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  1. (wakes up as crystal) time to be a pony and possible prak every one
  2. nice oc and back story icy crystal and crystal would be good friends.
  3. hey rarity how do you come up with fashions
  4. hello there forum members id proudly present my rp the character list now that that's settled ill proudly present the intro storyline. Ice, darkness, stars, air, fire, water,lightning, and nature are the elements that make up equestria. now that you read the intro then you could start off the rp.
  5. have a list of ocs you could be Crystal is played by me midnight is the element of darkness(unicorn open) starwishes is the element of stars(alicorn open) rainbow dash is the element of air(pegasus open) gemfire is the element of fire(unicorn open) seafoam is the element of water(unicorn open) lightningbolt is the element of lightning (pegasus open) spingflower is the element of nature(earth pony open) power stealers are the enimies in this this option will always be open if you have any questions or element suggestions then let me know
  6. time to make a new rp

  7. i do speak english fyi i dont think the banner will stop being a jerk
  8. id love to and i dont know about the banners
  9. most likely adorable sombra changlings and a crying scootaloo
  10. ok if you want to participate in my rp i have some cherecters you could play. Crystal is played by me Midnight : a former unicorn turned into a pegasus by the rainbow factory workers (open) Starwishes: an alicorn rescued by crystal when she was about to be made into a rainbow (open) Derpy: a pegasus who was brought to the rainbow factory (open) Rainbow dash: the mare who runs the factory (open) Cloud chaser: a stallion guard for the factory(open) Night glider: a former resident of the village run by starlight glimmer was captured by rainbow dash and now works at the rainbow factory. (open) Soarin: a wonder bolt who rainbow dash forced to work at the rainbow factory in his spare time. (open) Great scott: a pony who helped with a water tornado volonteered to work at the rainbow factory but found out it wasnt what he thought when it was too late tu turn back(open) My rp is called escape from the rainbow factory and i just wanted to list the charecters.
  11. me too i guess lol wait do u mean derp x doctor or lyra x bon bon