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  1. Request Shop Want your oc draw! {ONLY 1 Spot!!!} OPEN

    If the slots are still open I'd love for you to draw mine, if you have the time to and again, if the slots are still open. Understandable if they're taken. Your artstyle is great! Here's the pony I'd love for you to draw, Pylvia, to the left. She doesn't have any feathers on her wings but fairly enough, a pretty simple design. Thank you in advance. <3
  2. 'Ello! How is everyone?

    1. Johnny1226


      Good day dark

    2. darkwingmare


      Good day! How are you today Johnny? :D

  3. Would you date the user above you?

    Probably.. Not, sorry.
  4. Just told my family I'm a brony

    Guys, guys, guys... xD Coming out as a BRONY will seem like ya'll gay af. You don't.. Come OUT with a hobby or anything, why would my parents care about what I watch on TV or the internet? It's not their business, like they don't come out about what PORN they watch or whatever, it's not important. Unless you wanna express yourself with it, put things with MLP on your car or whatever, but why would it really matter to tell anyone? IF they ask, then sure, tell them. Otherwise I really don't see the point in telling anyone about interests or hobbies or shows I like to watch unless it's someone with common interests or if they're like a friend of mine who I know would like it too. I just don't see why it'd be a need to do that. It's not that odd that parents think you're coming out as homosexuals or whatever it is by saying you like pastel ponies, like... Usually people don't COME OUT with their interests and make it a big deal? XD Just thinking... I don't blame them for assuming something. I myself am a gay girl so, even that I didn't need to come out with. If people ask, I'll say yes indeed. If they don't ask, then.. They're probably just not interested in my sexuality so why would I even care to tell them? You know?? My own business.. Same with being a brony/pegasister, whatever.. It's not a big deal. Just an interest.
  5. Ah, Danish people and their language that sounds like they talk with oatmeal down their throat makes us Swedes confused. XD HAHA. It's always good to joke about neighbor countries. <3

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    2. Snow


      That sounds like quite the adventure, and a lot of fun, I can't say I have tried a lychee though, I feel almost obligated to now ^_^

    3. darkwingmare


      It's actually a really juicy and sweet fruit, it's got a very distinct flavour though! :D You should try them when they're in season. They should be in season about now, actually. Late season, I believe but still good to try! We had all we could eat if the lychee weren't that pickable so I sorta... Got tired of them by eating too many for a short period of time.

    4. Snow


      Haha, I'll talk to my dad tomorrow, see if we cant hunt some down at the fruit market, he has a taste for this sort of thing, cheers for the suggestion.

  6. If I'm gonna do a kissy pony mistletoe art piece with "insert your alternative pony here" so that people can art themselves, which pony should it be that they'd be smoochin'??? Fluttershy, Rarity, Derpy??? WHAT PONY would people like to boop noses with under a mistletoe the most?

    1. Tech Reel

      Tech Reel


    2. S' Well Borne
    3. darkwingmare


      I dunno if none of those are very popular hahah XD I need more opinions!

  7. Do you wear glasses/contacts?

    Yep. It feels like everyone who's been staring at a screen for too long have glasses these days. xD I got mine when I was 8 though.
  8. Is anybody else here getting fat?

    Umm, I'm getting fatter than I usually am. XD But I'm starting yoga and outdoor jogging now so, hopefully that will change back to normal. Also, it depends on what you consider "fat" or not.
  9. Fluttershy Fan Club

    Thought I'd share this gorgeous piece by mao-ookaneko. <3
  10. Fluttershy Fan Club

    Let me be honest, entering the Fluttershy Fanclub here for the first time. I used to dislike Fluttershy's character, I thought she was an annoying and typical character and I didn't like how the fandom treated her character either, to be honest. Although, through the seasons, I've gotten to come closer to her as she's become a better character in general. Nowadays, I can definitely say that I do love Fluttershy and I'm pretty relieved I don't have to feel any discomfort whenever she pops up in the show anymore. Rather the opposite, I get very happy whenever she appears in whatever episode. I really like the direction they're taking her towards. In the movie, I was relieved that they kept her now sweet and comforting personality too. She's also become more relatable for me. I'm absolutely happy to say that I've converted into actually enjoying Fluttershy in the show. Have a great day everyone.
  11. Am I the only one who cringes whenever I see any SFM animation?? XD I just don't think it's charming at all.

    1. PinkiePie97


      I don't know if I've ever cringed at it, but I was never a fan of the style either.

    2. Tech Reel

      Tech Reel

      A little bit, I feel like the faces are just a little off, more creepy than cute most of the time ;-;

    3. darkwingmare


      It's never cute imo, I just really don't like them. The style is superweird and it barely has any expression. ;3; Bluh. Though, I do respect all the time people put into animating, I just don't understand why they'd spend time on animating with such limits to expressing their characters.

  12. Which MLP Character is the above user like?

    AJ! I love AJ.