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  1. @Samurai Equine @Courageous Thunder Dash "Glad that my guess wasn't too far off." Dynamo responded with a nod, while still being unsure of how Cosmic could get the constellations to have a physical body. "I've traveled around Equestria to take part in video game tournaments. However, I haven't met anyone that could do magic quite like that before. I think that's pretty interesting of having that kind of fire magic, but it does sound very dangerous. I wouldn't go and risk that unless it was a last resort of sorts." He would say, glancing down at his belt in curiosity. If what Samurai said
  2. @Samurai Equine @Courageous Thunder Dash Upon hearing Samurai's question, Dynamo could only shake his head with an unsure expression upon his face. "To be honest, I don't know. Cosmic was gifted in terms of magic when he was younger. I remember his cutie mark was all about the stars and constellations. Growing up, he figured out the constellations through magic, but they were all transparent. Completely see through and was more for show, or in his case. He used them to scare others or intimidate if they didn't know about his magic. So, I'm not sure if it counts as unique or new magic, but
  3. @Samurai Equine @Courageous Thunder Dash "Both of your expectations are right on that, you guys." Dynamo responded, hoping to clear up any questions. "Cosmic's always like that. No matter if it's a fighting tournament like this, or even in a video game tournament. He'll use whatever trick in the book in order to get what he wants. Even if he has to fight dirty or cheat." He would say, listening as Thundy began listing off the different constellations and their dates they fall under. All the while, mentioning that he was a Sagittarius, while Samurai was a Scorpius. "Based on when I was bor
  4. @Samurai Equine @Courageous Thunder Dash After Cosmic passed by the group with little trouble, Dynamo nodded as he heard both of his brother's responses. "I guess ruthlessness and disrespect go hoof in hoof. Unless there's a difference, then I'm not entirely sure. However, you're right about that, Thundy. From what I learned about yaks in history class, they are known to be very strong. So, if Calhoun can keep some sort of pressure on Cosmic, then there might be a chance." He would say, his eyes glancing over towards Samurai. "What do you mean, Onii-san? Do you mean we should jump in to save
  5. @Samurai Equine @Courageous Thunder Dash "I can understand that. I'd be worried if I brought my manga along anywhere I go. I'd be upset if the book was bent or damaged at random. So, it's better manga to be in a bookshelf or somewhere that's considered safe." Dynamo responded, thinking about the offer Samurai made, before shaking his head with a smile. "Thanks for the offer, but that's okay. I really do appreciate it though, onii-san. Maybe after the tournament, we can see the manga collection." He says, nodding in understanding to his griffon brother's opinion. "That's fair as I like to
  6. @Samurai Equine @Kronos the Revenant @Courageous Thunder Dash As he continued watching the fight unfold, Dynamo had made sure to listen to Thundy's spoken thoughts. "That does sound possible, but are changelings able to transform quickly from one transformation to the next? I guess it would take concentration and focus to turn into that object or individual. With that spin, it must be making Tarsal extremely dizzy." He would say, before Cheap had let go of the changeling turned weighted chains. "I hope he can use that momentum to change back or to change into something he needs to turn th
  7. @Samurai Equine @Courageous Thunder Dash @Kronos the Revenant Dynamo's eyes glanced over, before craning his neck towards the asian pony. "I didn't know you had any manga, onii-san. I know we've been to your house before and I remember Pastel and I were watching your house, while you were gone. However, I don't recall ever seeing any manga, but I think that's still really awesome. I'd honestly be happy to check your favorite manga out. I think it's always nice to find characters you can relate to in a story. What manga is that, if you don't mind me asking." He says, his eyes widening as h
  8. @Samurai Equine @Courageous Thunder Dash @Kronos the Revenant "I see what you mean, bro. I guess it depends on certain things. I actually forgot how much time has passed since the Kid Buu arc where Super begins. That and after the Cell Games and Kid Buu sagas, Gohan had toned down the training and fighting. I guess with no danger or threat to their home, Gohan didn't really need to worry about fighting. Since he wanted to try and be a scholar and all. I know that after the Resurrection F arc, Gohan took his training more seriously. Especially after training with Piccolo to regain his myst
  9. @Samurai Equine @Kronos the Revenant @Courageous Thunder Dash "I have to admit it was disappointing as it would have been great for Gohan to win that fight. However, I guess it was made to show that Gohan still had a long way to go as he hadn't kept up with his training. So, he lost his Mystic Form and most of his fighting sense. I do remember when Goku fought Toppo and Gohan just kept smirking. He may have lost his fighting sense, but the enjoyment of a fight still hadn't left him." He explained, looking over towards Samurai at the mention of GT. "I remember there were arguments that GT
  10. @Samurai Equine @Kronos the Revenant @Courageous Thunder Dash Dynamo blinks, almost jumping from the pat on his back. Looking over, he saw that it was Samurai, who was giving him comfort to his worries. "Okay and I'm sorry about that, Sam. I guess I'm just being paranoid after everything that's happened. I just hope that I'll be able to get through all of this. I know that everything is okay now, but I guess I still have a ways to go to overcome this." He explained, nodding as the asian pony's explanation made perfect sense. "That's understandable when you put it that way. It's better to
  11. @Samurai Equine @Courageous Thunder Dash @Kronos the Revenant Dynamo blinked in confusion, while tilting his head as Alhimar had looked away. As he heard his comment, the gaming unicorn frowned as he wondered if he had said something that was considered rude. "I hope I didn't say anything wrong. If so, then I really hope you can forgive me. I guess I just happened to notice and thought the rhyming was pretty cool. Again, I'm really sorry, Alhimar." He would say, an apologetic expression upon his face. Even though he was opening up a little more with those he considered a friend. He still
  12. @Samurai Equine @Courageous Thunder Dash @Kronos the Revenant "I really do hope that whatever answers you find will bring you to a better understanding." Dynamo smiled, while hoping that some of the fights they would give Alhimar the answer he was looking for. As he was listening to the zebra speak, the gaming unicorn had thought he caught onto something. "I'm not entirely sure, but what you said had rhymed. No, I do not rhyme, like the others of my kind." He repeated back, before smiling once more. "I'm not entirely sure if it was intentional or unintentional, but I think that rhymed. It
  13. @Samurai Equine @Courageous Thunder Dash @Kronos the Revenant Upon hearing Alhimar's question, Dynamo had a look of uncertainty in his eyes. With how the selection was randomized, there may have been a chance where they could have been made to fight each other. He knew that he would probably have to fight the others at some point in the tournament, but could he face them? Hearing Samurai's response to the thought had caused Dynamo to blink in surprise. Looking towards the asian pony, the gaming unicorn couldn't help himself as the look of uncertainty dissolved, before a small smile began
  14. @Samurai Equine @Courageous Thunder Dash @Kronos the Revenant Dynamo tilted his head as he turned his attention back towards Alhimar and Samurai. The word 'destined' reminded the unicorn of Cosmic. Especially how he threw his idea of destiny upon those who were unfortunate to cross paths with the neon green unicorn. He shook his head as he tried to push those thoughts out of his mind as he wanted to give the zebra the benefit of the doubt. "I think it's understandable to be prepared for the fights ahead, but Samurai is right. We definitely can be friends after the battles are over in the
  15. @Samurai Equine @Courageous Thunder Dash @Kronos the Revenant Dynamo’s ears perked up as he heard Thundy’s whisper towards him. It was quiet, but it was directed at him for the unicorn to hear. With a nod, he leaned closely towards the griffon so they could discuss in a hushed whisper. “You can say that again, but that’s easier said than done. I get the idea of not giving too much info away, but we can’t underestimate our opponents. With each ability that I can transform into, then I should be okay. It wouldn’t be the best if someone knew everything and anything about that particular abil
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