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  1. I am a hooman potato ^__^

  2. I'm still hooked on The Legend Of Korra...

  3. Hey everypony, its been a long time since I've written on my blog here and i wanted to just give everyone an update (still not sure anypony will really read this but if you do awesome!) about me and my life and stuff. I mean its been almost a year since I've done this blog thingy. If anypony remembers correctly, about some of the events that took place around this time last year. (if not you can go back and read my blog entries from before cuz this one kind a spoiler i guess you can say) Alright soo last year about this time I had a health scare with my grandma and i was dating a girl that i mean here on mlpforums. Well let us start with the girl that I was dating part first.. well I am no longer with her. Due to reoccurring happenings on her part not mine. Let's see she kept talking with other girls on dating sites she did tell me when it happened but it kept happening after she said she would stop. So I ended it because i was no longer happy, plus how could I trust her over and over again knowing she was talking to other girls for dating purposes. My current situation is so much better! I'd say like a infinite number of times better. So after the whole break up thing i went on to dating apps i had OK Cupid, tried the stuff on Kik, Meetme and other stuff. I filled out a profile on all of them but i stuck around with OKC the most. I talked to some girls, none of them really seemed to be interested, half of them never even replied back. Well go back to that in a bit well around that time my grandma had gotten sick then got better. Then out of no where the sickness she had came back, and put her back in the hospital, and into a coma that actually she died in. So for the almost a week she managed to stay alive we were with her at the hospital everyday, she was never left alone there was always people by here side. Back to the OKC part well while my grandma was in the hospital, i wasn't on my social media stuff, i was mostly a big puddle of tears cuz this women i've know my whole life who i've help take care of and she helped raise me was on her deathbed and that was all i could think about and play "My Immortal" by Evanescence. Through all the saddness i was checking my email and i see a message from OKC in my emails from whats this?!? A GIRL?!?! Someone that actually seems interested. So I check out her profile it said she was from Florida, and well I'm from Texas and then in my head i go "Okay this is oddly weird.. her profile says almost exactly what mine says we like the same shows, the same music, the same style, sports and so on. So I message her back and she instantly replies and says "You're so beautiful, and cute, i couldn't resist not talking to you." and I just died like "OMG this gorgeous girl thinks i'm attractive?!" Like how??? I'm just a human potato. Despite my potato looks I keep talking to her tell her my situation about my grandma and she helped me get thought it all. On March 30th,2015 i asked her out and at first said "No, when i rush into relationships they usually end bad and I end up getting hurt." I assured her and said "Well, when there's something or someone I know I want I won't stop till your mine." She was very flattered and awe struck about what I said and with my sweet talking and potato flirting she then proceeded to say "You know what F@*#k it! Let's do this, I have a good feeling about you. You're different I can tell." She was very correct! And so on April 1st, 2015 My grandma passed away. It was a sad day but i had my new girlfriend at the time to help me cope with my loss. Even though she was thousands of miles away she stayed on the phone with me though the nights and face timed(we have iphones) with me to help me through it all. So now fast forward to September 10,2015 I went though 3 months of letter writing with my girlfriend due to the fact she had signed up to join the army before she met me, went to Basic Combat Training aka BCT in June of 2015 and graduated in September. Well we had never met in real life we were always on the phone with on another, and on Facetime. We'd fall asleep like that and continue our days like that. Well, I had planned to go to her army graduation and meet her for the first time. AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! Were both the same height, and were just so cute together! She is my better half, we got to spend about two days together but time flew by so fast we barely had time to do a lot. But on the last day we got to see each other, we both did the exact same thing. I had turned around to get something out of my pocket, and I got to turn around and kneel down and we both catch each others eyes... We're both down on one knee with shiny silver rings in hand. Like holy crap we both had the same idea!?! so for 2 mins we just look at each other in shock, then I say "Well you already know what I'm gonna ask you.." She nods her head with a big grin on her face. I tell her " You are the most amazing, beautiful, caring, sweet, loving, smartest, funnest person I have ever met you know exactly what I'm thinking before i do or say it and I can not live without you. Will you marry me?" We both burst into tears and i put her ring on and she just proceeds to put the ring she had for me on my finger and says " I know what your going to say if i ask you, but I cant live without you either, you are my Soulmate, now that I've found you I have to make you my wife." Fast forward to December so in the Army there is this thing called Holiday Block Leave (aka HBL) and she decided to come visit me and stayed from December 19, 2015 to January 3, 2016. Best two weeks of my life. She met some of my family and they embraced us, they are happy for us and support our decision. We went to the zoo and did a bunch of stuff we talked about doing when we were together. We talked it over and decided to get married. So on December 30, 2015 at 4:30pm we got married during a small ceremony at my town park. So far its been the best day of our lives. Well now she back doing her Army stuff and I'm here living with my parents for now until she finished her Advanced Individual Training aka AIT. So now your caught up in my life. So alright til next everypony! Stary Dash
  4. I am now (well have been since December 30th) Mrs. Sierra to a lovely Mrs.Sierra <3 She is the best wife ever!!

  5. I cant wait, ill be married in 5 days!!

    1. FlitterFlutter


      Woah congratulations!

    2. Brobocop


      5 days? Oh damn, congrats to you!

  6. It's official I have found my missing half, and she is perfection.

  7. I love Melanie! I have never met anyone as amazing and with so many things in common as her! Gosh I love her!

  8. I wanna hold you hand so tight, I'm gonna break my wrist.

    1. twilight24


      I'd like that holding hand so tight, it feels right

  9. "This isn't fair! No! Don't you try to blame this on me! My love for you was bulletproof, but your the one who shot me." >~< T^T

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    2. Stary Dash

      Stary Dash

      I know, it's just so hard. I did the best I could, but I guess it wasn't enough.

    3. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      *hugs you* Shhh...don't say that. You have potential to find that someone. You need to make them earn it.

    4. HereComesTom


      I'm no expert on romance, but the way I understand it, both people need to put effort into the relationship to make it work; both of them have to want it. If only one person is putting effort into the relationship, it won't work, no matter how much that one person wants it. The other person needs to want it, too..and it's not really possible to make someone else want something.


      So this isn't your fault---you're not the one to blame for it being not-enough.

  10. I just wanna say you are all amazingly awesome! I know how you all feel one of my best friends is a Trans male (ftm) and I know its not easy now but just wait great things are coming and easier days as well! Just keep being amazing and our awesomeselves!
  11. She sits up high surounded by the sun one million branches and she loves everyone, mom and dad did you search for me? I've been up here so long I'm going crazy..

    1. HereComesTom


      Nice poem! ...How did she get up there in the first place...?

    2. Stary Dash

      Stary Dash

      lol well you's not a poem its a song called "hold on till may" by Pierce the Veil


    3. HereComesTom


      Ah. Never heard that song before.


      ...Does the song explain how she got up there in the first place?

  12. Hey.

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    2. Stary Dash

      Stary Dash

      thank you a bunch. Ill proabably talk to you later. im gonna go eat some ice cream and hope i feel better for the time being.

    3. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      OK. Ice cream always helps.

    4. HereComesTom


      Until I read this conversation with you and Renegade, I actually thought your "don't know what to do" feed was about such luck.


      I hope you feel better soon. /hug

  13. Offically at that point where i dont know what to do anymore.. a bridge sounds nice about now...