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  1. Fantastic! I'd love to see some of your writing so I know what your style is like. I'm currently working on my story in Google Docs, so if you have Docs it will be easy to share with you. Feel free to PM me any time, though I have a busy work week and won't be able to reply until later in the evening.
  2. I am working on writing a story, and am looking for someone who would be interested in possibly co-writing. I have attempted a few projects in the past, and over time I have found that I have issues with pacing and quality, as well as writer's block as I progress. There are also times where I simply do not have time to write, and it would help tremendously to have someone to pick up the slack. It would also be very helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off of, and provide feedback. At this point I have a good idea in mind, and have written the rough draft of a prologue. The basic synopsis of the story is that it is being presented from 2 points of view. On one side Daring Do is working to unravel the secret behind a mysterious artifact, and a number of previously undiscovered ruins. On the other side a unicorn named Sure Step has discovered an ancient book related to said artifact that has shown him the secret to an ancient power that seems incredible at first, but is far more dangerous then it seems. In exchange for your help you will be given credit as an author, and will be welcome to share the finished story as your own work anywhere you like. I also have several undeveloped characters, and you are welcome to use any OCs of your own as long as they can fit into the story. If you are interested, feel free to leave a reply or send me a PM.
  3. I am looking for a writer to collaborate with on a fanfiction. I have a couple ideas in mind, but I'm open to suggestions. I have attempted multiple projects in the past, but whenever I write anything novel-length I tend to rush the pacing and run out of ideas mid way. I particularly like stories where ponies end up on Earth and have to solve a problem and/or find their way back to Equestria. I would like someone who would be interested in brainstorming ideas and possibly co-writing. You would be given an author credit and welcome to share the end result as your own as long as I am able to post it on my fimfiction account.
  4. Birthday, Happy! :o

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      Haven't been on here in ages. Certainly the lest place I expected to get a Happy Birthday from. Thank you!