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  1. IDon'tFeelSoGood

    Technology Power supply options help

    850w should be plenty for that setup.
  2. IDon'tFeelSoGood

    Web What browser do you use?

    Firefox, no matter how hard microshit tries to force Edge down my throat
  3. IDon'tFeelSoGood

    Gaming Spyro reignited trilogy and spyro fans

    Great remaster mostly. A couple of things I'm not so keen on are that gems can sometimes be hidden by the grass detailing, since the grass is more detailed than in the originals. Also I sometimes experience weird graphical artifacts like this
  4. IDon'tFeelSoGood

    General Would you rather die by fire or water?

    Assuming we're talking a house fire, then fire because you'd be dead from smoke inhalation before you got burned to death, which I'd imagine is considerably less painful.
  5. IDon'tFeelSoGood

    How are you feeling

    Bored AF. I had a week's worth of vacation days left from last year so I was forced to take them. I'm actually looking forward to going back to work. (I doubt I'll be saying the same thing on Monday...)
  6. IDon'tFeelSoGood

    Gaming Slightly Mad Studios Making a New Console

    I can smell another Ouya
  7. IDon'tFeelSoGood

    Any brony Model Railroaders?

    Not anymore but me and my dad used to have a decent size N gauge set up in the attic, it was arranged in a loop so we were in the middle and the tracks ran around us. Nothing too impressive, we had a bunch of British trains and some Japanese. I remember one of my favourites was the 500 series Shinkansen I got for Christmas one time Never really put enough effort into landscaping the setup though, plus that shit costs money. Eventually we sold everything when we moved house :/
  8. IDon'tFeelSoGood

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    I went to see the Bat out of Hell rock musical last week so the songs are kinda still stuck in my head.
  9. IDon'tFeelSoGood

    Gaming What was your first steam game?

    Not certain but I think it was Portal or Gmod
  10. IDon'tFeelSoGood

    General What is snow like where you live?

    I live in London. the snow isn't especially heavy here, and since it's pretty rare nobody can handle it when it actually does snow.
  11. IDon'tFeelSoGood

    Web Have you ever surfed on a Japanese website before?

    Yeah I use nicovideo all the time, also sometimes lurking 2ch
  12. IDon'tFeelSoGood

    What is the worst song/songs you've ever heard?

    The 32x version of At Doom's Gate sucks I'll agree, but the original was much more badass
  13. IDon'tFeelSoGood

    Gaming What's your favorate mobile game?

    I play this weeb game called azur lane
  14. IDon'tFeelSoGood

    Movies/TV Movies that you liked, but never want to see again.

    Koyaanisqatsi was awesome cinematic experience, especially on a big screen with surround sound but I don't think it'd feel as great if "experienced" for a second time.
  15. IDon'tFeelSoGood

    Where would you like to live?

    New Zealand. it's similar to my country but better in pretty much every way