you're drawing? That's great! Are you publishing your arts anywhere?
  9. Hello and welcome, @Aula! If you are looking for new friends, you came to right place ^-^
  10. Visual Art

    Woah! Where should I sign to enroll to your fanclub? ^-^ I love you traditional arts and hope to see more in future ^-^
  11. Big good mug of coffee with milk and chocolate.
  12. I'm always positive about people speaking straightly from heart and don't like mind games much (cuz I suck in it, lol). So first of all, no matter what was the topic of confession, I would thank that person for being open instead of walking around and then I would act according the situation of course. I hope it will help you, @Vulcan.
  13. BOOM!


    1. String Note

      String Note

      i might see it when it comes out on digital xD in the next half year <.< lol

    2. darkwingmare


      I love this trailer. XD Especially that Uzo is going to voice a darn seapony!

  14. Yay! Finally! Looking forward for continue ^-^
  15. Everything is happening after death is happening with other people ^-^ I believe that our soul is inseparable from body as flame in lantern. So everything stays is our legacy which sounds as echo of our existence. So try to make your existence bright and loud to make your legacy live long ^-^