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  1. Oh, I see. Thank you for explanation ^-^
  2. Hello. Please help me to resolve important issue. What Rarity's color is? Milk or marshmallow?
  3. Hello, @lunarkitty. Welcome to Our Town (LOL). Hope you will like staying here. But I didn't get how Starlight can be related to Russian history 9_9. How come?
  4. Hello, @Sina. Welcome to the tea party Hope you will enjoy staying here, darling .
  5. Pony arts are going where other arts are going to =3. Some peeps are using Deviantart or Tumblr and some are just posting pics right on this forum. Yus, that Pink face is priceless! X3
  6. Hello, @Sheifa. Welcome to the party ^-^ It's a big pleasure to meet professional illustrator here (I'm drawing from time to time by myself ^~^) and I would be happy to see your artworks! Did you draw your avatar by yourself?
  7. OHLOL, Hello there, new pony XD Are you pony, right? In any case, welcome to the party, @Zephyr Swirl. Hope you will like staying here. ^-^
  8. Wait a minute. Do you mean they didn't?! O_o No zombies, no anti-gravitation technology, no lasers, no magick? LOL now I understand why they lost. [serious mode on] But they invented a lot of fancy stuff for war and it didn't help them anyways.
  9. I'm writing very quickly, almost as quick as I think and all letters and digits I write look very simple and primitive. So my 2s look more like Zs. ^-^
  10. Trolling? Me? NOOO WAAAY!

    1. Crypty


      Heey, happy easter to you too ^-^

    2. TheRockARooster


      Glad to see you again, my bro.


      I saw you were on my profile earlier, it reminded me to say Happy Easter.

  12. It's interesting, how long I'll be able to avoid watching new season episodes?


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    2. Sweet Pen

      Sweet Pen

      I didn't even know they released new episode.

    3. Flearia Dragondanser

      Flearia Dragondanser


      Best site to look up episodes. when they release and look all movies. shorts. episodes and even some fan episodes :)

    4. Crypty


      @Flearia Dragondanser, Thank you for advice ^-^

      I added it into bookmarks... In case if I will give up. X3

  13. Otters are extremely adorable ^-^