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  1. And don't forget Total Drama Island as well when Lindsay snaps at Heather for being an two-faced backstabbing lying little BLEEP. Make sense, right?
  2. I might be done with my hatred days, but the CMC should be accepted by the fans anyhow! I mean, the CMC worked so hard to get those cutie marks! And their gift is to help the others with their True Talent.

    Spoiler Theory on Cozy Glow (spoilers to finale)

    I knew Cozy Glow was actually PURE EVIL at all..Well don't get me wrong, she reminds me of Darla Dimple from CDD right in the end. Cozy Glow might be one of my favourite MLP villains alongside Tirek.

    Movies/TV Your favorite Disney movie

    Tangled, Aladdin, Finding Nemo, Finding Dory and The Incredibles 1 and 2

    Could Season 8 be the King of Leaks?

    Q: Did Scootaloo really fly at the end?

    Spoiler S08:E20 - The Washouts

    Or maybe her deceased parents I don't know! I mean her parents could be either dead or alive. Right?

    Season 8's writers are neglecting Starlight

    I swear IF Starlight betrays the Mane Six at the end of Season 8, then I will be happier!
  8. What do you except? Scootaloo's parents are still dead, right? That makes her an Orphan at all...Right?
  9. Although, she may be an orphan but, she has aunts.
  10. Here's my predictions for the 200th episode: 1. Starlight betraying the Mane Six by going back to her evil ways (YES) / Starlight revealing as Twilight's Other Half a la Kingdom Hearts II or 2. Have the CMC give up on their Cutie Marks by becoming Blank Flanks again (YES!!!)
  11. MAIKUN

    Season 9 the last season. Yes or no.

    I agreed with you....Show me proof of the CMC disbanding then...
  12. MAIKUN

    Spoiler Season 8 Waiting Thread (Spoilers)

    Will we find out IF Scootaloo is an orphan or not? Does she has parents or not?
  13. MAIKUN

    Animation Worst Disney movies.

    Although, Zootopia might still be a bad Disney movie though.....
  14. MAIKUN

    Animation Worst Disney movies.

    Yeah, well, this is just like, you know, my opinion man. I'm NOT into Zootopia a lot actually.