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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Hey, I've already got my badge and way out there, I just need a room. Is there anyone out there willing to split a room? I don't mind sleeping on the floor.
  3. Prepare for fun on several different scales. No, but I've went twice, if a panel doesn't interest you, the people are super nice. Just walk around and see what is around, that's what I do when I go to conventions. You never know what you're going to see.
  4. We are fabulous, not gay. People tend to confuse the two.
  5. I can help. I fly in on Thursday and I need a roommate too. I can go half on the room. Hotel booking, you just need to show them your ID and they will check on their database what room you are in and give you a key. The website for the hotel should explain it. If not, that's the gist of it.
  6. I would like a room. If you are still open, feel free to contact my Skype. The name is eddrocks. Hope to hear back from you soon man.
  7. I was one of those bronies that was disappointed in fluttershy in the scene in "sonic rainboom" yet glad to see karma set in "filli vanilli".
  8. Sure. Thanks for the tip. I am always looking for ways to improve and expand. Edit: here is my first poem from high school when I am down you show me light when I am wrong you teach me right when it feels dead we bring the life when it feels quiet we sing with pride and we made it far yet we keep going we sing loud with arms wide open I don't know why but it became clear I belong here the friends I made they bring me up when they say we are here to live free to bring upon the harmony not to spread hypocrosy as we sing our words we made it so far yet we are still here we sing loud for all to hear I don't know why but now it's clear I'm happy my friends are here cause we made it far yet we keep going we sing loud with arms wide open I now know why because it's clear we belong here
  9. day I needed a way out not a reason to pout now you’re gone I confess your death is the reason i regret I swear tonight is the night I promise to make it right I hope, i dream, i pray there is a heaven, proof one day this baby is without mother it feels life is getting farther maybe one day I’ll wipe my frown until then I sit down these thoughts they torture me the cuts on me they bleed I know they all say be a man but they never see the blood on my hands I love you I miss you though now I will never kiss you these tears, oh so bitter come from life, the life of a sinner little baby cries for the lost I never knew till now, the cost I break these photos as I cuss as my sin was that of lust our little boy you’d be proud but instead I look to the cloud words we never make instead the actions make us break as these wounds fade the scars still stay I want to sing you a song but instead goodbye I move on devils wrath people watch the sky as nightmares fill thier minds and you consume the night it may never feel right they will live their dreams at least so it seems as they thought they felt fine the oppisites on our mind as armogedden gets closer and the devils wrath is over death is upon us sooner pain feels like forever on the eath thousands of years and only now our eyes fill with tears cant rid ourselves of these fears even when the crowd cheers even end has its beginning as everybody does their bidding the holy do their sinning funny how it seems fitting everybody one and All revolution is the call see as they watch in awe as we rise above it all now the time has come to fight against the some we can rise above god knows we’ve won in the end its all a game for all the financial gain to go out in shame as we cripple and become lame the devils wrath is neigh as you look in my eye with revolution we rise until then corruption is in the sky in the end we fight What do you guys think?
  10. Sounds interesting. Do you have a singer yet? If not, may i give it a try?
  11. welcome to the site. hope you enjoy your stay. also noticed your favorite mane six pony is rarity. she is my second favorite(first being fluttershy for me).
  12. welcome to the forums, i think i speak for everyone when i say we hope you enjoy your stay.