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  1. When me and my friend were playing Destiny. We were fighting a large horde of Fallen, and loosing a lot of ground. We were both walking backward, slowly retreating, and then we stood back to back. While we were standing back to back, we were practically screaming because the noise-canceling headsets we have, and then a complete random jumped in and used his super-charge to demolish all the Fallen around us. This was the beginning of our friendship.
  2. What is the whole point in life if you are not willing to take risks? You are just gonna be timid, and let life pass you by? If given the desire, I would absolutely demolish anything in my way to reach my goal- and take as many risks as I need to.
  3. Besides MLP, that is it. Seriously. I work out different parts of the body each day, practice my shooting every few weekends. I help out with law Enforcement, and I plan on becoming a Private Military Contractor. All the animes I watch or have watched have action, romance, slice of life (sometimes), and for sure comedy.
  4. Welcome to the forums SuperGamerPony! Hope you enjoy it!
  5. Dear god, please, please have "The Blue Max" ponified. My god, that would fit any pegasus in the series.
  6. For about 5 years I was a vegan, so I know how it is to be one with you lol My love for red meat overpowered me though. .__.
  7. It depends on what you are used to I suppose. 30 to 40 FPS is just fine with me, and I own a Alienware 15 gaming laptop. I can go to console, and I feel fine.
  8. Well, everything is better with 60, but all the bottom games I stated would run just fine and dandy with 30. Imagine playing minecraft at 200FPS. Why the hell would you need that? 30 or 40 is just fine for those type of games. The old Call of Duty games have low graphics, so they run at 30 very well. Either way, they are just games, and they do good at their jobs until it is 10 FPS. That shit is a slow motion movie.
  9. I'm saying those game would run just fine with those FPS.
  10. What I'm saying is Halo 5, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Battlefield Hardline, Medal of Honor etc: 60-90 Minecraft, 100% Orange Juice, TotalMiner, Older CoDs such as MW2, MW3: 30 to 40
  11. Depending on the game- yes. A fast paced shooter needs 60 or higher, and a 16 player board game or community game needs 30. Depending on the genre, the FPS and POV will matter.
  12. I am a Fascist. One of true Fascism’s core beliefs is that the state creates the people - all in America are Americans, disregarding ethnic background, and this logic is then extended to the ideas of national brotherhood - things like universal healthcare, public schooling, strong workers’ unions (at least in theory) rest on this laurel that the public should help their fellow countryperson. Quoting from Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists in the 1940s, the Fascist principle is that of “liberty in private, and obligation in public life”, granted the exercise of said freedoms does not harm the greater society. In this, things like homosexuality, my own gender identity, and almost everything else one can think of (aside from, of course, murder, rape, etc.). There are even cases to be made that true Fascists would support measures like legalized Abortion on moral grounds and freedom of choice in private matters. So, where does Fascism break from typical constitutional monarchy, or liberal democracy? The answer is in its antidemocratic ideals, its authoritarianism (but not totalitarianism), and its paternalism. Commonly this would be viewed as an indefensible position, but upon further inspection I see no reason why Fascism should be rejected on these grounds alone. In my opinion, my country, the US, should destroy all of South America, and make it part of the US. We should expand further and further in order to completely decimate all enemies. Then, after this, we gather up all the people who are part of the new US, and depart due to Earth's decay, in order to find another planet suitable for our lives. The best part- no objections. Hostile ideals will be dealt with acordingly, so that way, a complete one world government is formed, and you do not have to worry about terrorism- because almost everyone is on your side.
  13. Next gen consoles usually run at about 60-90 FPS give or take. Depending on the time spent making the game, it may or may not come out good. For next generation, everything is fine so far. For old gen, although it is bringing down games' graphics and fps, there still is a large community for every single game on there. I own both old gen and next gen, and although some games are hindered by old gen, I still enjoy them very much. It all usually depends on how you view it.
  14. A lot of games run very well on the new consoles, compared to the old ones. And for some people, gaming with a controller is a lot easier.
  15. I've played on 15 FPS before, and still had fun. For some games, 30 FPS work perfectly fine, and some are complete piles of smoking dog shit. 60FPS is ideal. Feild of vision should be editable on every platfrom, because when I switch from PC to console, I feel like the character is holding the gun in his face.