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  1. I came to clear this topic from dust and spider webs. There is long time before I was comming here So Here are my last arts. I hope Ya like it I wolud like to inform you that I have an opened commissions. Feel welcome to check it out:
  2. Commission for Bakugou Is My Man. N-joy
  3. Mega punch! Unicorn anthro commission in comic style Hope Ya like it
  4. Some art I did in last time Hope You like it
  5. Lucario and Houndoom shadow mode. Hope Ya like it
  6. Dragon Pony commission. I hope Ya like it
  7. Commission 4 Bakugou my man. Thanks 4 commission me
  8. Commission for Dynamo Pad Hope Ya like it
  9. Hi! Sorry for not responding so much time. Now I'm back so you can allways cantact with me on PM. Have a nice day
  10. Hay sonic are you open for commissions?