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  1. Sapphire Lightning

    Ask Breeze

    I just turned you in to a Unicorn, what do you do?
  2. Don't mean to brag; Don't mean to boast But I'm a six course meal; and you're just burnt toast! Trixie for the win I do see the OP's point, but RR was full of great songs.
  3. The premise : "A dark movie never equals a better movie" doesn't make sense... An X movie never equals a better movie, well duh! Nothing equals something "better" than it Anyways, I like some dark movies, if it makes sense for the movie to be dark. Although a TV show, Wayward Pines is a good example of this. Dark City was also a good example... It even has dark in its name!
  4. Um.. Hi... I am more in to other mares... *blushes*
  5. For Python I use IDLE. When I coded in C I used to use RHIDE, but that was back on DOS...
  6. Simple marketing: MLP fans know what Equestria is, and since the characters are based off of recognizable characters from MLP, they used Equestria. The "girls" part was to convey that they were human, not ponies.
  7. Hmmm... Melodies of Life - FFIX Vamo alla Flamenco - FFIX Dragonroost Island - Windwaker Woodman - Megaman 2 all music - Megaman 2 all music - FF:CC Big Blue and mute city - Fzero
  8. *I'm trotting along on my way to the market and see some weird looking alien pop out* me - "H.h.h.hello?" hooman - "Gork plop btunika George" me - "Huh???" *gallops away to warn the mane6 of this strange looking monster who can't even speak Equestrian!*
  9. Sapphire Lightning

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    A River of Waste. Good documentary movie, even if a bit old.
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