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  1. Birdy the Phoenix

    Open Disharmonic Equestria

    After helping Sapphire, Silver Shine walks over to an empty spot and sits down, putting her hoof on her face. Thoughts swirl around in her mind. I still can't believe that I was chosen to be one of the eight. I mean, what if I was the wrong choice? What if I make a mistake and everypony dies? What if... Silver Shine stands back up, pushing those thoughts to the back of her mind.
  2. Birdy the Phoenix

    Open Disharmonic Equestria

    Silver Shine looks around the scene of the battlefield, her eyes resting on each individual corpse. "That. Was. Disturbing. I've dealt with mulitple types of enemies before, but nothing like that. I hope I never have to see that again," says Silver Shine, a disgusted look on her face. Silver Shine trots over to Sapphire. "Is there anything I could do to help? I feel like I haven't done much lately," says Silver. Maybe she could teach me the basics of healing; that would be very useful.
  3. Birdy the Phoenix

    Open Disharmonic Equestria

    Silver Shine whips out her battle axe and stares at the creatures. "I have been quiet for too long. It's time for me to do something. This may not work, but I have to try..." she says, being the first words out of her mouth since before they left. She charges forward into the creatures, whipping her battle axe around with amazing skill.
  4. I'm back. Time to read through everything I missed and hopefully post today.
  5. Something came up unexpectedly, and I won't be able to get online for a few days. I'm currently using the wifi at my school.
  6. Birdy the Phoenix

    GameSmash Studios Help Wanted

    Thinking about the beta testing, I might be able to do it on one of my parent's computers, but it's an older computer, so I would need to know what the system requirements would be to download the game
  7. Birdy the Phoenix

    Do you think there should be more Cutie Mark Crusaders?

    I personally like it as it is now, but it would be interesting to see more fillies added to the Cutie Mark Crusaders. So I'm pretty much torn between wanting it to stay the same, and wanting more members.
  8. Birdy the Phoenix vs FIMfiction

    I prefer FiMfiction myself. But that could be because I started using that website first.
  9. Birdy the Phoenix

    Staff We're in stitches!

    Congratulations Nervous Stitch!
  10. Sorry i wasn't on for a few days; I was pretty busy. Let's just say that Silver Shine didn't talk while I wasn't here
  11. Birdy the Phoenix

    Open Disharmonic Equestria

    Silver Shine walks over to the saddlebags, picking up one of the last ones. She opens it up and sifts through the contents before retrieving her battle axe, pistol, and long sword. She goes back to the corner where she previously sat and sits back down. She looks around the room at the other ponies, trying to memorize their faces. As the ponies talk to each other, she memorizes their names as well. "Uh... hi. I'm, I mean, my name is Silver. Silver Shine."
  12. Birdy the Phoenix

    GameSmash Studios Help Wanted

    I tried, but it always gets stuck at a certain process of downloading Linux.
  13. Birdy the Phoenix

    Open Disharmonic Equestria

    Silver Shine looks up at the Princess, listening to her answer the other pony's questions before opening her mouth to speak. "So, this mission, if successful, will bring back peace and harmony to Equestria, right?" She shifts in her chair, slightly uncomfortable as she looks the Princess in the eye, waiting for the answer.
  14. Birdy the Phoenix

    Staff Q+A Dawn Rider (King) Q&A

    What is your favorite fruit? (I know, weird question. But I wanna know)
  15. Birdy the Phoenix

    GameSmash Studios Help Wanted

    Chromebooks. They suck. A lot.