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  1. Well, actually... Salty licorice. I would challenge everyone here to taste my most salty licorice candy and see if they would survive to swallow it.. 99% of your probably wouldn't. WEAKLINGS! Muhahahah!
  2. I wonder why we only have 2 arms.. It would be cooler to have 4.
  3. Hello, I'm back after almost 2 years. Anyone still here and active?

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    2. Miss


      Welcome back

    3. Syndar


      welcome back ^^

    4. darkwingmare


      Thank you for welcoming me, friendos! <3

  4. I absolutely love that Scootaloo has two loving aunts as extra parents. <3333 Absolutely adorable! 


  5. darkwingmare

    Hello from Sweden

    Welcome to the herd! Jag är också Svensk, jag hoppas att du kommer att trivas här! <33
  6. darkwingmare

    Your favourite...

    Salty licorice and vanilla ice cream. Favorite pony?
  7. darkwingmare

    Hug a user!

    @Azul Maya <3333
  8. Yes! Pretty fields and buildings, I love the UK. Holland?
  9. Yes, I mean she’s cute but I wouldn’t say attractive. Joxter from Moomin?? <333
  10. It seems like a pretty country but it’s not a place I would visit if I could choose. Norway?
  11. darkwingmare

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    No, I used to do it. I just don’t think I’m that good of a writer so I stopped doing it. Do you like pineapple on pizza?
  12. darkwingmare

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Two of my most recent photos! In color. 💜 I think I’m going to bleach my hair soon though.. Maybe give myself a blue strand?
  13. Subway's white chocolate hazelnut cookies.... AAAAH orgasm in the mouth.
  14. I try to bring home things I know that she likes.. Such as her favorite chocolate, coca cola and a Donald Duck magazine. Try to distract her away from what is bothering her for a little bit and listen if she needs to talk about something. You can do nothing more than to be there as love and support, really. What would your dream wedding be? (If you believe in that kinda thing)
  15. Mostly, my mindset. I have matured in so many ways. I’ve become more open-minded, I am willing to understand others and I am more proud of myself now than ever before. I feel good about aging.
  16. Tea, every day of the week!
  17. So far, totally okay.. I have had some proper financial struggles but I am working it out.. Somehow. I just look forward to getting back on my feet again so that I can travel again. I really miss traveling. I haven’t traveled for more than a year and it’s killing my spirit. I am going to apply for a school in August though, looking forward to try my wings in a new field. New jobs and opportunities coming my way!
  18. Ahahah this is a fun thread! I myself usually skip one step, so.. I walk every second step. It gets me up way faster.
  19. Yes, I like to tell others about myself if I get to know someone else in the process. I like to read about what others think and feel as much as I like to write about my feelings and thoughts. I am usually very quiet irl.
  20. Since I live in Sweden, Scandinavia.. We neeeeever wear shoes inside or homes. Or, usually not. Unless it’s a really filthy floor. Socks and barefoot is the only way to go. Or slippers, if it’s really cold! I prefer barefoot myself. Letting my poor feet breathe.
  21. darkwingmare

    Food Pizza or burgers?

    I like hamburgers better, I think. Veggie though. It’s just generally tastier and makes you more full without having to devour a whole carton of cheese and bread.
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