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  1. I'd say anything between 105 minutes to 2 hours (it should be at least 100 minutes without credits).
  2. 6/10. I do like Billy Joel, but I've never been a big fan of that song.
  3. 9/10
  4. Over on Twitter, Taye Diggs, Liev Schrieber, Kristin Chenoweth and Emilly Blunt have officially revealed the names and designs of the characters they will be playing in the movie! The links have all been posted (or re-posted) here on the movie's official Twitter page:
  5. 10/10
  6. With the MLP Movie and now Stranger Things Season 2, October seriously needs to hurry up and get here now!

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    2. Golden Star

      Golden Star

      Forgot about Blade Runner 2, that looks great too. I really need to re-watch the first one.

    3. StitchandMLPlover


      The MLP movie comes in Oct???

    4. Golden Star

      Golden Star

      Eeyup, October 6th

  7. 8/10 Something completely different now (and from a brilliant film, by the way):
  8. I saw La La Land the other day and thought it was simply brilliant. Terrific acting, fabulous music, stellar direction and choreography, and a wonderful love story at the heart of it all. A love letter to the classic musicals of yesteryear perfectly revitalised for contemporary audiences, this is a splendid romantic musical for old and new generations alike. I'll be rooting for this one at the Oscars.
  9. I'm hyped for Smurfs: The Lost Village. The show was my favourite cartoon as a kid, and while I honestly thought the live-action films were fun for what they were, there's no denying that they were not good Smurfs movies. I'm hoping they get it right for this new one, and the trailers have me feeling optimistic.