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  1. I finally decided to make a new showreel of my previous works, and it's finally here! It contains many different projects I have made in the past so I hope you find this enjoyable to watch! <3
  2. Welcome to the forum! I do hope you enjoy your stay here!
  3. I have compiled bunch of my works into this single showreel to show what I am capable of, I do hope you find this enjoyable to watch! Have a nice day~ <3
  4. Thank you so much! I appreciate it!
  5. Yes definitely, because mine looks a lot more menacing and unquestionably not a pony
  6. I'm actually stunned by the amount of views I got for my latest PIRL because I never really thought it would get that much, especially when I only have 400+ subscribers. Thank you so much, whoever watched it from here, and anywhere else. I really appreciate the support <3 The video is available down here~
  7. You aren't lonely anymore Welcome to the forums, you'll meet a lot of awesome peeps here and continue watching those episodes ^^
  8. The results are finally out and the best thing is that I won the Best Technical for the Expo and I am quite happy with it! <3 You can watch the full result on this periscope replay if you want to~ Click here! Also, this is the PMV that I managed to win a category! For those who haven't seen it, feel free to watch it! <3
  9. Welcome to the forum! You do have a nice little story to tell ^^ that's cool.
  10. It has been a week since the upload of the MLP IRL video, unfortunately, it got taken down on the first 2 days on Youtube due to some irresponsible individuals who deliberately tried to ruin my YT channel. Though, I do want to thank you Youtube for reinstating back after some ridiculous complications. Here it is, back on track and receiving a decent amount of support which I am thankful for~ Again, thank you! For those who haven't seen the video, feel free to check it out ^w^
  11. Glad that you decided to be part of the community as well. Welcome!