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  1. glitterbomb

    2 OCs for a new comic

    They're both so cute and I love your style!
  2. glitterbomb

    Precious Cinnamon Roll Tender Taps

    This is really cute! I think you got the eyes spot-on.
  3. glitterbomb

    S06:E05 - Gauntlet of Fire

    I can't stand Spike or Spike episodes, but that's just my opinion
  4. glitterbomb

    celestia and luna

    This is stunning! Love the use of colored pencil.
  5. glitterbomb

    Mega Thread Everypony's Religion And Why?

    I used to be an athiest, but since I quit drinking and drugs I started believing in a power greater than myself. Have no idea what it is though, so I call myself agnostic.
  6. glitterbomb

    Glitter Bomb's Colored Pencil Drawings

    You are too sweet! Thank you so much! Honestly, I can't believe I hadn't thought of that til now! Definitely going on the list.
  7. glitterbomb

    Glitter Bomb's Colored Pencil Drawings

    Thank you! I'll totally draw Cadence next
  8. glitterbomb

    Cute little Celestia! (Requested by EmmaForever)

    SO CUTE!! I love it, you're very talented!
  9. Hey guys, I hope you like my colored pencil drawings! You can also find them on my deviantart. If you want your OC drawn in this style, click here to see if my request thread is open! Critiques and welcomed and appreciated. Who should I draw next?
  10. glitterbomb

    Pucksterv's art dump

    You're really talented at graphic design, where did you learn?
  11. glitterbomb

    What's up with the theme song in the first movie?

    Honestly I love it, but that's just my opinion.
  12. glitterbomb

    Season 5 DVD release date

    OMG Yes. Preordering this now. Thanks for posting!
  13. glitterbomb

    Redubbing of CMC episodes

    I don't think they should. It's cute how their voices slowly change, it makes sense. They're growing up.
  14. glitterbomb

    S06:E04 - On Your Marks

    Expect dance teacher pony art from me later!
  15. glitterbomb

    Anypony still in the closet?

    It's definitely easier to "come out" if you aren't living at home and have a bunch of friends who are bronies. If I still lived at home and was still in high school, I wouldn't be openly a brony.