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Old profile info (Didn't wanna delete it cause it's still me and all)



I got into MLP Late, not because I was one of those people who shunned bronies or anything like that, I choose not to start watching the show because I knew I would get hooked and I just was not prepared to invest my time in something so awesome. It was not until around mid 2014 that I allowed myself time to start the show up and as I predicted, I liked it, it became one of my favorite shows, as predicted.


Fast forward to early February 2015. There was a lot of snow and on a whim I decided to try and learn how to draw again, clearly I choose to try a pony smile.png . I was pretty crap, but in a few days time I was doing better then I expected and in a week I was making things I thought would take me a month to learn to do.


When I started making art I started looking for places to post it around, deviantart was a given, but I also started using tumblr and I found the MLPForums. This was the first time I started interacting with other members of the MLP community. It's not that I am shocked at how friendly and accepting the MLP community is, but it was a wonderful thing to confirm. Every MLP group on ever site I have been to has been quite welcoming and a it has been fun talking with people in the fandom and sharing art.


I hope to continue to make friends and expand my skills as an artist in the future.



But time for updates to this profile.

Hi. Its like, half way into October of 2015. Just just about to be a years of me being part of the MLP fanbase and I have to say its really opened new doors for me. I'm still pretty much the same person I used to be but it has opened me up to art again and a community of people who can appreciate it. I have bettered myself more in this past year or so then I have for a good 10 years. Credit goes to no one individual; just this spectacular community. I can't get over this community.


Anwho, enough about that I suppose. I guess your here looking for information on me. Who knows why, saw some art, wanna know more about the artist or something; some other reason; Who Knows! You do I guess. Anyway. What do people generally wanna know? Art? I do it. Animations? Sometimes. Do I post it places? Sure; my DA and Tumblr pages are posted in all my signatures. Programs? Mostly Photoshop and Illustrator. Thats about all I have to say on art I guess XD


As a person I can be sorta hard to get to know. It is a fault of my own then it is of yours. It's something about myself I wish I could fix, but it is extremely hard for me to overcome.Society today sorta scares me in a way. I don't do or enjoy a lot of things people my age do. Public situations tend to bother me; I get anxious paying for something at stores; driving terrifies me so I don't have a license. And for whatever reason I'm scared to let people know particular details of myself. Not one person I have ever meet really knows who I am; including my own direct family. And it's not even because I believe they wouldn't accept me, because they would. I just choose to keep some things between certain groups of people and leave it at that.


Consider this a small window into who I am. This is me overcoming a small hurdle in introducing myself to the world. Do not expect friendship with me to come easy; I am a lot of work. But I hope getting to know me will be viewed in some value.