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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I do love Disney movies except Zootopia, because it’s part of my life
  3. Yeah I know right....TS4 was an awesome ending to the Toy Story saga
  4. Exactly....TS4 did performed very better than any underrated Disney movie, right?
  5. I would prefer Toy Story 4 over Zootopia, because TS4 is way better than Zootopia!
  6. I have seen bits of Zootopia on TV, I really hated it so much. I mean, the Nostalgia Critic should have just do a review on it just like Cats Don’t Dance
  7. I really don’t care about Zootopia. The reason why I don’t like it, because it was a complete box office flop
  8. Oh please....I bet most people hated Zootopia a lot! Right? It's a box office bomb!
  9. I swear IF Starlight goes back to her evil self in the finale, then I will be happy. I know she’s evil.
  10. Good for you, but I really hate Zootopia so much. It’s definitely a flop like Roadside Romeo.....right?
  11. Quick question: What is your opinion on Zootopia? Does it suck bad?