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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Shine bright and be happy, for today is YOUR special day, birthdaypony. l hope you get lots of presents and have the best day ever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  3. Back. :P Sorry for poofing

  4. @@thor9356 "OH, no, I don't have classes on this afternoon either, my last class was right before lunchtime, that's why I went to the library." Her stomach grumbled loudly. "I think my stomach's chiding me for my poor choices right now, just coffee won't make me hold through the day." She giggled awkwardly, finishing her cup.
  5. @@thor9356 She shook her head. "No, you're right. I have to keep on going. It's just school, after all..." She didn't look completely sure or even convinced of her own words. "Say... Do you have classes to go? I don't want to be stopping you from attending your classes..." She looked around for a clock...
  6. @@thor9356 She looked at the colt, and a glimpse of determination could be seen for a second on her eyes. "You are right. I can't just give up. Also... If I go back, then what will I tell my parents and my sisters? I came to here because I was sure, or at least I thought I was sure, of what I wanted to do with my life."
  7. "It's just that.... If it was just school, I'd be dealing okay... Not fine, I mean, I would have difficulties, still... But..." She sighed, and decided to continue. "I just miss so hardly my sisters and my parents... I know it sounds silly, but, some days, I miss them so much, it's impossible to put thoughts together... It just... Hurts...." She lowered her ears looked away.
  8. @@thor9356 "Uh... Well... I mean... It's a long story..." She awkwardly looked around. "You see, until some few year back, I didn't have a cutie mark, even though I was almost completely grown already. It was really weird, everyone got them from foal school, way back, and everything I had tried doing didn't help, even my younger sister had gotten hers already, and my parents were beginning to get really worried, and I was so lost... Then, one day, I met this pony, and then, we got to talk about random stuff, and then, we talked about... Stars and stuff. Which I've ALWAYS loved, you see, since I was a little foal, I've read all about the sky and its stars and such. But that was just like, a hobby... And yet... When I talked to him about Astronomy, that's when my cutie mark finally appeared, to mine and everyone's surprise. That's when I realized that maybe reading about the stars shouldn't just remain as a hobby, but I should pursue actual education on Astronomy, and, I don't know, maybe become an Astronomy teacher? Or professor?" Her face had illuminated while she spoke her story. "But... I haven't been so sure of that as of lately... I don't know... I feel like this is harder than it should be...." She had saddened up once again, and any trace of her joy from some second ago had vanished completely.
  9. Cosmic Star only realized, after her adrenaline rush went away, that her hiding spot WAS on the direction she had just run from. "Cosmic, how stupid you can be!? Ugh!" She shamed herself out loud, but then took into consideration those ponies she had just run from. She had to go around, doing a wide circle around the area she had just witnessed the massacre, and been threatened her life, she had to be as safe as she could. Cosmic only hoped she'd not collapse of exhaustion before she reached the hiding spot, or it'd be her end. She started going, watching her surroundings, for any surprise.
  10. @@thor9356 "Oh..." She didn't know what to say, she didn't know what to do, she wanted to comfort him, but she felt like everything she could say would hurt him in one way or another, so she refrained from saying anything at all. She pulled away her hoof from his, and thought quickly something else to talk about, and spurted it as soon as the thought came to her head. "Um, nice weather we have been having lately, huh?" She smiled, trying to hide how stupid she felt the second after spurting such silly commentary out.
  11. @@thor9356 "Oh, no, I was... I dunno..." She thought about sharing her problems with him, but she then felt like it'd not be a good thing to do. Cosmic looked down at his hoof, holding out for her hoof, and then looked up. "Don't you feel sad about the whole thing? About your brother?"
  12. @@thor9356 Cosmic lowered her ears when she begind hearing the story, and responded. "Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't meant to nose into your own personal life... I'm so sorry..." And, when she heard the end of his speech, and blushed. "Oh, thank you very much.. But I don't... Know... I mean... Never mind. Just... Yeah, never mind what I've said."
  13. @@thor9356, "I.... Am looking for one... That's not paid..." She chuckled, and continued. "I don't have much money to spare here..." Cosmic Star had a sudden urge. "What happened to your brother?" She blurted out, regretting right after. "I mean, I know it's none of my business, you don't need to tell me..."
  14. "Aw..." Cosmic Star's compassion for Neutron prompted her to share her half. "I am the oldest of my sisters in my family, and I just miss them so much. And my parents as well. We've always been so close to each other, to suddenly find myself all by myself, even if I did want to come to here, I just... It's just so hard..." Then, she added, awkwardly trying to amend for her monologuing. "I think your brother would be proud of you, if he saw how you are right now. I really think so." And smiled.