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  1. I do enjoy making the PPGZ episodes, and I have a lot of fun making them. (It's one of my favorite shows). I just like trying new things as well. But your right if it is something new that my viewers aren't used to it'll just take a bit to catch on.
  2. Ok so let me start from the beginning, I started a youtube Channel called CraftyToons9 it's a channel for reaction videos to cartoons. I began with a mlp fim reaction to scare master, and it did pretty well. I didn't know what to do next so I was looking through random cartoon shows on youtube. I stumbled across a show called Powerpuff Girls Z. I never seen it before so I thought going into it completely blind would make a great video. To my surprise it did even better and It's still my most popular video almost reaching 1000 views. After that I realest 2 more videos (one was another fim episode, and the other wasn't even a cartoon) and they did pretty bad not even reaching 30 views. So I took a month or 2 off from making videos. Then one day someone commented on my PPGZ video asking I continue the series. So I did a reaction video to the first episode and people liked it. I started doing more PPGZ and to this date its by far my most popular series. People comment and like my PPGZ reactions and now I have 13 subscribers . BUT..... Here's the problem, I don't want to just do PPGZ reaction I want to do other things as well. It's just that every time I make a video that's not PPGZ related they do poorly. As an example I wanted to try something new recently. so I did a Lets Play of a MLP Flash game on newgrounds (Story of the blanks). I had a lot of fun recording it and editing it, but it's getting next to no views =(. I like doing the PPGZ reactions but I don't want to feel like that's the only thing I can do and get views on :'(. It was meant to be a channel for cartoon reaction and other random stuff, but I feel as If it's turning into a PPGZ reaction channel. Don't get me wrong I appreciate all the view I get, I just feel like I'm stuck creating videos for only one series. Here's my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa2Y6Em9XivWn7WyI5Io8nQ Here's my Lets play video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Id24nov2C7M
  3. Just watched the cristaling part 1 and It was pretty good, Cant w8 for the rest of the season now ^^

  4. lol I just played a video of a dog squeaking a chew toy and my dog comes running towards me ^^

  5. I need to meditate or something feels like my heads gonna explode D:

  6. Just posted a GravityFalls drawing on my DeviantArt and Twitter https://twitter.com/CraftyToons9

  7. Wow that is awesome!!! For your first pony that is amazing, keep it up ^^ My first pony wasn't nearly as good
  8. Fluttershy Sleeping, So cute!! *Wakes up..
  9. Glad you liked them. The second picture was meant to be Fluttershy as a filly (her legs are longer and skinnier), but thanks for the comment. Thanks so much!! glad you liked them
  10. Yay Cupcake Status :)

    1. Kyoshi


      Welcome to the Cupcake club! :D You can say that the club is...pretty sweet. :3

    2. Attack of the Pwns
    3. S-brony


      Thanks guys!! :)

  11. Glad you like I'll remember that for future pictures , Thanks!! Thanks glad you liked them
  12. Here are three Fluttershy drawings I've made recently. Tell me what you think of them, any improvements I could make for future drawings let me know. All drawings where done with pencil and marker
  13. Super cute!! I love the look of your character, keep it up
  14. I see a lot of potential in fairy tail like to have a show and toy line inspired by G4 MLP but with bird/fairy like characters sounds like a lot of fun, but will Hasbro take that kind of risk probably not.
  15. I can't imagine Fluttershy listening to Death Metal I was thinking more like easy listening music like the pony tones, but I suppose she could be listening to something darker you never know