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  1. Mark Your Choice: After realizing that a cutie mark change anypony, the CMC must either give up on their Cutie Marks or face Disbandment. That would be an ending to the CMC arc for sure! I would watch it too!
  2. Oh please, I rather see the CMC giving up on their Cutie Marks instead! I mean, giving them cutie marks was a BIGGEST mistake that they ever done!
  3. Yeah, what about Zootopia? I bet the movie flopped or sucked like s**t, right?
  4. Yeah I agreed with you! Not that finger snapping piece of s**t!
  5. So, the new animation style is gonna be used for Season 8, right?
  6. What IF Tempest is actually Starlight in disguise a la Advent Children...Right?
  7. What about Zootopia and Roadside Romeo? Did these movies flopped or what?
  8. Yeah you're right, She DID got adopted by Rainbow Dash's parents, plus her real parents are dead too. Right? That makes her an orphan in the first place, agreed?
  9. Yeah, just like they did it with Zootopia!
  10. I doubt it. The movie is definitely gonna be the Grand Finale, sorry.
  11. megathread

    Yeah well, that is, just like, you know, your opinion man.
  12. megathread

    Oh, no reason. Like they did it with The Magic Roundabout and the 2016 Powerpuff Girls reboot of course.
  13. No reason and what about Roadside Romeo?
  14. megathread

    I rather let celebrities voicing the Mane 6 and Spike instead? My choices are Ariana Grande, Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon. Agreed?