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  1. Authoritah respected, sir.

  2. Happy birthday =)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)

  3. Helo everybody I am back! Yeah it's been a while huh? Yep I'm back and to start things off again how about a awesome RP or better yet lots of awesome RPs( I have more .). Anyway here it god. There's many stories and role plays concerning the elements of disharmony. Which are meant to be the opposite of the mane 6. Many of these theorized groups consisted of villians or at least antagonists that the group defeated that held traits opposite of those shown by the elements of harmony. But let me ask you this. Why not choose the most chaotic creatures other than Discord in equstria to fit this role
  4. Whew it's been a white but I'm back on the forum!

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      Welcome back! :D How have you been? :)

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      oh yeah and welcome back as well.

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      WELCOME BACK BRUH!... now remember don't kill kenny or i'll call you a Bast***

  5. Yeah now that I think about selfish hero is a better definition for her.
  6. I like Sombrax Luna but I find it be hard to write as Luna is more likely ro just scream at Sombra then reason with him or join him. Being that I love corruption Fifa I prefer Sombra x Twilight and Sombra x Rarity.
  7. What's you don't appreciate fans having a imagination?( in spongebob voice ) Imagination!
  8. You knkw I think you've hit the nail on the head. I don't doubt she wants to help others I'm saying that that combined with ego and ambition Serbs to combine tye zeal of heo with the ambition of a antagonist. She's not the worst anti hero I've seen but that drive to help others combined with that selfish ambition makes me think anti heo. Because like most anti heroes she hells ponies but also helps herself. It seems like must of you were taking the " hero out of " anti hero."
  9. Just a random question regarding my sig and the RP it's based off. In case you've seen my signature before and don't know what the symbol in the background is the symbol of the Orange lantern corps from green lantern. They represent avarice. Did I select a good group for a sig like that p? I know when people talk about avarice their obviously going to bring up Spike and Rarity . However I picked this group based not only on grred for material things ( which Suri , Flim , Flam and Diamond Tiara demonstrate) but also arrogebde and greed for attention aka self obsession. Which is demos tatte
  10. soggy a good first rule of argueing a point f it's there use it. Alignment charts are used to put characters into groups based on behavior and actions that's why I brougt them up.
  11. Guys you don't need to be a pure antagonist to be a anti hero all it means to be one is that your not as pure hearted as the typical hero! I think we can all agree Dash is either chaotic good or chaotic neutral depending who you ask. These are the typical anti hero alignments. Also on the element thing being a element dosn't make you perfect. In fact having a anti hero element wouid make sense because it wouid teach tolerance of different personalities. Personally I think being a anti hero majes her a better character.
  12. We've all had crack ships. Naturally they are strange and get people to look at you like your crazy for example my OT3 of Dash , Trixie and Lightening Dust. But I have a reason for that it's their personalities. Sometime however we don't know why we ship a certain couple we just do.my strange new ship in question is Spike x Starlight Glimmer. I saw a picture of it and I was like " you know what fuck everything I ship it!" I don't know why but I just.. Couldn't help myself now I'm itching to write a story featuring it but I don't have any ideas. I have a similar but less extreme problem with
  13. We all know Rainbow Dash not only is she the most loyal pony around but also one of the most egoistical. Throughout the series we've seen a good mix of heroic and jerky behavior from her. This attitude makes me come to the conclusion that Dash is MLP's original anti hero. If your not exactly sure what a anti hero is its a protagonist with antagonist traits or tendencies. I believe that if age was not a anti hero episodes like fall weather friends , trade ya and the mysterious mare do well would've never aired. Also I notice personality traits she shares with MLP characters commonly deemed ant
  14. Ok everypony I have a ne RP I sure hope I manage to attract enough players this time. Here it goes. Soon after the defeat of Tirek Discord begins to feel strange. He feels unneeded in a way. His chaos now longer serves a purpose in a world of harmony. So in order to keep the balance Discord decides to create his own world. A world where anti heroes are accepted and chaos is not feared. He creates this world with chaos versions of the elements of harmony. Here villains and anti heroes from all over the multiverse including MLP are now living in this world to of pure chaos. Equstria and the r
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