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  1. @Taylor GearGrinder It was a bright, yet sunny early morning as the sun shined brightly over the rural village of Ponyville. As ponies had begun setting up shop for the day, a blue unicorn had just begun to wake up to begin the day. The blue unicorn, Dynamo Pad, had been up the previous night having a marathon of video games and anime. As the light shined into his room, he groaned and attempted to throw the covers over his head. "Can I just sleep for five more minutes, please?" He asked to nobody in particular. He sighed and threw the covers off his face. He knew going back to sleep would be impossible now. One he was up, he was up for good and there was no changing it. He had checked his phone to see if his boss had messaged him. While living in Ponyville, Dynamo had found a job at the local gaming arcade. He was off for the day, but he wanted to make sure that he was indeed still off. He was surprised to see that he had indeed received a text message from his boss, Button Prompt. As he had read the text, the message had insisted that he had to get to the arcade right away. That, and Button had wanted Dynamo to see something important. 'Knowing Button, it must be news on a new game.' He thought as he got out of bed and started getting dressed. He was dressed in a purple shirt, black pants, sneakers and his signature gaming jacket. Making sure that he had everything, he locked up the house and began running over to the arcade. "I hope that Button managed to get the new game up and running. He called me up and told me to head over to the arcade right away." He spoke his thoughts out loud as he could see that the arcade was within his sights.
  2. @Scarlet Rose Dynamo smiles and nods at her choice of desserts at Sugarcube Corner. "That's right. The variety box always had some of the best treats. The box even came with a free milkshake." He chuckles as he remembered a fond memory. "I remember Mr. and Mrs. Cake gave us two milkshakes once in a variety box. They said we were so cute together. It was nice of them to give us a free milkshake and they were always such kind ponies." He says, blushing as he remembered being called cute with the female rabbit. "I remember Pinkie telling us that when it came to moving to Ponyville." He nods, before continuing. "She even explained how everything was like, before she got her cutie mark. I don't know how how they survived on a rock farm either. Although, I know her sister, Maud, was always fond of studying rocks. From what she and Applejack told me, Pinkie and her family always enjoyed eating rocks. I'm not sure how that's possible, but this is Pinkie Pie. So, it's better to not question anything." He says, raising an eyebrow in surprise about the Missing 411 case. "Really? Have any of the Pie family said anything that about the case? I could imagine Limestone would have said something. Pinkie told me that Limestone was the one, who looks after the rock farm now." He says, chuckling slightly, while nodding in agreement. "I know right. Once you got a smell of tasty desserts in a shop, then it's difficult to take away such a delightful scent." As the two entered the shop, Mr. Cake's ears perked at the sound of the bell on the door. "Welcome to Sugarcube Corner. How can we help you?" He asks, but smiles at his old favorite customers had arrived. "Well, I'll be. If it isn't Dynamo Pad and Scarlet Rose! It's been such a long time since we've seen you, Scarlet. It also seems like you've found your old pal again. You two were always inseparable. How have you been?" He smiles, before getting a pan for a dessert he and Mrs. Cake were baking.
  3. @Scarlet Rose As the group was about to make their way to the car, Dynamo could hear Broken's phone had begun to ring. He nods as he holds onto Dusk, while the young colt sat on his shoulders. He saw Broken head into another room to answer the call, but soon returns with a smile. As he listened to what was going on, he returns the smile as they walked into the living room. "That's great news. I'm guessing you talked about this with Night a couple of times in the past. However, the decision on this appointment had finally reached a decision now. Afterwards, she and Button are going to help. They don't have to do that, but I really appreciate the help." He says, taking her hand into his own. "There's no 'if' when it comes to this operation. You can only say that it will be done." He says, giving her a look of reassurance. As Broken locked the door behind them, he smiles as she approved of the family night. "Did you hear that, buddy? The three of us can play games and watch the classic cartoons together! It sounds like this marathon will be awesome!" He glances to Dusk with a grin, before lifting the young colt off of his shoulders and placing him gently back on his feet. He then opened the back door to the car and placed Dusk in his seat, before buckling him in. He then closed the door as he entered the drivers seat. "What do you say, you two? Ready to get everything taken care of and have a nice day?" He says, putting the keys into the ignition and starting up the car.
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    Private New Girl in Town (1x1 with Dynamo Pad)

    @Scarlet Rose He smiles with a nods, while the two of them exited the hotel room. As they walked through the hallway, he chuckled and shook his head at her question. "You know I could never blame you, Scar. I've once seen an anime that had a character, who absolutely adored and loved doughnuts. The doughnut is said to be one of the most delectable delicacies in Equestria. That is until you go to Sugarcube Corner." He smirks playfully, before continuing. "You'll see what I mean when the time comes. You'll get a grand tour when we reach the town tomorrow." He says, chuckling once more at her comment. "I would do no such thing of eating too much sugar. I only ate too much sugar once when it came to an all night video game marathon. It was fun playing all of those video games. Although, I fell asleep for most of the next day. It was worth it, but I'm never doing that again." He grinned sheepishly as the two reached his hotel room. He entered the room and tried to get ready as fast as he could. His ears perked as she mentioned about morning runs to him. "I've never really did any jogging or morning runs." He calls behind him as he finished getting ready for the day. He made sure he had everything, before he exited his hotel room. "Although, that would be pretty fun. It would help for me to try and stay in shape. Maybe we can find some jogging routes when we get to Ponyville." He says, taking her paw into his hand, while the two walked through the hallway.
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    Private Artificial Love. (with Dynamo Pad)

    @Catpone Cerberus Dynamo nods, seeing that Jade had his suitcase with him. "That's good to hear. You left pretty quickly yesterday. I'm guessing it was to take care of everything, before going on the trip." He says, chuckling at the idea of breakfast. "We almost had the same idea, but we opted to make a quick breakfast." he says, remembering about the trip he wanted to plan with Sunlight. "That reminds me. I was thinking of taking a trip with Sunny to Fillydelphia in the future. I was wondering if you wanted to go with us." He says, nodding as he went over the train schedule. He noticed the time was around 9:45 am. So, they had a couple of minutes, before the train would arrive. He placed his suitcase down and waited for the train to arrive.
  6. @Scarlet Rose Dynamo smiles and chuckles happily at the rabbit's comment. "I'm glad you never forgot about that. This would be our hangout when it came to school. Well, that and the arcade, but still. Also, the cakes do, in fact, still work here. They also gained some help when it comes to Pinkie Pie." He says as he found a booth for the two of them to sit in. As he took a seat, he sighs at the mention of multiple cases. "Thinking about how multiple cases are linked could give me a headache. It must be tiresome to just finish a case. However, a new case shows up and references and old case. It sounds to me that you haven't had much of a break in taking cases, huh?" He asks, a look of concern was clearly evident upon his face. "We'll look for Starlight. If she's not around town, then we can check back at the castle." He says, nodding at the plan. "It seems like we are in agreement. That's good to hear. It's better to start the case early and full of energy. Maybe after we get to my house, I can give you a tour of where everything is." He says as he got up from his seat to head towards the front desk. "Is there anything you'd like to have, Scar? Do you remember the usual you'd get, while we visited this place?" He glances back to his friend with a playful smirk.
  7. @Scarlet Rose Dynamo smiles as he heard Broken's and Dusk's approval of his mother. "I'm glad to hear that you like my mom. I feel that meeting family is a two way deal, or something along those lines. It feels nice to be on good terms in both a relationship, while it's good to find understanding, care and kindness to the family. Since everyone would be a part of that family in the future." He smiled sheepishly at Broken's comment, before continuing. "Oh, trust me. You're right about that, but she can snap pretty quickly if you get on her bad side. Sometimes, it's because of a disagreement or if someone she knows is being hurt." He says, grinning at his son's approval of the gaming marathon. "Awesome! I remember you telling me you wanted to play video games together. Maybe tonight we can have a family gaming marathon. The three of us can get through the rest of those dungeons." He says, nodding at Dusk's question. He then returns Broken's hug, before placing a comforting hand upon her shoulder. "Hopefully, we'll see if this doctor can help us with mommy's arm and leg. Regardless of the answer, I still love and accept her for who she is." He says, leaning over and kissing Broken's cheek. He leans back, puts the rest of the dried dishes away and nods to Broken. "That went by pretty quickly. When we work as a team, then no task seems impossible. Also, indeed we shall." He says, picking up Dusk and sat the young colt down on the gaming unicorn's shoulders.
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    Private New Girl in Town (1x1 with Dynamo Pad)

    @Scarlet Rose Dynamo smiles and nods at Scarlet's comment. "That's true when you put it that way. If I don't eat, then I'll get a headache and can't concentrate. So, it's either eat and be prepared, or don't eat and not do as well as I should. I think I'll go with the former option, please." He chuckles as he blushed from the nuzzle. However, he smiles softly and returns the nuzzle. "Okay and I just need to stop by my room first. Maybe we can stop along the way, before we head to the buffet." He says, snickering at the mention of visiting Doughnut Joe. "Not even a day and you've become addicted to the doughnuts. To be fair, it was the same instance for me, but still. The Doughnut shop has claimed a new customer to the sugary treats of deliciousness." He chuckles as he grabbed his book bag and slung the bag over his shoulders. "Ready to head to my room and then to the buffet? Then we can have a nice day together. What do you say, Scar?"
  9. @Scarlet Rose Dynamo nods at the rabbit's comment, while the two exited the cafe. He then walked alongside her as they started making their way towards Sugarcube Corner. "We'll head towards the castle after we get our treats. If we see Starlight along the way, then we can ask her. There are times that she's out flying kites or practicing magic tricks with her friend Trixie. So, there might be a chance we'll run into her." He says, listening to the explanation of a town making up stories. "That does sound like how a legend is being told by the townsfolk. I think I've heard of the War of the World's once. I think that story was made into a book or a movie, but I could be wrong. It's just like how Ponyville made up the Cave Story. Even though it's not really a tall tale, after all." He shook his head at how such rumors could be easily fabricated. "Now that you mention the missing 411, I think I've heard of such events. I've seen videos, where everyone talks about random missing stories. Even some rescue stories, where there's a square hold in the middle of nowhere. The square hole even has steps that go down. They rescuers are even advised to never go down those steps. It was never explained, but the rescuers always took great caution." At the mention of Mr. Wolf, the gaming unicorn could only raise an eyebrow. "I'm guessing he's another legend that's based on the missing 411? Also, you may be right on that. Maybe our friends being missing could be linked to other cases. It seems like Candle Cove and other big events aren't just a coincidence. They all have something in common with each other. That, and sometimes they are covered up by the government and the parents, or townsfolk." He says as the arrived at the dessert shop. "It's been a while since I've been here. This was our place to go to. Especially when it came to getting cupcakes, cakes and other treats." He smiles at the memory, before noticing that his old friend had seemed really tired. "Maybe after we get the meeting taken care of, we can get you settled at my house. You can rest, while we catch up and maybe start this investigation first thing in the morning. Would a plan like that be okay, Scar?" He asks, trying to find a place for them to sit.
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    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    The last movie I watched was Birth of the Dragon.
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    Web Last YouTube video you watched?

    The official teaser trailer to Spider-Man: Far From Home.
  12. @Scarlet Rose Dynamo smiled softly with a chuckle as Dusk made the plush wave a hoof to Gentle. At Dusk's question, he nods, while listening to the plan Broken had. "Did you need my help with anything? I appreciate the help, but you don't have to do that, you guys." He says, making his way into the kitchen to see Broken doing the dishes, while Dusk helped in drying. He then walked over to help put the dishes away when they were dried. "Maybe after we get the shopping and appointment done, we'll have a game and movie marathon. How does that sound, Dusk?" He asks, while looking to both Dusk and Broken. "I hope you liked getting to meet my mom. She really took a liking to you both. I also hope she'll be able to stop by sometime soon. She teaches a lot and doesn't take a vacation so often." He says, glancing off to the side, while in thought. "I think a vacation might be in need of preparation. Seeing how everyone deserves a vacation." He says, inconspicuously glancing back to Broken, so their eyes would meet.
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    Private New Girl in Town (1x1 with Dynamo Pad)

    @Scarlet Rose Dynamo smiles and nods at the female wolf. "You're welcome and it's like I told you. It's no problem whatsoever, Scar. I was just surprised when I woke up." He says, chuckling at the idea of him being like a Ponyta. "Well, I guess Ponyta and I are similar for being horses. Although, I can't say that my mane and tail are made of flames. I wouldn't even know how to sit in a chair or fall asleep in a bed." At the mention of breakfast, he blushes slightly as his stomach began to growl. He chuckled sheepishly, while rubbing the back of his neck. "I guess I can't argue with that form of logic. At any rate, breakfast is the most important meal of the day." He says, nodding at her question of the buffet. "My room cost sure does. When I booked the hotel, I made sure the room covered all of the expenses. Normally, I would go out and find a place to get food. Although, a nice change in pace wouldn't hurt." He says, moving over to his book bag. He looked through the bag and figured he'd have to get a new change in clothes for the day.
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    Private Everfree Dark Tournament RP

    @Unicorncob @reader8363 @Snow Frostflame @dragon4111 Dynamo stayed quiet and listened as Tricis talked to the team. He felt the magic aura from her hooves as she placed her hooves upon his back. He closed his eyes, while allowing the healing effect begin to take hold. He sighs softly, feeling the effects of the toxin had begun to fade away. He opened his eyes as she took her hooves off of his back. His ears perked as he glanced slightly towards Draco. He listened to what he had to say, before turning back to his coach. 'Sadistic or not, she was right in her train of thought. I healed up from the previous match and felt more prepared in this battle. That, and the ability to sense magic had helped tremendously.' He thought, not wanting to start any trouble. He nods as Tricis mentioned that they had a lot to learn. "I understand that and I'm ready to work harder. I was more curious as to why I was brought here. Instead of thinking I've reached the peak of my ability. With how my spell is incomplete, I just know I have a lot more room to improve." He looked down to his hooves, nodding as he wanted to do better for the team. As the coach explained that they were being targeted, Dynamo gulped as he understood very clearly. "I guess how we met each member of Rokata was not a coincidence. For me, I know I'm going to fight Selene. I do have a question though, Coach. Besides Rokata, is there anything that you know about each of the other members? If there's anything, then it would be really helpful." He says, wondering what other kind of abilities Selene had up her sleeve. He remembered she could stop the opponent's heart, but he wasn't stopped by her. 'I remember she told me that I have the champion's spirit. There has to be more to it than that.' He closed his eyes, deep in thought as to make heads or tails of the matter. At the mention of two members of this team were challenged, the gaming unicorn raised his hoof slightly. "I guess you could kind of say three members. I didn't challenge her, but she tried to stop my heart. I was able to stop her, but we just talked. Afterwards, I ran out of the stadium and into the forest. It was then I intercepted that pony, who was fighting Rose." He looked up to the poster that Tricis was pointing to. "So, we'll get at least a day of rest tomorrow and then the semi final. Then more rest and training and then the finals. That doesn't sound too bad for the game plan. I'm guessing we'll still need to work on our training schedules to get stronger."
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    Planning Everfree Dark Tournament OOC

    @Literally Snails When Tricis was healing Dynamo, was he cured from the toxins and poison joke the chemist used?
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    Private Artificial Love. (with Dynamo Pad)

    @Catpone Cerberus Dynamo chuckled with a nod at Sunlight's remark. "That's true. She's really nice, so there shouldn't be any problems." He says, nodding in agreement, before continuing. "I think my mom would trust you easily. After she gets to know you, then my mom will think you're a part of the family. She always wants to know if I'm doing okay and that the others in town are being nice. My mom worries a lot, but I can understand that." He rolled his eyes playfully with a smirk at Sunlight's comment. "That's good to know. Seeing how a knight should always keep his Princess safe." He says, before continuing. "Too many theories that one can't answer them all. Always good to go to the source and ask, but one can't help but think of many possibilities." He says, a look of fake surprise on his face. He chuckled and shook his head as Jade walked up to the couple. At Jade's question, Dynamo nodded with a smile. "Yup. Everything went pretty well. We double checked and triple checked for good measure. We have everything and we're ready for the trip. How about you, Jade? Has your morning gone well and you got everything for the trip?" He asks as he looked ahead to see that the train hadn't arrived just yet. "I guess we're still a few minutes early. The train isn't supposed to show up until 10 am, right?" He asks, while looking for the designated time at the train station.
  17. @Scarlet Rose Gentle smiled and chuckled at Broken's comment. "I'm really glad to hear that, my dear. Hearing that means that I raised him well. Also, no need to be formal. You can call me Gentle, Miss Gentle or even mom." She says, waving at Dusk, before continuing. "It sounds like it's been a crazy few days. I'm glad he was able to keep you safe. You've found yourself a really good keeper, Broken." Her eyes widened in surprise at the mention of Button? "He found himself a girlfriend too? I'm really happy to hear that. I remember Dynamo telling me that he's been looking for a girlfriend. It's nice hearing that he's doing well." She watches as Dusk took the phone to talk to her. "Hey there, sweetie and you're welcome." She says, chuckling at the proud look Dusk was giving her. "I think your daddy will be a very special person for you. Always remember to be a good boy, okay? You mommy and daddy love you very much, little Dusky." She says, before continuing. "Aw, that plush looks so cute. It looks exactly like Princess Luna too. I think that's really nice of Button to get that for you." At the mention of planning something special. Dynamo smiles and shook his head. "That's okay. We can talk about the plan here." He says, before taking back the phone. "Hey mom? I'm not sure if you're busy this week or next week, but would you consider stopping by to spend time with the family?" Gentle hummed at the plan, while looking at the calendar on her desk. "I think so. I should be free next week, but I'll have to let you know." Dynamo smiles brightly and nods. "Okay and that's no problem." He says, looking at the clock to see that they needed to get ready for the day. "Hey mom? We need to go, but I'll message you later about the details of the plan." Gentle smiles and nods. "That's no problem at all. I have a few dance classes, so I'll let you know, dear. Talk to you soon. I love you, honey. Bye, Broke and little Dusk." She says, waving at the group, before hanging up. "I love you too mom. Talk to you soon!" He says, waving back to Gentle as he hung up the phone.
  18. @Scarlet Rose Dynamo leaned his elbows on the table, while resting his chin in his hands. He listened intently as she explained her findings as an investigator. "So, some of the legends were true? While some were just made up by the public to use as a sort of scapegoat? I've got to say that's pretty crazy, yet interesting. When you mentioned the missing 411. Did you mean about us, or is this a different case?" He was slightly confused, but he still wanted to know. He took his chin out of his hands, while his arms rested on the table. "You've got that right. I guess playing video games and other card games was my reason." He smiles with a chuckle, before continuing. "I think it would be fun to compete in some competitions sometime. I can never understand why tourneys have to make cards legal. I get that some cards are overpowered and can be considered broken loops, but still." He tilted his head, before shaking his head negatively at her comment. "Oh, no. They haven't bothered me in a few years now. They were a part of our group when that TV show was going on. I can't say, but maybe they were a part of what had happened." He shrugged as he wasn't sure about it himself. "Okay and that sounds good to me. Some treats for the road as we go to my place." He says as she finished her drink. "You must be a little tired from your travels. We can stop by my place and make a letter. Although, it's like I said. I'm friends with Starlight, so maybe I can ask her if you can see the Princess."
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    Private New Girl in Town (1x1 with Dynamo Pad)

    @Scarlet Rose Dynamo had thought he had heard the female wolf stir as she had finally awakened. He looked down and gave his friend a kind smile. "Good morning, Scarlet. How are you? I hope you had a good rest last night." He says, tilting his head as it seemed like she was panicking, as well. He shook his head with a smile as she explained what was going on. "You don't have to apologize, Scar. It's understandable to have a nightmare and falling asleep right next to someone to help the nightmares to go away." He says, blushing at her last comment. "I don't think it's childish, but I never thought I would be soft, fluffy, or cuddly. I think that's very sweet. I guess you could say that I'm a giant, hugging, plushie. Maybe I'm a better plush than the giant Ponymon." He says, thinking for a moment, before shaking his head. "Nah. There's no way I could compete with a Ponymon." He chuckled as he started to sit up and get out of bed.
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    How was your day?

    My day was not too bad. Shoveling the outdoor deck and driveway. I also cleaned up the house and playing video games. All in all, it has been a pretty productive day.
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    Private Artificial Love. (with Dynamo Pad)

    @Catpone Cerberus Dynamo smiles and nods in agreement to Sunlight's remark. "That's true when you put it that way. My mom always wanted to know about guests a few days in advance. That way, the house would be spotless when the guests did arrive." He says, thinking about when to call his mom. "Maybe I can call her tonight when we are back at the hotel. That way, we won't have to worry about gathering info and she won't have any dance classes. I just wanted to forewarn you. If I call and let her know what's going on, she may want to talk to you." He says, giving his girlfriend a reassuring look. "There's nothing to worry about. It's nothing bad, or anything like that. She may want to know what kind of guests I'll be bringing with me. If I tell her I'm bringing my girlfriend, she'll want to get to know you." At the mention of her having the train tickets, the gaming unicorn sighed in relief. "That's good to hear. I guess that's another thing I thought I forgot. It's a good think you're here to remind me on one thing or another. Otherwise, I would forget other important things to take with me on a trip. I'd be afraid if I lost my head if it wasn't attached to my shoulders." He chuckled at his joke as she spotted Jade, who was standing at the station. He nods as he saw the pair of saddlebags that Jade was bringing. "You were right that he was at the station before us. I'm pretty surprised to see that he's wide awake. I thought he'd be resting on a bench." He raised an eyebrow in surprise, before continuing. "I guess one would be afraid to fall asleep if someone would steal your saddlebag. Maybe he would want to rest on the train." He wondered, waving to Jade to let him know that he and Sunlight had arrived.
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    Private Artificial Love. (with Dynamo Pad)

    @Catpone Cerberus Dynamo thought for a moment on what Sunlight had told him. He shuddered at the idea, before nodding in agreement. "You're right. That wouldn't be good if everyone you knew would meet. Things would get pretty suspicious if they were told different stories." He says, listening intently on the plan. "That sounds like a good idea. If we can't discuss the story now, then we can discuss the story for another time. It's like I said before. I would need to let my mom know that I would be stopping by with some guests. The reason is that she works as a dance instructor. She has her own dance studio, where she can teach her students different dancing styles. She can be pretty busy from time to time, so it might take some time." Dynamo nods as he had a thoughtful look about Sunlight's remark. "Oh, okay. I guess the status of Princess would allow them to get the information and avoid the time limit. That sounds good to me. It also sounds like a lot of fun, if you ask me. Since she doesn't have to go to certain places that may take days to travel. It almost feels like going on an adventure. That, or taking a trip to somewhere not many ponies get to go to." He says, before continuing. "I guess it's also because she's running a school on friendship and has map missions too. I guess it makes perfect sense to have other ponies go in her place." As they approached the train station, he opened up his suitcase to look for his train ticket. "Hey, Sunny? Did we have the tickets, or were they kept by Jade?"
  23. @Scarlet Rose Dynamo chuckled with a smile as he returned Broken's hug and kiss. As he saw his mother answer the request, he, Broken and Dusk saw a periwinkle furred unicorn. She had purple eyes, while wearing a salmon colored shirt and gray sweatpants. Her mane was tied in a ponytail, while the mare smiled at the group. "Well, hello there. My name is Gentle Steps. It's so nice to meet you both." She says, wondering who was sitting next to Dynamo. "Mom? Let me introduce you to Broken Record and Dusk. Broken is my girlfriend and Dusk is her son. Well, he's also my son, since he called me his father." He blushed with a smile, while scratching his cheek. Gentle's eyes lit up like a star in the sky. "I'm so happy for you, honey! She's really cute. Also, you have a son!?" He faked a gasp, but she was honestly surprised. Dynamo chuckled and nods. "Yup, but he's a good boy. He takes after me and Broken. Button is also like Dusk's grandfather." Gentle levitated her phone, while placing her hands over her cheeks. "Oh, he is so adorable. I've always wanted to be a grandmother." She says, before looking to the young colt. "Hi there, sweetie. You're so handsome and adorable. I hope you'd like to have me as your grandmother." She says, before looking to Broken. "It's also really nice to meet you, Broken. I hope my Dynamo has treated you well."
  24. @Scarlet Rose Dynamo smiled and blushed as he saw the female rabbit smile and giggle. Seeing the old Scarlet was music to his ears. "I'm glad what I did meant so much to you. I can easily say the same thing. Whenever I had to deal with bullies, you were always there to stand up for me. I know I should learn to deal with Cosmic and Frozen, but you were always there to back me up. You helped to give me confidence to believe in myself. That's something I could never forget." He smiles as her support had warmed his heart. He chuckled sheepishly, running a hand through his mane. "I'm sorry about that. I guess I should've given you my address. That way, we could send letters wherever we were. You were taken away so suddenly that I had no time to process what was going on." He says, nodding with a smile at her comment. "You were my best friend back then too, Scar. In fact, you still are my best friend. I know we'll be able to reconnect our friendship and relive the good times." He says, eyes widening at the mention of Ponymon cards. "You still have them? I haven't played at times, but I did keep up with the meta. It seems like we'll have to upgrade our cards in the future." He says, closing his eyes to think about her question. "Hmm...not much, to be honest." He opens his eyes to Scarlet's direction, before continuing. "I mean, I've competed in some video game tournaments. All the while, I've been working in an arcade that's been open for around a year. I'm hoping to make some video games in the future. I'm also hoping to attend EVO in a few months. EVO is the biggest gaming convention in the world. It's the convention that crowns some of the best gamer's in all of Equestria. I'm making sure I'm prepared for certain upcoming tournaments." He says, raising an eyebrow in curiosity. "I'd like to ask the same thing about you. What have you been up to these past few years, Scar? I remember you told that you're an investigator. I also remember you saying that was your dream job when we were growing up. Some kids thought that investigating legends and stories was crazy, but I thought that was cool. Have you discovered any of the legends that we all made games from?"
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    Private New Girl in Town (1x1 with Dynamo Pad)

    @Scarlet Rose --The Next Day-- As the sun rose into the sky to signify the next day, Dynamo had slowly opened his eyes. He scanned his surroundings to remember that he was at the hotel in Canterlot. He yawned as he turned his head to look at the time. Seeing that it was around 7:30 am, he knew it would be a good idea to get up for the day. As he tried to get up, he stopped as he felt someone wrapped their arms around him. He looked down and almost freaked out that Scarlet was snuggling him. 'W-Why is she next to me in bed and why is she sleeping in said bed?' He thought as he tried to think any sort of explanation. His heartbeat quickened as he felt himself panicking. As he realized that she asked him to stay the night, he sighed softly and began to calm down. 'That's right. She asked me to stay, but why is she next to me?' He wasn't mad, but he was confused. He could still feel his heartbeat quicken, but not of fear. He knew that he got along with Scarlet well. It was then that he knew that he was beginning to have feelings for the female wolf. He wanted to tell her how he felt, but he didn't know how. 'I guess I can rest for a little while longer. I never get to sleep in and the tourney isn't for a few hours.' He thought with a smile, while holding the female wolf close to him.