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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I do love Disney movies except Zootopia, because it’s part of my life
  3. Yeah I know right....TS4 was an awesome ending to the Toy Story saga
  4. Who hates Zootopia so much? Anyone?
  5. Exactly....TS4 did performed very better than any underrated Disney movie, right?
  6. I would prefer Toy Story 4 over Zootopia, because TS4 is way better than Zootopia!
  7. I have seen bits of Zootopia on TV, I really hated it so much. I mean, the Nostalgia Critic should have just do a review on it just like Cats Don’t Dance
  8. I really don’t care about Zootopia. The reason why I don’t like it, because it was a complete box office flop
  9. Oh please....I bet most people hated Zootopia a lot! Right? It's a box office bomb!
  10. I swear IF Starlight goes back to her evil self in the finale, then I will be happy. I know she’s evil.
  11. Good for you, but I really hate Zootopia so much. It’s definitely a flop like Roadside Romeo.....right?
  12. Quick question: What is your opinion on Zootopia? Does it suck bad?
  13. I had a sudden feeling that the CMC will disband for real....since we’re actually going to get a CMC disbandment episode