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  1. xenozfan3

    General What made you smile today? :D

    I found out my commission was finished today and it turned out perfect!
  2. I found one I doubt anyone can beat. Over 3k for a hard drive. Not even the computer.
  3. xenozfan3

    Do you think FiM will greenlight another spinoff?

    From what i read Fim is doing very well, its just eq thats not..
  4. xenozfan3

    Who is the best Brony reviewer or analyst?

    Well DIH did the reviews mostly for comedy but he really does like the show. His channel is called manchild Inc now but I encourage people to check out his "reviews". Right now I only watch KP and LilyPeet. Kp for comedy and LilyPeet for comedy and discussion but I don't watch for reviews since I come up with my own.
  5. I very much doubt there would too much fighting in this movie and when the rating comes out we will know. Pg then we should have a little but if it's rated G then I would say almost zero. I really hope it's pg, not for violence but that would mean the writers would have a little more more freedom with the themes they include in the story.
  6. Now if only I had an oc, or could draw.
  7. xenozfan3

    General Are you happy with life right now?

    No and things are only getting worse. I have zero friends, my grandfather died recently, my eczema won't stay under control, and to top everything off I just found out I have cancer.
  8. xenozfan3

    Equestria Girls Mini

    Yeah they do take up space but that was all they had left and I had to have all six.
  9. xenozfan3

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    This looks very familiar.
  10. xenozfan3

    So what's the worst MLP song so far?

    Some of the early pinkie pie songs aren't that great but I don't find any bad personally.
  11. xenozfan3

    Equestria Girls Mini

    Well I just had to buy them all when I saw them at Wal-Mart. They just barely fit on my window and I know I will have to get sunset eventually.
  12. xenozfan3

    General Media Yu-Gi-Oh!

    I used to be so addicted. I even had a duel disk. It was great. Also for some reason my school is having a yugioh tournament next month so I might get back into it.
  13. xenozfan3

    Fluttershy and snowdrop in the snow.

    Thanks everyone for saying you liked the picture.
  14. xenozfan3

    Fluttershy and snowdrop in the snow.

    I wanted to cover her with snow but I didn't want to hurt her.
  15. Just a quick snapshot. I wish I could have gotten a better picture but it was cold and I didn't want them to sink into the snow or get damaged. https://twitter.com/xenozfan2/status/690665993149009920