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  1. Ironbyte

    Gaming Favorite gen in Pokemon?

    Definetly the ruby and sapphire remakes for me!
  2. Ironbyte

    More Luna

    This made my day hearing this. Glad you think so. Happy i'm improving, i haven't noticed myself.
  3. I really love playing Dead or Alive! :3 Maybe Tekken to, but not as much.
  4. Not very often. Embarrassingly enough though, when i was growing up and my first time watching space jam and seeing Lola. aha xD I was young, growing up, some things were confusing. Damn that rabbit lol. That phase quickly passed though.
  5. Ironbyte


    This looks pretty great! :3 better then what i can do.
  6. Ironbyte

    More Luna

    Yup they help! :3 I'm always looking to improve. I'm not really an expert in using color pencils so i'm happy for the advice, i'll be sure to give it a go. Thanks for the tutorial link also, i'll check that out. I've followed a few in the past, so luna sure turned out much better then how she might have done few months back. hehe. Ah yeah.. i see what you mean. I'm sure i'll improve on that.
  7. Ironbyte

    More Luna

    Thanks Malcom, glad you like it! :3 Yeah never been a fan of tracing. I just don't see it as a good way to improve. Yup! I keep trying to learn digital but I always end up doing traditional more. I just love using my coloured pencils, markers and so on. XD Next time I'll try to remember to do a pencil sketch first hehe. I'd have loved to correct the wing alittle. Maybe the front of face a bit also.
  8. Ironbyte

    More Luna

    Thanks! :3 Yeah, i really like colored pencils. Glad you like it! Thanks! Happy you like it. :3 Yup! :3 Luna is awesome. Happy you like it. Thanks! :3 I'm happy it turned out better then i expected. Glad you like it! Thanks! :3 I'm glad it turned out much better then i originally thought. Happy you like it! Thanks! :3 Uh i think so.. i'm not exactly sure. I guess they are? Happy you like it anyways!
  9. Ironbyte

    More Luna

    This is just a drawing i did of Luna. I done it in coloured pencils. Might be a few mistakes.I should have really done a pencil sketch of it before using the coloured pencils, but oh well! xD I'm happy with how it turned out overall.
  10. For me its the dark. I just freak out when i can't see whats in front of me. Also thunder storms when they happen at night, they also freak me out.
  11. Ironbyte

    Pony Sketch

    Thanks! :3 Yeah i try to use the basic construction if i can, but things still never turn out perfectly. Light and shadow on other hand is something i'm really finding hard to get down. I guess theres no real way to practice that other then observation and practice. xD
  12. Ironbyte

    Pony Sketch

    Thanks! :3 Glad it turned out much better. Hopefully i can keep up the practice. Your advice really helped! :3 Thanks. :3 Yeah, i'm always looking to improve.
  13. Ironbyte

    Pony Sketch

    Thats pretty cool! I'll try to remember what you mentioned. Thanks! :3 it means alot. Well i spent alittle time thinking about what you said IcefireInfinite. So i attempted to draw another one from my memory best as i could. I spent alittle time thinking on the pose and so on, taking abit more care in the line work and shading. I don't think it turned out perfect, though i'm alittle more content with this one. I think it turned out better then last? So what do people think? Better then my last attempt? Edit: i'm actually working on this one more in open canvas. see what
  14. Honestly, mostly the show. If it weren't for pony thing i'd be in a pretty sad state. Also in hopes one day i actually do improve in art. Also for my family. The ponies really keep me going though, its such a positive thing. Especially since i live daily with depression and so on
  15. Ironbyte

    Pony Sketch

    Hmm i see. Thanks for the advice. :3 I'll try to keep that in mind.
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