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  1. Havin' one of those days where I desperately wanna art, but every line is like *bleh*

    1. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      Yeah I have that quite often too :/

  2. Gonna gut my commission shop here in the next few days and take it a totally new direction.

  3. A goofy, floofy animation of Paprika from Thems Fightin Herds. A ridiculous animation idea that came to mind as I was drawing Paprika for the first time yesterday. I don't really plan to take it beyond this rough animation stage, but it still cracks me up as it is.
  4. Hay look, made you read my status!

    1. Snow


      dang it! you did too, no fair!

    2. LiraCrown
  5. LiraCrown

    Visual Art Future Star

    Yeah, this is one I'd like to refine more but I'm waiting till I feel in the mood. I have had bad results trying to revisit images in the past. Just hoping I don't forget to revisit it haha.
  6. Was weirdly thinking of Tamagotchis for some reason, was curious what resolution they displayed. Ended up feeling animate'ish so I tried to scale Twilight down as much as I could and still have a recognizable, 2 color, profile view sprite. 30x48 was the resolution of an old Tamagotchi by the way; I counted. There are 4 little animations - Idle Squats. - Ear Flick. - Tail Flick. - Magic Specks. - Blink Squats (5 If you wanna count that, I don't.) Was gonna do a wing animation too but my interest was fading so I stopped with what we have here (For now at least). This imag
  7. Part of the same image/image set as the Rarity sketch I posted the other day.
  8. LiraCrown

    Rarity Sketch

    Haha, yeah, it hadn't occurred to me at the time how wonky that eye was. But as I was going back for cleanup I noticed and mostly fixed it. I'll probably go back and do another run on cleanup tomorrow to find more issues like that. Thanks!!
  9. Part of a bigger sketch with the mane six together, gonna clean and color it a bit later.
  10. LiraCrown

    Critique Wanted Opinions Needed!

    I think its good. You already have a unique and identifiable style, which is great. The line work may benefit with being thinned some, or perhaps some more 'hard' variation. I quite like the nose/mouth area, good use of thin and thick lines. I'd say i'm not a fan of Twi's hair shading, partially cause it's only on the hair. That said I don't think that kind of shading would best suit your style I honestly think flat color would look just fine; possibly cel shading. But as it is, I wouldn't even call that a complaint, barely a nit-pick. Just refine what you already got. Also, a
  11. LiraCrown

    You Were Warned

    It's a serious crime. :awuh:
  12. You can not resist the dumb cuteness you are about to behold.
  13. Thanks, was trying to keep it to the basics on this one. I tend to go overboard and spend hours on images that probably only deserved 30 mins haha. I actually did more on this the I meant to and cause I went this far I think I shoulda darkened and highlited the eyelid before calling it quitski.
  14. Not much to say, AJ chilling AJ style.
  15. Was just gonna sketch this idea out; but a lil over 4 hours later and here we are.
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