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    Tickling, socks and PONIES! XD Also, profile picture! Please check my D/A account for the credit to the pony who made it!

    I am also.. A gamer. Not your, game here, game there gamer. I can't go anywhere without some kind of game in my hand. Tablets, phones, PC's, laptops, Consoles. They're with me at all times~. Though my character is not a gamer and nothing I do in the Roleplaying universe is to do with gaming, I can assure you I'm gaming as we speak even if I am doing multi-paragraphs. I do NOT game in Role-plays, simply because It's boring. It's like a role-play inside a role-play.. ANNYWAY!

    My favorite games are below~!

    -Halo (Every. Single. One.)
    -Call of duty Ghost
    -Call of Duty AW
    -Other COD's...
    -Command and Conquer (Own them all INCLUDING Alliances.)
    -Supreme Commander
    -World at Arms
    -My little Pony
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    -....I'll shut up. :D

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  1. After watching him for a few seconds, he saw a chance to get on, he jumped to the seat and got on it. Then put his hooves on the ground and pushed with all of his might to get into the air! Also, holding on with his front hooves since he was.. too scared to fall!
  2. "Sure thing!" The colt replied cheerfully, not thinking much of the other's impressions; just glad that he wasn't being rude and even offered to play! The blue colt started to walk towards the sea-saw a bit shyly, since normally his light body sent him up constantly!
  3. Pfthh bored.. Going to go on FNV for the day..

  4. Never had a dream for as long as I remember this: I don't know exactly how old I was, but I had this bird what no-one else could see except me (not dreaming still). Every window I looked out of at roughly 7:00PM I would see a figure of a bird coming towards me (in the shape of a curvy m or a 3 turned 90 degrees anticlockwise :3) If I went to another window it would be closer and coming from there. Eventually with no escape it would land on me and I wouldn't remember anything from that night. My great grand-mother apparently told my mother to ask me where it was, beat it and throw it out of the window- which apparently happened and I never saw it again. Honestly, I could of been delusional and stories like this are never believed (and less believed for little stories alike on the internet). It wasn't really a dream, I'll never know what it truthfully was. No-one believes enough too figure stuff like that out so.. xD
  5. The colt smiled, not minding the delayed response of the other or anything! "Nice to meet you, Thinker!" He said with a smile and a cheery voice, the femcolt scooting a bit closer so he could speak quieter. "Urm, Congeal! Names Congeal!~ C-Congy for shortsthough."
  6. Congy thought it was a good idea to go over and say hi to Puni since there wasn't that many ponies going around. The colt hopped down from the bars he was 'glued' to and landed with a little 'oof!'. Then immediately, he skipped over to the pony near the Sea-Saw calling out before he actually got face to face. "Hi there!~"
  7. My fault... I forgot to press follow! Things hadn't changed in the past five minutes, the blue colt still enjoying the bits and bobs around the park. Though at this moment he seemed glued to the monkey bars. By glued, I mean stuck on the first bar, trying to use his petit wings to give him cheating little boosts to the other side.
  8. I feel like a rite idiot, I forgot to follow this one! ;~; Sowwy! Anyway, yis yis! It doesn't matter who you are, so long as you have fun! ;3
  9. I can disguise both hands to look like they are broken or have very bad arthritis(yay for hyper-mobility xD). Mind you, I'll probably get arthritis with how many times I do it, xD
  10. Going bed, night everyone!