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  1. Lord Motis almost narrowed his eyes. "What did you expect Hemoe?" He asked, then moved on to fixing Crystal's problem. "Crystal's problem is simple to fix, due to it isn't quite a shadow entering his body, it may be easier. Just keep him from how he switches to his other personality then soon his other personality will fade away. And if his personality switches, only communite with him, if you do any harm to the other personality, it will effect Crystal too. Try to keep his dark self from spilling any blood while you're at it. And that's it for Crystal... Anything else?"
  2. (Oh okay) Lord Mortis looked up. "Oh, Welcome back Aurora, and I believe you brought someone new to see me. Hmph. What do you seek?" Mortis replied, studying the two ponies for anything suspicious, but nothing seemed to really catch his eye, besides a disorder he sensed. "Make it quick because I really don't like wasting my personal time."
  3. Crystal's nose began working up, and he felt a squeeze coming up again, but it didn't seem natural to him. Utter something or someone was trying to make him squeeze or was triggering it. But Crystal could squeeze now, not when ponies were willing to give him a second chance and that if he turned Celestia would most likely kick him out. Then Sombra would only use him for his other self. "Okay let's get this over with and quickly."
  4. Sunset has became one of the best villains to be reformed along with Discord. We get to see more of her character development and see her trying to get rid of her past image. And obviously, some of the people in the fandom can to relate to what's she's going though. Always having people see her for what she used to be and spread rumours about her... awful. But I guess she can be our anti-bullying mascot and a reminder to us in the fandom still in school that we just need to be strong and stand up for ourselves and hang out with people who will care about you, and won't care about what you like or were like originally and take you for who you are. (Grammar if you failed me, I shall shove a lemon in your face )
  5. Crystal was unsure if he was ready, after almost everyone nearly hates him and won't hesitate to kill him for what his other personality did. He was also unsure if it was entirely his fault.... after all did the chains cause too much pressure on him so he turned? "Soo... what happens next after I meet this 'Lord Mortis'?"
  6. Crystal shuttered. If he wanted to squeeze and let his other personality handle this situation, it would be a good time to do it. But that would be to risky. He never met his other self- and wasn't planning too. It was now so obvious that his other self was working for Sombra, and perhaps that's why Sombra wanted to lure him back to The Empire, just for his other self
  7. Officially on vacation for three days!

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      Hope you have/are having/have had (depends when you see this x3) a great time! :D

  8. Crystal was now officially scared for his own dear life. There was a whack load of questions he wanted to answer, but heck. Crystal rather stay away from almost everyone. If they were willing to take his life just like that, he didn't want any part of it. First the book, now they knew about his identity disorder. He had lost everyone's trust, that's for sure. Crystal kept in mind that he was able to go to The Crystal Empire anytime if they got a little too rough. Utter then that he felt worser than the first time Crystal got in trouble. Like any Crystal pony experiencing a bad emotion, his crystal pelt lost his shine and bright colours. Crystal took Aurora's hoof and got up. Right now, these ponies could be the only ones he COULD trust in this time.
  9. "D-D-Dungeon?! Please no! That's basically slavoury all over again!" Crystal whined, in much pain and fear as it is. "P-Please! It's not my fault... It's basically when I was send to a torture alyssum and was being forced to not change." He shuttered "Not good memories..."
  10. Crystal blinked completely confused. "Ohhh that... my identity disorder....." He muttered. Finally understanding. "Whenever I squeeze or have too much of one emotion, my personality switches to another one, the one who most likely... uh... did whatever happened here, that may explain why Sombra wants me so much... not my normal personality- but the other one." He broke into thinking, trying to remember something or anything. "I think my other personality and Sombra were in some sort of... whatever. But utter than that, I don't know anything about my other personality besides when I return from the blackness I'm normally surrounded by dead bodies of innocent ponies...."
  11. Crystal began to cry. "JUST WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?!" He sobbed in pain. Of course this was no act, it was pure honesty, Crystal didn't remember anything before he squeezed. He shuttered in both fear and pain, feeling completely helpless under the glares the ponies around him were giving him. He just didn't know what happened.
  12. The cold began to get to his nose. "AA...AAA....AACHOO!" Crystal squeezed, then blinked. Then broke into a huge large screams of pain. "OWWW! WHAT DID I DO ODD OF A SUDDEN?" He whined "WAS SOMBRA HERE? DID WE HAVE A HUGE BATTLE?!" Crystal began asking more questions, completely clueless. "EEP! I SWEAR I JUST THOUGHT ABOUT RETURNING FOR A BIT I SWEAR!" He felt to the ground, covering his head in guilt. "BUT I SWEAR YOU DIDNT HAVE TO GO ALL OUT AND ATTACK ME! AND ERASE MY MEMORY! AND YOU EVEN DECIDED TO BREAK ME OUT OF THE CHAINS TO DO IT!" He whined more, and could barely take the pain from his wounds.
  13. (However if you used the link to the character with the same disorder that Crystal has, in his current state he may have a bit of an advantage.) Crystal jolted into action, slashing at everybody strongly, before releasing his dark energy as an defence. The wounds clearly wasn't bothering him- but he knew someone who would clearly be screaming in pain by the second. He couldn't help but to chuckle. They had no idea what they were doing- and soon they would pay the price with guilt.
  14. Obviously Original! I'm a classy and original person. I like the flavours of it, it can't beat the other ones! But maybe the lightly salted ones come to a close second.
  15. Crystal leaped back onto some sort of platform made from his dark magic. He grinned "Let the fun begin then, but I must warn you. The more you hurt me, the more you will hurt someone innocent." But then he turned away "But now lets not make that ruin the fun..." Threw up some draggers that were in his pockets, all ready for an attack