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Who am I? I like to think of myself as an open minded individual. I like to study and get accurate information on all things if I can which often sends me to trips to the library. I really don't like closed minded people, blind worship, and ignorance, it's because of those things why I became an Atheist. I'm also an aspiring musician. I play the Viola. I really want to make Viola dubstep and classical Viola music so that I can have a stable career and give back to the Brony Community. I'm also a Lucid Dreamer in training. I'm not to crazy when It comes to rules, though. I will follow them, though sorta begrudgingly. It's because of this I very loosely follow canon when I write Fanfics. People say that I'm very smart and etiquette. I'm also borderline gifted in spelling and language arts but, when it comes to math, well, let's just say that I'm a bit lower than average. A lot of people also say that I'm a very happy and outgoing individual. I also like to give advice. Whenever I see someone with a thundercloud over their head I usually try to cheer them up. Oh, and I'm also a pacifist. In real life I never fight (But If I Don't Like Someone I Could Be A Bit Passive Aggressive) I save that for fanfics and for when I start Lucid Dreaming

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