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  1. Definetly the ruby and sapphire remakes for me!
  2. This made my day hearing this. Glad you think so. Happy i'm improving, i haven't noticed myself.
  3. Not very often. Embarrassingly enough though, when i was growing up and my first time watching space jam and seeing Lola. aha xD I was young, growing up, some things were confusing. Damn that rabbit lol. That phase quickly passed though.
  4. This looks pretty great! :3 better then what i can do.
  5. Yup they help! :3 I'm always looking to improve. I'm not really an expert in using color pencils so i'm happy for the advice, i'll be sure to give it a go. Thanks for the tutorial link also, i'll check that out. I've followed a few in the past, so luna sure turned out much better then how she might have done few months back. hehe. Ah yeah.. i see what you mean. I'm sure i'll improve on that.
  6. Thanks Malcom, glad you like it! :3 Yeah never been a fan of tracing. I just don't see it as a good way to improve. Yup! I keep trying to learn digital but I always end up doing traditional more. I just love using my coloured pencils, markers and so on. XD Next time I'll try to remember to do a pencil sketch first hehe. I'd have loved to correct the wing alittle. Maybe the front of face a bit also.
  7. Thanks! :3 Yeah, i really like colored pencils. Glad you like it! Thanks! Happy you like it. :3 Yup! :3 Luna is awesome. Happy you like it. Thanks! :3 I'm happy it turned out better then i expected. Glad you like it! Thanks! :3 I'm glad it turned out much better then i originally thought. Happy you like it! Thanks! :3 Uh i think so.. i'm not exactly sure. I guess they are? Happy you like it anyways!
  8. This is just a drawing i did of Luna. I done it in coloured pencils. Might be a few mistakes.I should have really done a pencil sketch of it before using the coloured pencils, but oh well! xD I'm happy with how it turned out overall.
  9. For me its the dark. I just freak out when i can't see whats in front of me. Also thunder storms when they happen at night, they also freak me out.
  10. Thanks! :3 Yeah i try to use the basic construction if i can, but things still never turn out perfectly. Light and shadow on other hand is something i'm really finding hard to get down. I guess theres no real way to practice that other then observation and practice. xD
  11. Thanks! :3 Glad it turned out much better. Hopefully i can keep up the practice. Your advice really helped! :3 Thanks. :3 Yeah, i'm always looking to improve.
  12. Thats pretty cool! I'll try to remember what you mentioned. Thanks! :3 it means alot. Well i spent alittle time thinking about what you said IcefireInfinite. So i attempted to draw another one from my memory best as i could. I spent alittle time thinking on the pose and so on, taking abit more care in the line work and shading. I don't think it turned out perfect, though i'm alittle more content with this one. I think it turned out better then last? So what do people think? Better then my last attempt? Edit: i'm actually working on this one more in open canvas. see what i can do with it digitally.
  13. Honestly, mostly the show. If it weren't for pony thing i'd be in a pretty sad state. Also in hopes one day i actually do improve in art. Also for my family. The ponies really keep me going though, its such a positive thing. Especially since i live daily with depression and so on
  14. Hmm i see. Thanks for the advice. :3 I'll try to keep that in mind.