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    Random words

    potato you cant say potato
  2. pinkiepie4thewin

    How do you sneeze?

    i sneeze like this: achoo pretty generic eh?
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    Private All Alicorns Must Die! {Advanced} {Evil}

    far away from the assassins hid king willow branches "why pretend we're all the same" singing that stupid song for centuries and centuries of torture by the dazzlings and discord he looked outside of his cave seeing the moon "where's that little filly Celestia at??" he flew off using his magic to help his wings "when some of us shine brighter..." Discord's laugh echoed through his head he thought of the secret negative elements Lust, Anger, Hatred, Love of pain, murder and his element... Insanity as he arrived at a castle he used his magic to open the gates.. the negative elements... "WHERE ARE THEY" he searched frantically around the room searching for them and then he saw a note dear Great grandfather willow branches I've tooken the negative elements to a place where they cant hurt everypony it's what you would've wanted Celestia he took the element of insanity off his crown "so my dear Celestia" he ran through the door and flew into the night sky laughing the everfree forest went silent "me and you you and me.." "why don't we see who is better" he laughed
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    hey nice to meet you!

    Hey I specialize in vocals and bass and I'm currently working on a 3 song album called element of music featuring other bronies It'll be on in about four months
  5. pinkiepie4thewin

    Willow branches

    Willow branches
  6. pinkiepie4thewin

    Hopes For Season 5?

    I think one of the cmc will get a cutie mark then the others grow jealous and we have an. Epsiode testing their friendship
  7. pinkiepie4thewin

    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    When I originally started watching my little pony I was an over the top introvert who couldn't handle parties (I still barely can to to them) and I was a real door mat the epsiode Cranky doodle donkey changed all of. That pinkie pie teaches us that things aren't going to be perfect But we just need to smile to push through differences there was a day at high school and I was walking to class someone told me to get out of my way so I can go to my locker I gathered courage and said "No you can wait a few minutes" Pinkie taught me to not step down to fears not to accept defeat in painful times Here is the message that changed everything "It's true some days are dark and lonely and maybe you feel sad but pinkie will be there to show you that it isn't that bad..
  8. pinkiepie4thewin

    hey nice to meet you!

    Well I play the piano, trumpet, vocals, bass, guitar, and I'm in the process of learning the drums
  9. pinkiepie4thewin

    hey nice to meet you!

    My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Pinkie Pie How did you find MLP Forums?: Bronycon!!! How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: long friend (who btw is a Brony like me) turned on the show and i've bben a fan ever since i'm a musician and i'm interested in creating a small album of songs for Bronies I'm really introverted and I'm kind of a fluttershy but i'm just me... there's not much to know Pinkiepie4thewin