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  1. Yeah definitely....look at Starlight, she's Twilight's other half...just like in Kingdom Hearts II...right?
  2. I would love to see an episode when the CMC permanently disbands by going their own separate ways...
  3. A major permanently break-up? HELL YES!
  4. It doesn’t matter, her parents are still dead, get over with it.
  5. Get real Jeric! Her parents are dead and she’s still an orphan, get over with it.
  6. Oh please, she’s still an orphan you know....
  7. Ohhhh that’s why her parents are dead...that makes her an orphan after all....
  8. Did the finale end with a cliffhanger...yes or no?
  9. Let me get this straight: Did Starlight really betray the Mane Six...yes or no?
  10. I knew it...Just like Zootopia. The movie also sucked too, right?
  11. I would still love to see the CMC becoming Blank Flanks again by giving up on their Cutie Marks for good...
  12. I would say "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" because DT did have a last speaking role before she became an background character, am I that right?
  13. I would still LOVE to see the movie style animation being used for Season 8 instead....Agreed?
  14. All I ever wanted is to see Starlight betraying the Mane Six by becoming evil again...Am that I right?
  15. Dude, I suggest they SHOULD DISBAND instead...or maybe they should give up on their Cutie marks to become Blank Flanks again. There should be an episode called "Journey of the Blanks" when the CMC embark on a journey to become Blank Flanks again.