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  1. 477207 Just passing by... Good morning or night, depending on where you are.
  2. Merry Birthiversary!

    1. Dingo_Dash


      OMC, I didn't get noticed about you guys sending me such lovely messages. Thank you! <3

  3. Well then,never expected to see you here xSidera. XD And thanks to both of you. Why theis site isn't notifying me anymore about these posts?
  4. - 26 Years old - Engineer assistant (usually automotive stuff) - Draw in my free time but I easyly fall in tipical drawer emptyness and I'm totally incosntant due to lack of time, started when discovered the fandom - Getting rid of chronic depression and stress cervicalgy soon - Sierra Cosworth owner and lover - Did and realized many good things as a brony and will continue to be in the fandom until the end - Got some time anxiety and problems to rest\sleep - 2 cons and some meetings behind my back in just one year - Lots of new friends trought the net, and some love stories, but still single because I'm so damn unlucky. - Alone in reality most of time and surrounded by closed-minded humans. Ponies are my main consolation and give me all I need to face the world. - I'm (or were) in some Skype\Telegram\WA groups, now using also Discord - A room full of pony stuff and growing - Ready for next Galacon and maybe BUCK - Dreaming to move out to Germany or Switzerland, If even I can found the money and ask citizenship. Also wanting to be autonomous or (why not?) rich. Otherwise find out a portal to Equestria and jump in. No regrets. - Most of things I wear or use are ponified in some way. People is so ignorant or stick so much to their poor social networks and lifes that no one have recognized me wearing pony hoodies, just to give you all an idea. Only thing is someone noticed my phone cover calling it "cute" but none of them realized it was RD. - Most of time I take with me a tiny little (or chibi) pony plushie.
  5. I couldn't imagine how many things I could have lost without ponies, what could have never happen if that dang book never opened... I will never be enought grateful to MLP series...
  6. Thanks... I did a lot of things and one of these is what you have just seen... Learned to draw and bought a drawing tablet.
  7. Well, a year has passed and I'm still a pony, still in the herd... Many things have changed for me since that day and I... I will continue to fly... Until the end... Because life turned better for me... Ponies are awesome!
  8. Welp, what can I say? I love my own drawings and to see my ponysona too..
  9. Greetings, and a happy birthday to you!

    1. Dingo_Dash


      Thank you, pal! /)

    2. Querch


      (\ You're welcome.

  10. Dingo_Dash


    Welcome to the best international pony forums ever! Wish you to enjoy your stay here and to have a nice chat with other ponies sharing same interests. Hope your pasts experiences couldn't repeat here, and certainly we got a lot of excelent moderators around to keep party-poopers away. Feel free to ask to the community whatever you need to know about rules and sections. Now please, take a jug of cider and a muffin. Have a nice ride! (For those who, for obvious reason didn't know, NightWubs is my friend too so YAY! )
  11. I'm torn between "20% cooler" and "Dingolicious"... Probably many other worlds may come to my mind afterwards. Before signing this forum ( my first "act" as a brony) I have just finished, in the name of old memories, Z.O.E. 2: The Second Runner... The name of the main character was "Dingo" so I found it curious, easy and fast to remember and, at least for me, "empathetic". The second word is obviously taken from "Rainbow Dash". In a matter of fact, my ponysona was inspired from her, because... Who doesn't like RD? I've used at least, the same color for body and the contour, then took the also the coloring of the eyes wich is, indeed, wrong... Thought those were red instead of lila\violet and but wanted keep them anyway because I liked them and made my pony unique and personal. Then mane and tail were also taken from her, but after leaving the pony creator one i 've created them with my own style, leaving them smooth (as I wish my hair were) and black (another color, except for rainbow, will look awful in my guess and also my natural, sometimes boring, natural color) as for dominant color and also matching the iris coloring of the eyes, giving him a somekind of fashion. Finally, to match RD and my leaning toward to pegasi i choose that race. The reason I made a too much detailed explaination about him is because usually this it the next question that follows the one about my nick name... And trust me, even if i love to explain it everytime i rather prefer to not to spend all my time to explain to so many ponies asking throught so many channels like Bronysquare, Skype etc. From this moment, i will link this same post as for future reference.
  12. A pegasi with almost 15-20 years of gaming on this back cannot just have one single videogame as favourite. Probably, the era I have lived with more intensity was PS2 generation, when things were not too complicate and not too simple at the same time, to be more specific, the peak was around 2005 and 2011 with titles like GoW, Spyro Saga remake, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, Killzone, GTA:SA, Final Fantasy V:DC - X - X-2 - XII and many many more i won't put on the list because it could become kilometric... Literally!
  13. Nah, don't worry. You didn't anything bad. Also I made this topic consciously of any risk like reminding bad memories back. Things that cheer me up? Sweet stuff, ponies, more ponies, (did i said ponies already?), videogames, my pc, chatting on skype, pony merch and my car (somethimes).
  14. Hard to say... When i bought my first car? Joining the Galacon? I can barely remember happyiest moments of my entire life really... Because before and after them there was always hard\difficult moments, by my perspective right now they weren't that happy or just bring me a small moment of joy...
  15. I love most of famous cars until '90s... And mine is one of these: Ford Sierra RS Sapphire Cosworth... Once you try it, you will never want another car...