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  1. @Lady Moonspell As he listened to Scarlet's explanation, Dynamo had thought for a moment, before nodding in agreement. "That's true when you put it that way. The only thing you would have to worry about is traffic lights and traffic from the highway. Granted, if there is a need to take a detour, due to construction, then the trip could take some more time too. I remember looking on a GPS and it would usually show that a train takes longer when it comes to traveling. Although, I thought it was exaggerated because it only took me at least an hour to get to Baltimare once." He says as Scarlet drove up towards the bakery and parks. "You're welcome and it's no problem. One can never predict the crafty minds of both Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich." He chuckled as he stepped opened the passenger door and stepped out of the car, before closing the door behind him. "Shall we, m'lady?" He asks, walking over to the female rabbit and offers his arm for her to take.
  2. @Lady Moonspell As Dynamo continued to walk around the buffet area, he smiled as he noticed Orange, who had found a table for the group to sit at. After making his way over to her, he presented the cherry cola beverage to her, before taking a seat and placing his plate and beverage on the table. "You're welcome sweetheart and cool! It's not that late out, at the moment. I know that Mr. Pinball said that we could go back and play more video games, but did you need to be home by a certain time? I didn't want us to overstay our welcome at the arcade." He says, smiling back to her as she explained everything that had happened throughout the afternoon. "It's great how everything worked out for everyone. Now you, myself, Starlight and the others can look towards the future and keep moving forward." He says as their friends began making their way towards the table. "I know that I asked Jaded what she wanted to do since she graduated, but I thought I should ask you. What are your plans since we all graduated from the academy?" Sunburst nodded as he returned the hug. "I wouldn't say that I was trying to impress you, but maybe more along the lines that I was still the same old pony that you knew when we were younger. I guess if it was to impress you, then it was because I really did like you, Starlight." He says with a slight blush upon his cheeks.
  3. @Lady Moonspell "That's understandable. I like to eat sweets, but only every now and then. It's only because my mom and dad always taught me to eat healthy so I don't get sick." He says, nodding with a smile as he listened to her plan when playing Ponymon. "During the first playthrough, I usually find a Ponymon that I find cool, or unique. Afterwards, I do the same thing on the second playthrough. Finding a balanced team of different types and abilities. Sort of like building a team that has great synergy with each other." He says, noting the female wolf yawn, before yawning himself. "Oh, no. You gave me the bad case of the yawn. Now I might feel tired on the ride home to Ponyville." He chuckled slightly, before nodding once more. "I'm just kidding, but okay and no problem. I'll make sure to watch our stuff and I'll let you know when we get there. Sweet dreams sweetheart." He placed a kiss upon her cheek as she found the bed and settled under the covers. The gaming unicorn turned his attention towards the window as he saw the scenery moving past him. He continued to eat some candy quietly so as to not wake up Scarlet. It would take at least another hour to arrive at Ponyville. So, the wait wouldn't be too bad, in his opinion.
  4. @Catpone Cerberus Dynamo Pad: As the two continued to make their way towards the hotel, it was a comfortable silence between the two. Nothing had needed to be said and everything had just felt peaceful. A couple minutes had passed, before the couple had finally reached the flower shop. Dynamo was about to open the door for Sunlight, but was surprised as she held the door open for him. He wanted to ask, but decided that questioning everything would be meaningless. He nodded his thanks to Sunlight as he stepped into the shop. After taking a few steps into the shop, Dynamo was amazed at all of the flowers that were available in the store. He had recognized some flowers that had been grown around the neighborhood, while there were other flowers he had never seen before. He had contemplated on what kind of bouquet he wanted to make for Sunlight, but stopped as he heard Sunlight's remark. He glanced behind him to see Sunlight, who was blinking in surprise. He turned towards the front counter to see an ebony Pegasus and Jade. "Oh, hey Jade. It's nice to see you. I didn't think we'd run into you at the flower shop." He smiled slightly at Jade's joking response. Dew Drop: As she listened to his explanation, Dew could only smile softly and giggle cutely. "Y-You had invaded m-my mind, as well, Jade. I r-remember having a dream last night of us m-meeting each other. After that, i-it was all the e-events we had done during that e-entire day. S-So, I guess I'm the t-target of said crush? If so, t-then how much was the l-love bounty?" She replied in a joking tone. Her ears perked as she heard the doorbell to the front door ring. She glanced over to the door to see two unicorns entering the hotel. She could guess that the two were a couple as they were dressed up in a suit and dress, while they were holding each other's front hoof. As she had listened to the exchange in conversation between the three, Dew Drop had glanced back to Jade, while tilting her head in slight confusion. "W-Who are they, Jade. They s-seem to know you v-very well. A-Are these the two y-you kept telling me a-about yesterday?" She asks, not wanting to jump to any conclusions.
  5. @Lady Moonspell As the bags were placed in the backseats of the car, Dynamo nods as he left the driveway and drove down the road. "Okay! Just a quick stop to Sugarcube Corner and we'll be at Manehatten before you know it." He says, glancing slightly to the female rabbit as he raised an eyebrow. "I'm guessing we'll be mostly driving to Manehatten, instead of taking a train. How long does it usually take to get to Manehatten by car?" He wondered as he made sure to stop at any red lights or stop signs. "I remember we have to knock on the door to the dessert shop. Seeing how they might be working on future parties and they wouldn't want us to have the party surprise ruined. I know we should definitely get some treats for the travel ahead."
  6. @Lady Moonspell Dynamo nods with a smile, before chuckling as an idea formed in his mind. "I wonder if we should surprise your mom and dad of us being together." He says, while piling up his plate of all the kinds of food that he likes. He made sure to give himself enough food, but also knew he could get more food for later. As they were about to find a place to sit, Dynamo stopped as Orange asked him to get a drink. "Okay and it's no problem, hon. One cherry cola coming right up. Be back in a flash." He smiles, heading over to the vending machine to get Orange and himself separate beverages. For Orange, he made sure to get her a cherry cola. For himself, he decided to go and get a Sprite. After making sure he had everything, he levitated the beverages in a levitation spell, before walking off to find the group. "I guess I could never let anything get past you. I should have just told you everything in the letter, instead of not saying anything and overreacting. I'm glad that you're okay and I missed you, as well, Starlight." He smiled softly as he began making his own plate of food.
  7. @Lady Moonspell "I'm guessing the particular mood is a good mood, or something like that for the sour gummy worms." He chuckled and returns the hug, while nodding at her thanks for the treats. "I remember using Tepig for my first playthrough of Unova. However, I kind of messed up in my first playthrough and focused only on my starter. I never had a chance to replay generation 5. If I did, then I might have gone with Snivy or Oshawott. I admit that I did see some of the Pokemon anime when they got to Unova. Ash's Snivy was cute and she was pretty awesome, in my opinion." He says, taking another bite of the Swedish fish and jelly beans.
  8. @Lady Moonspell Gentle giggled as she nodded at Scarlet's remark. "Oh, I know exactly what you mean, dear. Your mother could stay asleep through the loudest alarm clock. We always had to try a different way of waking her up when she stayed the night. While it may have been a bit of a challenge. It was fun to try and use different waking up ideas." She smiles as she returned the hug from Scarlet, before giving Dynamo one more hug. "Thank you and that's all we ask. You won't have to worry about a thing. We'll make sure to stop by Sugarcube Corner today. Devin and I will let you know when we've stopped by. Have a nice time in Manehatten and drive safe." She says, waving at the couple. Dynamo had returned the hugs, before nodding at the female rabbit. "You've got that right. I'd hate for us to sit through the morning traffic. Thankfully, it isn't Friday. Traffic on Friday's and even Wednesdays are like a nightmare." He says, opening the front door for Scarlet to step through. As the two made their way outside, Dynamo went over to his car and opened the passenger seat. As he made sure that Scarlet had taken her seat, he closed the passenger door, before heading over to the driver's seat. "Okay. Now it's time to head off towards an adventure." He says, opening the door, taking a seat, closing the driver's door and putting on his seatbelt. As he placed the keys in the ignition and started the car, he turned towards the female rabbit with a smile. "Ready to start this trip, my love?"
  9. @Scarlet Rose OOC Link: In the graceful city of Canterlot, it was your typical, average day in the wealthy city. A bell could soon be heard from across the town. The source of the bell was from Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. Today was the final day for all classes as it was graduation day. As school was let out for the day, everyone had been exiting the building as fast as they could. A blue unicorn, known as Dynamo Pad, had burst through the front doors and rushed past the others students. Some had greeted him, but he managed to briefly wave as he passed them by. Since it was graduation day, he was hurrying home, so he could celebrate it with his friends. He remembered hanging out with his friend, Starlight Glimmer, the week before. They both agreed that after final exams had gone by and if they passed, then they would go out to celebrate for graduating. Seeing how the two of them had passed with flying colors, he knew it was time to finally enjoy the summer. He pulled out his cell phone out of his pants pocket and looked up Starlight's number. As he set up a text message, he soon began to type a message to his friend. "Hey, Star. Sorry about rushing out of the classroom like that. I was in a rush to make it back home and get ready to hang out. We're still meeting by the candy and malt shop, right?" As he sent the text message, he soon looked up to find that his house was within his sights. He slowed down in his running to a calm walk, before making his way back into the house.