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  1. Dynamo Pad

    Private Everfree Dark Tournament RP

    Dynamo turns to Jade, who said he could tag along if he wanted. "I guess it could be good to go. It's always good to go with strength in numbers. I also agree with what you mean. If they want to intimidate us, then they can. All the more reason to either underestimate us, or they can show us what they can do." He says, but knew that it was okay to feel fear. He managed to get out of his seat as he walked towards Jade. However, he stopped as he turned to Tricis, who had told them it was pointless to head towards the arena. He opened his mouth to speak, but stopped as the coach called Frostflame over to speak to him. The gaming unicorn could only sigh as he turned back to his captain. A look of confusion and wonder was present on his face. "So, what do we do now? If we can't head to the arena for any matches, then what are we to do? I guess there's always training and maybe getting to know one another." He says, thinking of what the plan of action could be.
  2. Dynamo Pad

    Planning Everfree Dark Tournament OOC

    @Literally Snails I was confused and wondering about something. When Tricis was healing Dynamo, did she cure him of the toxins and poison joke from those fights?
  3. @Scarlet Rose Dynamo smiles as he returns the kiss. "I understand sweetheart, but I know we'll be okay. You have Night, Button, Luna, Dusk and myself with you. No matter what happens, we'll always be here with you, my love." He says, before noticing that Dusk was asleep in the back of the car. He chuckled at how cute he was being. He watched as Broken tried to wake their son up, but it was to no avail. "It seems like he takes after me when it comes to falling asleep. I can easily fall asleep in a car ride if I'm in the passenger seat. I think I have a bad habit of falling asleep in the most random of places." He chuckled softly as Broken picked up and cradled the young colt. He nods with a smile as they crossed the threshold and into the house. Button's ears perked as he could hear the front door being opened to the house. He turned back from helping Night with cooking to see Dynamo and Broken, who carried in a sleeping Dusk. "It's nice to see you guys. I'm guessing Dusk was still sleeping when you arrived. I can't say that I'm surprised. He and I went through a crazy video game marathon last night. I'm surprised he's not up yet." Dynamo chuckled and shook his head at his friend. "No. It's not like that. Dusky was tired from the car ride, so he decided to take a little nap." He says, nodding at Night's suggestion, while he and Broken caried Dusk to his old room. As she tucked Dusk into his old bed, Dynamo smiled, before placing a kiss upon the young colt's forehead. "We'll be gone for just a little while, but we promise to be right back. It's just like mommy had just said. We're only a phone call away. We love you so much and we'll see you soon, Dusk." He says, turning to Broken with a nod as he took her hand into his own, before they quietly made their way out of the room.
  4. @Scarlet Rose Seeing the look of frustration present on Scarlet's face, Mr. Cake shook his head at her remark. "Oh, no. I think you're mistaken. I didn't mean any media when it came to the mass disappearances. I meant more along the lines of the ponies in town. You know how word gets around quickly when something crazy is going on. We get news media, but they are always here and leave. I'm thinking it has something to do with Twilight and the others. It seems they don't want any sort of trouble befalling our town. For that matter, I believe it's the other towns that are trying to do the same thing. I'm sorry for any confusion." He says, smiling as he looked at the two childhood friends. "I'm glad to see that you two were reunited. My wife would never stop telling me how cute you two were together. I thank you for the kind words. Their names are Pound Cake, a Pegasus colt and Pumpkin cake, a unicorn filly." He says, chuckling as he continuing. "Oh, yeah. At first, we were a little uneasy as Pinkie wanted to foalsit. However, we were surprised to return home to a job well done. We always could count on Pinkie when it comes to one thing or another." As they took their seats. Dynamo looked to the female rabbit, while nodding in agreement to her statement. "I can't ague with that logic. It's always good to never go into anything alone. It's always good to count on someone to help you out." He says, raising an eyebrow as he nods at the plan. "That sounds good to me. Although, I am curious. What's your idea of where to start? We can plan things out as we get ready to investigate for tomorrow."
  5. Dynamo Pad

    Private New Girl in Town (1x1 with Dynamo Pad)

    @Scarlet Rose Dynamo chuckles, while nodding in agreement. "Glad to hear that you're in agreement. It's a nice place I found when I first moved to Ponyville. It also has a nice field of flowers to it. Just being able to enjoy the view of the town is always worthwhile." He says, smiling as she agreed at his idea in variety of drinks. "I also felt that having one kind of drink like soda is nice. However, it becomes stale over time and it might lead to being tired of the drink. It's the same example when it comes to the soda. The drink has caffeine, but you drink soda too much and you lose the caffeine effect." He says, smiling sheepishly, before continuing. "I should know because that happened to me at one point. I drank soda too much and I didn't feel any effects of caffeine. It's why I try to drink other kinds of beverages every now and again." He says, smiling softly at her concern. "Thanks for worrying about me. Just know that it's the same for me. You're my friend, so I'll always worry about you." As they arrived at the dining hall, the blue unicorn saw all the buffet that was presented to all of their guests. Dynamo tried not to drool as he was starting to feel pretty hungry. His ears perked as he listened to the female wolf's warning with a nod. "Thanks for letting me know. I wouldn't want to feel sick when going on a jog. What would you recommend when it comes to a healthy breakfast. I was going to say some pancakes, some eggs and juice. Either that, or maybe some cereal that the hotel has available." He says, following her to the table of healthy food that was currently present.
  6. Dynamo Pad

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    The last movie I watched was Dragon Ball Super: Broly.
  7. Dynamo Pad

    Private Artificial Love. (with Dynamo Pad)

    @Catpone Cerberus Dynamo sighed as he too, was stumped about this new development. "I guess it's a mystery until the moment presents itself." He muttered, crossing his arms and trying to think about what he was told. "I want to say that it's going against what you should be doing, but it's like you said. It's all speculation with not a lot of evidence to go off of." He says, uncrossing his arms as an idea came to mind. "Do you think you might learn something about Jade and yourself while you're on these trips? Maybe you'll stumble upon something that might be connected to your past." He whispers, wanting to give hope for both his girlfriend and her brother. He soon nods as Sunlight mentioned about falling asleep. "I could see falling asleep can be a fail safe. I remember seeing Jade getting angry when Cosmic and Frozen were at the arcade. However, I guess he wasn't really angry to go into unconsciousness." The blue unicorn looked to the ground as he was told about what the argument was about. "I just don't get why he's been acting this way. Everything seemed fine in the beginning. Then it seems like he's becoming less responsive than normal. I'm still wondering how he has had less and less free time." He says, the same uneasy feeling had returned in his stomach. He wanted to give his opinion about what he thought might be wrong, but held the answer back as he didn't want to trouble his girlfriend. "A-Are you going to be okay, Sunny? Do you need a hug? My mom always told me that if you're feeling down or sad, then a hug would always make things feel better." He says, a look of concern was etched on his face.
  8. Dynamo Pad

    Searching Anyone want to roleplay?

    Hey. I was wondering if you were still interesting in doing a 1 x 1 RP. What kind of theme would the RP be? For example, Slice of life, romance, adventure and such. Also, would my OC, Dynamo Pad, be okay? Here's a link to my OC's character page.
  9. Dynamo Pad

    Private Artificial Love. (with Dynamo Pad)

    @Catpone Cerberus Dynamo could only nod with a smile at Sunlight's statement. "Fair enough. It makes sense since we haven't gotten to Manehatten yet. I guess I'm just psyched because of everything we'll be able to do. At least when we get the main job taken care of first." Dynamo frowned, but tried to keep a neutral expression as Sunlight didn't turn back to him. He could only assume that something must have happened in the conversation. As Sunlight went on to explain what the cause could be, the blue unicorn could only stay quiet as he processed the information that was given. "That does sound difficult on not knowing if this is malfunction or not. I want to say that it's probably meant to happen." He says, leaning close to her, so nobody near them could listen to the conversation. "Since you told me that you feel more like a pony after all the time we've spent together. Which would probably mean the programming must be making you feel more like what you've always wanted to be." He says, leaning back and nods, before continuing. "I've never heard of emotional overflow, but I guess that makes sense. I guess after everything we said to each other yesterday, it all became too much for your emotions and it caused you to fall asleep. Of course, that's all in theory, but it does make sense." He muttered, ears dropping as she told him that she and Jade had argued. "Is everything okay? What was the argument about? If you don't mind me asking or if you don't mind talking about it, that is." He says, not wanting to force her into saying anything that she didn't want to talk about. However, he knew it would be better to talk about things.
  10. Dynamo Pad

    What's The Weather Like Right Now Where You Live?

    Here in New Jersey, it's cloudy, a little chilly and it's 32 degrees Fahrenheit outside. There was a bit of a light dusting of snow overnight, but the snow finally stopped a while ago. I'm going to shovel the sidewalk soon and I'm hoping the roads aren't too bad to drive on.
  11. Dynamo Pad

    Private Everfree Dark Tournament RP

    Dynamo nods as he was given the orders by his captain. "That sounds good to me. After everything we went through, we deserve a bit of a break. Although, training will have to start up later, or tomorrow. Whatever you and the coach make on the call." He says, nodding once more on the subject of Team Rokata's next fight. "You can be rest assured that I'll be there with you guys. These next few fights are ones that we can't afford to miss. Maybe after we see the matches and gain the info from Shining Armor, then we'll all formulate some plans. I can imagine the other teams will do the same, but it's better to be safe than sorry." He says, seeing Jade look towards the door. "You're going back to the arena? Do you want someone to go along with you? I should be able to." He tried to sit up, wincing slightly. He gained a bit of his magic back and he felt no pain or difficulty in movement. However, he was still drained from using his mind racer spell.
  12. Dynamo Pad

    Private Everfree Dark Tournament RP

    Dynamo frowned slightly as he could see coach's ears fold down. "I see." He says, looking down slightly at the ground, before continuing. "I'm sorry if I brought up anything disheartening. It's just what you told Jade and I was alarming. Rokata didn't seem like that bad of an individual. At least from what you described to us of him." He says, nodding as he looked back up to face the others. "That's a good idea. Hopefully, he'll find us to fill us in on who we'll fight next. You and Shining Armor seem like the type of ponies, who plan a few steps ahead." @reader8363 @Snow Frostflame @dragon4111 "I wonder if the others will fight with Rokata tomorrow. I don't want to get my hopes up, but it might not happen. Seeing how Selene and the others were the only ones to fight in their first round." He says, voicing out his opinion, while listening to the exchange in conversation between Jade and Tricis. "I do wonder what kind of abilities he's capable of. The entire team has been show to have an array of unique strength, powers and abilities that makes them formidable." He mutters, a thought soon occurring to him. "So, what's the plan for now, Jade? I'm guessing it's more about resting up and going into more training? Although, where do we go from here on the training?" He knew he would ask Tricis, since she was the coach. However, he knew it was more appropriate to ask the captain as she was the one leading the team.
  13. Dynamo Pad

    Private Artificial Love. (with Dynamo Pad)

    @Catpone Cerberus As Jade had put the map away, Dynamo could only nod at Sunlight's remark. "Okay. Is there a way we can contact them? Maybe we can plan a meetup at some point. Since we'll be in town for a while." He smiles, before making his way to another seat. He leaned off to the side, placing his arms on the window railing. He would occasionally look back at the siblings, to make sure that everything would be okay. He looked out the window and enjoyed the scenery that passed them by. After around fifteen minutes had passed, Dynamo looked back to see Jade getting out of his seat. He raised an eyebrow as he left the train cart, before the blue unicorn walked back over to his original seat. He sat next to Sunlight, who was looking out the window. He could see her reflection in the window, before he gently placed a comforting hoof upon her shoulder. "Is everything okay, Sunny? How did the conversation with Jade go? Were you able to find out anything from what happened last night?"
  14. @Scarlet Rose Dynamo chuckles at Dusk's remark, looking at the rear view mirror to see that his son was safe. He then looks to Broken, who had gently placed a hand upon his knee. He then placed his hand upon hers and nods, while giving his girlfriend a soft smile. "It sounds like we're all ready to have a great day as a family. I also hope the operation can be done soon. Whatever they say and if it's possible, then we'll all do our very best." He says, before taking his hand off her own and placing both hands on the steering wheel. He started the car up and began their drive to Night and Button's house. He rolled down the windows as it was relatively nice day. He sighed as a nice breeze flew into the car. After some time, the group finally pulled up to Night and Button's house as Dynamo turned off the car. "Here we are gang! We finally made it back to nana and pops house."
  15. @Scarlet Rose Mr. Cake could only chuckle as he listened to Scarlet's remark. "I can only imagine. You and Dynamo always had a special connection. You two were never out of each other's sights. If one would be gone for so long, the other would stop at nothing until they were found. It really shows how strong of a bond you two share." He says, his ears folding down at what the female rabbit had gone through. "Has it really been that many years? I can't believe how much time has passed. Although, I don't think you'll find much of anything. I'm sorry, but I still think there was nothing when you kids were found. The news was all over town when this incident had occurred." Dynamo frowned, but he couldn't blame Mr. or Mrs. Cake. None of the adults would understand, but he knew that he and Scarlet would bring everything to light. "I ran into her a little while ago and she needs some help in this investigation. I'm going to help her out as this involves me, in a way. I can only hope that my help will be enough." He says, while Mr. Cake nods in return. "I just hope whatever it is you two are involved in will turn out okay. It seems like a lot of crazy things happen in Ponyville. Whether it's from villains or creatures attacking. It's never a dull moment when it comes to living in this town." Mr. Cake nods at Scarlet's order of treats, before looking over at the blue unicorn. "What would you like to have, Dynamo? The same as usual?" He asks, Dynamo nodding in return. "That sounds good to me, sir. Two chocolate cupcakes and a milkshake, please." He says, Mr. Cake nodding at the order as he rang up the amount they would need. "Okay. So, that's two variety boxes, two chocolate cupcakes and a milkshake. That'll be 14 bits altogether." He says as Dynamo took out his wallet. "Don't worry, Scar. This will be all on me. So, there's no need or worry about paying." He says, giving his friend a smile as he placed the amount of bits for the order. Mr. Cake took the bits and smiles with a nod. "Thank you for the purchase and we'll have it all ready for you in just a moment. Pinkie will be right with you. She's just watching the twins as we speak." He says, Dynamo nodding as he went to an open booth.