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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Yeah I know right....TS4 was an awesome ending to the Toy Story saga
  3. Exactly....TS4 did performed very better than any underrated Disney movie, right?
  4. I would prefer Toy Story 4 over Zootopia, because TS4 is way better than Zootopia!
  5. I swear IF Starlight goes back to her evil self in the finale, then I will be happy. I know she’s evil.
  6. I had a sudden feeling that the CMC will disband for real....since we’re actually going to get a CMC disbandment episode
  7. You mean, like in Revenge of the Sith, right?
  8. She should have just....betrayed the Mane Six in the first place
  9. Oh heck yes, I liked that idea of having a Season Premier 2-parter to end with a downer ending.
  10. I will say this: I really want Starlight to betray the Mane Sixso badly, because I always wanted that to happen.
  11. Except Starlight, I’m sure she will revert back to her evil self by betraying the Mane Six...much like Cartman did in S20.
  12. Uh, I hate to break it up, Starlight is STILL evil remember? She will betray the Mane Six but trust me, it will happen for sure. Proof me if I'm right ok?
  13. Starlight revealing to be Twilight's doppelganger or Other Half a la Kingdom Hearts II Scootaloo confirmed being orphan Scootaloo's parents