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  1. After the doctor had bandaged his wing and sent him off, the three made their way through the town, this time getting to take in the views of the new town and new ponies. Shops galore surrounded them, as well as many different cafes and restaurants that showed all kinds of delicious foods being served. He couldnt help but let his stomach growl, he hadnt eaten lunch yet and it was well past the hour. "So what are you mares hungry for?"
  2. When the letter appeared in Strong's cell, he raised his eyebrow at the seemingly different envelope it had come in. Was it another from this Bit guy? With a sigh, he rolled off the bed and walked over, noticing the scent of icing that made him think of some of his favorite pastries. He read the letter and tilted his head to the side. He and her were the only ones uninfected? But wait, there were others right here in the cells next to him that werent infected either. Strange. She spoke of owning a pastry shop near here, which explained the smell of icing coming from the letter. He sat bac
  3. Cloud walked into the clinic and soon enough was seen by the doctor. Being it was a mere dislocation, they did not see any real reason to call it an emergency. Nonetheless, it still needed to be dealt with immediately. The doctor looked at the two mares and asked, "Are you two with this colt? If so, this wont be long at all and the three of you will be off once more." Cloud chuckled and corrected the doctor, "Nah they were just nice enough to come with me, in fact, Aria here was the one who managed to convince my stubborn butt to find this place. So I owe her for that. And Tempest here
  4. RhythmicBrony

    Open Dying light

    Strong had barricaded his door at the first sight of the... creatures in the hotel hall that he was in. His heart was racing as he could hear the growls of the once living ponies trying to force their way into his room. Luckily his adrenaline aided his strength as he held the door shut with the help of the items that he had put in front of the door. Soon enough, they lost interest and went on to the next pony they could find, all the while Strong could only sit there and shiver, knowing how close he was to being eaten alive just then. Some day to be in Manehattan.
  5. Strong woke up with a groan as he heard the pony calling out good morning. "Oh yeah, splendid day. I think Ill head into ponyville and get some fresh apples from Applejack... oh wait, Im in prison" he muttered, his voice thick with sarcasm. He rolled out of bed just as the letter and food appeared, he looked at both with a smirk and a roll of his eyes. His ear flicked over to listen to Lance and he sighed, "You think like that and youve already lost. We are gonna find a way..." he said to Lance as he began to take a couple bites of the 'food'. "Not sure I caught your name earlier, what wa
  6. So yeah, anyone who wants to try and get their feet wet on some basic music producing, I recommend signing up for this beta, its known as Loop Labs, http://wlcm.to/477 I really do recommend this, even if its just gonna be for fun and whatnot :3

  7. "So Canterlot and Ponyville huh?" said cloud with a smile as he looked at the two mares, "Thats pretty neat, ive been to both a time or two, mainly just for rest or finding a few jobs to make some bits. I grew up in Cloudsdale, worked as a weather changer before I decided to head off and see the world. I mean dont get me wrong, I love my home, but there is just so much that i can see before I am ready to settle down, so I figured why not see it all!" Eventually the two came across what looked like a clinic, the red cross above it giving them the hint. With a nod in its direction, Cloud mad
  8. Strong sighed as the windows closed, lights out huh? Shaking his head, he climbed into the bed and tried his best to get comfortable. It didnt help that he was a little too big for the already uncomfortable mattress. He finally resolved to laying on his back, looking up at the ceiling as he let the slow silence of the room drift him off into an uneasy sleep.
  9. @@Twi The Totodile @@~Phoenix~ Cloud shrugged at the question and looked at the two with a smile, "No clue, this is actually my first time here. I heard a lot of good things about the place and decided i would come check it out myself. So I take it this is your all's first time as well?" He asked the two mares as they made their way down the walkway. He had to admit, the sights of the town was enough to take the pain off his wing, or at least allow him to ignore it long enough to enjoy the view. "So, where are you two lovely mares from?" he said with a smile at the mares.
  10. definitely interested!
  11. "Yeah, seems this punk Bit didnt put much into the expense of prison cells. But hell, Im not even supposed to be here! By the looks of it, neither are you." Strong said as he sat back on his haunches. He did not get a response from the other pony, asshole, but he knew there were others here as well. He received a letter talking about the virus and his thought drifted to the few friends he had in ponyville, immediately hoping they were safe from harm. "Hey" he called out to the others, "Just how many of us are there? And who else was knocked out cold and thrown in here with no explana
  12. "Eh, names are names" replied Strong with a shrug. He didnt really judge by names, more on the personality that they give off. And with the stutter fest Lance gave, it seemed this guy was a pretty shy pony. At least he was making conversation now. He sighed and forced another bite of the goop before looking back at Lance. "Yeah, not a fan. Hardly any space for me to even walk" he said with a grumble as he looked around his cell. He really wished he had known why he was thrown in here. He sighed and looked back at Lance through the window, "I know its horrible, but you need to keep your str
  13. not even here an hour and already is being talked to by two cute mares? Cloud is gonna like it here :3
  14. "Yeah you can say that" replied Strong as he looked around his own cell. Not even here an hour and he hated it here. He needed to get out, hell they all needed to get out. But how? Far as he knew, these walls were solid, he couldnt even make a dent on his door. "To be honest I wanna get out here and kick this Mr. Bit's ass all across Equestria... by the way, the name is Strong Hooves, and you are?"
  15. @@LunaFlower226 The pony that was next to his cell apparently WAS awake and had just ignored Strongs previous attempt to talk to him. With an aggravated sigh, he looked back over to see him curled on his bed whispering something to himself. Did he not know of the other cells next to him? Or did he just not care? Whatever the case, Strong tried once again to speak to him. "So you just gonna sit there talking to yourself or try and make some conversation with the living ponies next to you?"
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