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  1. I have been drafting a fanfic(Its not sexual in any way just thought i should say that) and i need somebody to some art on one of the characters from a desecration i have drafted please help me thank you Decription I saw a pony she was a dark purple almost blue with a mane that curled down the side of her face and ended with a flick also it curled down the back of her head, it was a fiery red with a soft pink that licked through it like fire her tail was long and curly nearly touching the ground with the same red and pink, her eyes were a sapphire blue that shone. i had never seen a more amazing pony she was majestic and beautiful. her smile shone with a existed expression with her wings out stretched in there full majestic beauty with blue and pink which blazed through them If you could email the artwork to this address If you would like me to add the the description just say
  2. Mlp in New Zealand!

    no one reply's any way im happy about it
  3. Mlp in New Zealand!

    So the other i was sitting down getting ready for school with the TV on then i hear the song that kicks of a great show, my head shoot towards the TV could it be" and it was the one and only MY LITTLE PONY. I sat there with a smile on my face thinking finely its here ITS FINELY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looking for all the New Zealand Bronys out there as happy as i am. I know its like 11 at night and i found out its been on for a while but yay im happy.
  4. Hey!

    wow thank for the welcomes it means alot
  5. Hey!

    I'm not sure if i'm a brony you be the judge,i am very new to the my little pony fandom and in the little time i have been in the fandom i have watched every episode 2 documentary's and so much fan content, i love every bit of the fandom and i want to know every thing about it. my dream is to go to bronycon (I think that's what its called) what do you think and i hope this form will treat me well and i wont be judged.