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  1. I like the idea that the alternate timelines Starlight Glimmer created splintered into full alternate universes so I have some nicknames for them. I'll just list the nicknames and the villain and/or situation they presented. Equestria Warzone - King Sombra Equestria Tribal - Queen Chrysalis Equestria Nightmare - Nightmare Moon Equestria 666 - Lord Tirek Equestria Airtseuqe - Emperor Discord (like Emperor Joker) Equestria Industrial - Flim Flam Bros Equestria Wasteland - Dead Planet I'd appreciate if you could give me your thoughts and list anymore ideas you may have. Thank you.
  2. This whole Sparity thing is going nowhere. It's tired, it's old, and to be blunt, at this point the whole one-sided crush thing is just plain boring.
  3. And I'm saying that IDW has already made too many risks in regards to what fans want to see. They probably shouldn't alienate the ones on their side and they would probably have a better shot with Twilight teaming with Sunset Shimmer who has proven herself to be a true hero rather than team her with somepony who's merely one of Celestia's Stormtroopers. And by the way I'm pretty sure fans didn't hate King Sombra they just felt that he was underdeveloped due to the show. And they got their character development wish via IDW. Most of the fans HATE Flash Sentry. A lot of them would probably gag if his name ever get's mentioned. I'm sure most would rather he be killed off or just never mentioned again. #NoMoreFlashSentry.
  4. Showcasing a ship that a majority of the fans loathe be a featured team up in a comic is a recipe for disaster. #NoMoreFlashSentry
  5. Seeing as how Issue 25 of Friends Forever which is coming out in Feb. is going to be featuring Twilight and Rainbow Dash I will be removing that option from the poll. But just remember to continue voting on who you want to see Twilight team up with in future issues of Friends Forever. Thank you.
  6. Just learned that Friends Forever Issue 25 in Feb. will be Twilight Sparkle & Rainbow Dash. Finally! YES! YES! YES! Also I'm gonna add CMC & Diamond Tiara(post-reform) to the wish list. Just please keep posting your own wish lists. Thank you.
  7. Just heard today that Friends Forever Issue 25 (my lucky number by the way) in February will be starring Twilight Sparkle & Rainbow Dash! FINALLY! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!
  8. Maybe I'll get the ball rolling Characters who I think could be considered arch enemies Mane 6 - Starlight Glimmer(at the moment) Twilight Sparkle - Starlight Glimmer(Show), Queen Chrysalis(IDW Comics), Discord(pre-reform), Trixie(pre-reform) Rainbow Dash - Lightning Dust, Gilda(pre-reform), Wind Rider Applejack - Flim Flam Brothers Rarity - Maybe Suri Polomare or Prince Blueblood Fluttershy - Maybe Iron Will? Pinkie Pie - Maybe herself or if you prefer Pinkamena Sunset Shimmer - The Dazzlings but mostly Adagio Dazzle Spike - Garble and his Teen Dragon Goons or Diamond Dogs Those are just my ideas of who I think best qualify as arch enemies for them. But I would like to know who you guys think would qualify for your list of MLP Arch-Enemies? Also if you have any suggestions for arch enemies for Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie respectively I'd really appreciate if you let me know. Thank you.
  9. The Mane 6 have taken on a number of different enemies of the past 5 years, both on the show and in the comics. But sometimes they each have to deal with certain enemies as individuals, and I like the idea of characters having individual arch enemies especially in fanfiction. So here are a couple of questions I had that I'd really appreciate you guys and gals answering. 1. Who would you consider to be the arch nemesis of the Mane 6 as a team? 2. Who would you consider to be Twilight Sparkle's arch nemesis? 3. Who would you consider to be Rainbow Dash's arch nemesis? 4. Who would you consider to be Applejack's arch nemesis? 5. Who would you consider to be Rarity's arch nemesis? 6. Who would you consider to be Fluttershy's arch nemesis? 7. Who would you consider to be Pinkie Pie's arch nemesis? 8. Who would you consider to be Sunset Shimmer's arch nemesis? 9. Who would you consider to be Spike's arch nemesis? Also, I would really appreciate it if you guys provide explanations for why you think a certain villains could be considered arch-enemies. I would really appreciate you're feedback. Thank you.
  10. I never said anything like that. Even if I did, in MLP there are alternate universes where she would find my OC quite charming. And the best part is, the creators of those multiple universes, are us the fans.
  11. I didn't ask who could beat Midnight Sparkle. I asked which member of the Mane 6 aside from Twilight would be the most likely candidate to have a 1 on 1 battle against Midnight that would be epic even if they lost to her.
  12. Sorry, I just hate when people mention Smile HD. Uggh! It makes me nauseous just thinking about it.
  13. After watching Friendship Games I'm considering writing a fanfic about Twilight Sparkle in the ponyverse transforming into Midnight Sparkle and that there would be fight scene between her and a member of the Mane 6. So I'm curious which member of the Mane 6 (excluding Twilight of course) do you think would be the has the most potential for an EPIC 1 on 1 Battle against Midnight Sparkle. Just vote above to decide who you think would be the best candidate to have an epic fight scene against Midnight Sparkle to try and free her from the darkness.
  14. New Ideas for Alternate Universes w/Nicknames: Equestria Undead - Alternate universe where all the inhabitants are zombies. (Inspired by Marvel Zombies) Equestria Drake - Alternate universe where all the Mane 6 are dragons. Equestria Talon - Alternate universe where the Mane 6 are griffons Need Nicknames: Alternate universe where all the ponies are cybernetic androids. If you have any suggestions for nicknames or better nickname ideas for the alternate universes that have nicknames I listed please feel free to leave your suggestions.
  15. Just found out today that in December one of the team ups on my wish list is set to happen. Applejack & Fluttershy.
  16. normal as in human loving a horse and horse loving a human?
  17. Sorry but the emoticons are still making it heard for me to tell. By the way what is actually "normal" I mean there's average, most common, but what exactly is "normal".
  18. True and they both know what it's like to become evil because of their jealousy of someone close to them. In both cases it started as petty jealousy but after they were essentially "poisoned by evil" as it were instead of trying to show them up, both Luna and Trixie each became malicious and gained a lust for power and revenge. So there's potential for a heart to heart talk between Luna and Trixie. Maybe something like this. Trixie: There's something Trixie needs to know. Why are you helping somepony who caused you're friends nothing but pain and misery last time she was in Ponyville? Luna: Because I know what it's like to let petty jealousy lead one down the path of evil and having to rebuild a broken life.
  19. Seeing as how in two days we will be getting a Princess Luna/Discord team up for the next issue of Friends Forever, I have some ideas for future Princess Luna Friends Forever team ups. Like I always do I will use the poll above to determine what the most popular choice is. I will be forgoing the Celestia/Luna team up because I feel that its a given so I felt no need to include it in the poll. So whichever team(s) you would like to see in a future issue of Friends Forever just vote and remember that you can vote for more than one team. Also feel free to leave any feedback and/or unlisted team up ideas. Thank you.
  20. I just have one question for you. Did you vote?
  21. New addition to the choices in the poll. Twilight Sparkle & Lyra Heartstrings. Don't forget to vote for who you want to see team up with Twilight Sparkle in a future Friends Forever comic. And also you can vote for more than one option. Thank you.
  22. New additions to my Friends Forever Wish List: Big Macintosh & Cheerilee Big Macintosh & Shining Armor Trixie & (Reformed) Gilda Spike & Babs Seed Trixie & Babs Seed Twilight Sparkle & Lyra Heartstrings Big Macintosh & Fluttershy Princess Cadence & Spike Big Macintosh & Spike Big Macintosh & Princess Luna Pinkie Pie & Maud Pie Discord & Princess Cadence Pinkie Pie & Cheese Sandwich