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  1. Dynamo's ears perked as he heard someone uttering something to Mason. He looked over to see that it was Copper, who was already back on his hooves from his fight. "Copper? What's going on? What are you doing out here in the arena? I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm glad to see that you're okay, but I thought you would have been knocked out for a while." He says, a look of surprise was present upon his face. The gaming stallion remembered Copper was out cold after his final attack against Onyx. He knew Copper was strong, but he honestly didn't expect his friend to wake up so soon after his fight. As he was about to keep protesting against his oldest friend's decision to be out of recovery, Dynamo stayed quiet and squinted his eyes as he thought he had seen a green aura enveloping Copper. It looked as if the aura was starting to heal Copper of his injuries. He didn't understand the reason at first, but it must have been due to the earth beneath his hooves. 'How is that even possible? I get that earth ponies and pegasus ponies have magic within them. Just like a unicorn has magical abilities. I always thought an earth pony's magic was both super strength and being in tune with nature. I guess their magic has some sort of healing properties.' He thought, smiling as he was glad that his oldest friend was going to be okay. The smile soon faded as he turned his attention back towards the fight. While one teammate looked to be okay. Dynamo knew that his other teammate needed his support right now.
  2. @Catpone Cerberus Dynamo Pad: "Okay. I know you told me when around the time that you and I had just met, but it was through different circumstances..." Dynamo replied with a nod. "...You're right. I visit my mom from time to time, but not very often. Since she lives pretty far, there's no telling what she could say if you told her. Although, my mom is good with keeping a secret, or something like that. Trust me when I say that I'm not trying to change your decision. It's just that I get that you'd have to get to know her first. I just hope the meeting goes well." He understood where Sunlight was coming from with her remark. The only ponies who knew about Sunlight and Jade's secret were Dew Drop and himself. He knew that the less others knew, the better in not finding out. Dew Drop: "I-I guess I should have e-expected that. Especially the s-second time we hung out a-and I believe you said that y-you were going to be late. I-I'll keep the throwing water idea f-for now. What would you s-say if I tried to k-kiss you to help wake you up...?" Dew Drop knew it seemed like a random idea. Sort of like being part of a fairy tale story, but she couldn't help in asking her coltfriend. "...Y-You don't need sleep? Really? I-I guess that means that you can s-stay awake for hours and hours. W-Was that how you were able to find a-all of the info from the job you were tasked with? If f-food is a good source of energy, t-then I hope you like pancakes. T-They're just about finished. A-Also, thank you for letting m-me know. I wouldn't want to m-make you angry or upset over s-something." She says with a smile.
  3. @Catpone Cerberus During the several week time skip, did that time skip only happen to just Dynamo and Sunlight? Also, did the siblings meet up again for Jade to tell Sunlight and Dynamo that he was staying/moving to Manehattan? Not only that, but would the couple meet Dew Drop for them to know that Jade had told her his secret?
  4. @Catpone Cerberus As Dynamo started making his way towards the Ponyville hospital, he took notice of the crow, who had soared towards the sky and cawed. He squinted his eyes slightly as the crow had blended into the night sky, but he could soon hear another set of caws. "It seems like all the crows are acting as a sort of alarm. Maybe it's their way to both in leading the way, while making sure everything is safe." He muttered to nobody in particular. Upon arriving and walking through town, the blue unicorn had noticed that there was barely any creatures around. With the occasional pony every now and then, the area looked like a ghost town. As he heard Ember's breathing was worsening, Dynamo picked up the pace and began to hurry over towards the hospital. As he finally arrived at the hospital, Dynamo entered the facility. A panicked and concerned look was upon his face. "Hello? Can anyone help me, please!? I have someone who's really inured and needs medical attention!" Thankfully, there was a nurse who seemed to have been on break. More nurses and doctor's were called as Ember was placed upon a stretcher. Even though he wanted to go with the team of doctors, the gaming stallion nodded as he was told to stay in the waiting room. He watched in surprise as Ember's crow companion had arrived and was able to go be with the dragon-pony. He wanted to admit that he was a bit jealous, but he knew there wasn't a time for that. He sat in an available chair, while trying to wait patiently. His back hoof tapped the ground as he was becoming impatient. What felt like a few minutes had felt like hours in his mind. Eventually, he saw a doctor had begun making his way over to Dynamo. The blue unicorn looked up and waited with baited breath over the news. Upon hearing that Ember was stable, Dynamo sighed in relief. The moment was short lived as he heard that Ember was in bad shape, but he supposed that it was to be expected. As he was asked multiple questions, Dynamo nodded as he tried to answer as honestly as possible. "Okay and I understand, sir. She's my friend and I honestly don't know what happened to her. I met her about a month ago and we were planning to meet up again. The day after we met, she didn't show up. I thought she was running late or that she was busy at the time. I bumped into this pony who told me that Ember had been terminated. I didn't want to believe it, but over time, I thought I had to accept the fact. After a whole month had passed, I was awoken to the sound of her crow companion. It lead me over to Ember, who was lying in a crater and it looked like she had seen better days. That's all I know, honest. Is she going to be okay? Can I see her?" He asks, hoping to be there for his friend in case she woke up.
  5. @Critical-Hit "Oh, I see what you mean. Well, Pinball did teach Dynamo and Button everything he knew about games. The only difference was that Pinball usually stayed in Fillydelphia. He did go to Ponyville for vacations every now and then. That's how he met Button when he opened up his second arcade." Gentle responded as Dynamo nodded, while he began to place the location of the zoo in his GPS. Gentle made sure to do the exact same idea, so she would be prepared if she got lost when following the trio. "He was always a great teacher. To me, he's also like family, in a way. He always helped other ponies and creatures, who either seemed lost or if they had some sort of trouble. He was a guide for others and made the arcade a great place to be. You and Dusky will see when we go to visit him later."
  6. @Critical-Hit "What Scar had said is true, mom. I remember that she mentioned the idea to me, but the idea is sort of foreign to me. My guess is that the idea wasn't exactly finalized, so I'm not sure how the plan is going to go." Dynamo explained as Gentle nodded. "I see. A plan is never usually set in stone, after all. I don't want to say that I doubt you on Tabby being attached to my son. The only reason is that she seems really close to you and now she is for me. However, I'm going to be here for a few days. Maybe even the same amount of time as your parents. I haven't been on vacation for quite a while." She offers the trio a sad smile and nods in understanding. "It's always difficult to leave the ones you care about, but it really shows that you all care for one another." She giggles as she could hear Tabby purring softly in her embrace. "I'd be more than happy to be spending time with my little sister. Although, I know she should also be spending time with her big sister. I can only imagine you haven't seen each other in quite a while. I may not exactly know what the plan will be, but I know we'll cross that bridge when we get to it." He says, making his way towards the passenger and back seats. He opened the door for Scarlet, Tabby and Gentle, before making his way over towards the driver's seat to open the trunk. He then grabbed Gentle's suitcase and placed the travel bag into the trunk compartment of the vehicle. "Okay! Now, who's ready to go home and enjoy a party!?"
  7. @Critical-Hit Dynamo smiled and nodded in understanding. "Okay and thanks for letting me know, Sora. I worry about you, you know? I want to make sure that your feelings are always taken into account." He almost tripped and lost his step as he heard Cobalt's reply. "Seriously!?" His jaw dropped, before his face fell in defeat. "Well, there goes the surprise I wanted to tell Cobalt and the others. Knowing them, they probably have a good suspicion. Of course, Carter doesn't know as we just met him today." He thought for a moment, before looking back at Cobalt and Sora. "I guess in my defense, I was pretty clueless. I'm glad to know that I've got your support." He smiled, giving Cobalt an appreciative look.
  8. Dynamo gritted his teeth as he listened to Mason's words. 'No. He has to be wrong. There's got to be something that Rose can do. There just has to be.' He thought, watching as Mason was just toying around with Rose. The Tenebris soon started to form a shadowy orb in his hoof, before the orb split into rainbow colors. It looked as if Mason had modeled clay in his hoof, while the clay morphed into the members of Team Lotus. "What is this guy up to? Trying to make his own diorama project for a class assignment?" He didn't understand, but he had a feeling it wasn't going to be a fun explanation. The blue unicorn wondered why Jade hadn't answered his question from earlier. As he turned to look at her, he noticed that her wings were ruffling. He didn't know it at first, but he was beginning to understand that Jade was starting to become worried for Rose's well being. It wasn't just because they were all teammates, but Jade had almost the same exact look as when he fought the Chemist and Patchwork. The look that said Jade would stop at nothing to jump into the ring and take Mason down. However, they couldn't step into the ring to help, unless it meant disqualification. Seeing Rose in her condition had bothered him too, but what could he even do at this point. He had to sit tight and just hope that Rose could make an escape. He did, however, nod at Jade's comment. "I agree that Mason has the ego, but he seems either overconfident, or just plain crazy. Whatever the case, Rose needs to get away from that guy and get her weapon back. Otherwise, she'll be at a huge disadvantage." @reader8363 Once Mason took the knife, Dynamo watched as the ten count was denied. The Tenebris soon discussed his story, while going over the events that Team Lotus had gone through in the tournament. When they got to Frostflame, Dynamo gasped as he watched Mason destroy the clay puppet. The blue unicorn felt visibly sick to his stomach as he was once again reminded for what had happened. 'I know I wasn't able to get along with Frostflame and we weren't exactly friends, but we were a team. I would never allow myself to get rid of a teammate when we all made it this far together.' He shook his head as he tried to stay calm, while not allowing the Tenebris to get inside Dynamo's mind as he twisted his words of the story. As all the puppets disappeared except for Tricis, Dynamo watched as Mason began to talk about their coach. He kept listening, but he didn't get what Mason was trying to get at. "Just get to the point already. What are you trying to do? Write an autobiography of our whole team to release as a story to the public?"
  9. The trailer for the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield anime.
  10. @Critical-Hit As Gentle stepped back out of the house, she made sure she locked the door behind her, while also having her house key to get back into her home. “Oh, that’s no fun. I was hoping to leave Mr. Pinball as another surprise for Dusky to have.” Gentle pouted slightly, before sighing with a smile. “Oh, well. I guess it can’t be helped. I haven’t heard from Button, but I think it’s sweet that he has his own special someone.” She says, Dynamo nodding in agreement. “You can say that again. I was surprised that he was going to be Broken’s new dad, but I can’t complain. It strengthens our friendship, while Broken and Dusky have an expansion to their family.” Dynamo returned Broken’s nuzzle, while holding Dusk securely in his arms. He followed Broken back towards their car as he placed Dusky gently back in the back seat. After buckling the young bat colt in and making sure he would be safe, the blue unicorn closed the door and walked towards the passenger door. After buckling himself up and closing the door, he gave Broken a thumbs up to let her know that they were all set to go. Seeing the others getting ready, Gentle decoded that it was finally time to get going. Making her way towards her car, she placed her purse on the passenger seat, before taking a seat in the driver’s seat. She placed the key into the ignition, buckled up and started the car. “I’m all set to go, kids! Just lead the way and I’ll follow right behind you. I’ll use the GPS, just in case we are somehow separated and/or one of us gals behind.” She called out to Broken, while waiting for them to start heading out.
  11. @Critical-Hit Dynamo chuckled with a grin and shook his head. "You think that's bad? Try going to a midnight premiere of a game being released, while also seeing other gamer's trying to be kept in a neat and orderly line. I did that once for a video game, but it wasn't really fun. The wait time was horrible and I was somewhat tired. I'm not used to staying up late. Even though I do tend to play video games in an all night marathon. I can only imagine how crazy the midnight launch for Ponymon will be." As Gentle listened to the kids talking to each other back and forth, she could see a nice chemistry between the two. "That's all I want to hear. It's makes a mother like me proud to know that you both care for one another." She smirked playfully at the mention of nothing that could be between the two of them. "Oh, I don't know. I remember how you told me in that phone call that Tabby was so attached to you, Scarlet. I'd be careful as she might go and steal my son away." She giggled as she waved a hand to them in defense. "I'm only kidding, dearies. If anything, I wish you nothing but happiness as your relationship continues to grow." She took a sip of her beverage, sighed and smiled at what she was told. "I think that's very sweet. I would also say be careful, as well, dearie. When the time comes for your family to go home, I can only imagine Tabby staying behind to still be with her big sister and big brother. It also seems your sister has become quite attached to my son."
  12. @Critical-Hit "I guess so. Only the creator of this game has any and all information about the level designs inside and out. Even when we do make it to the next level, then we'll have to be pretty cautious. Who knows how high the enemy levels are. At least we'll be able to work towards leveling up a bit better than the starting area." Dynamo responded, glancing over to Sora, while listening to her reply. "Okay and I just wanted to make sure with you. I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable or anything like that." He gave the female griffon a deadpanned expression, before playfully rolling his eyes. "You think so? What gave it away? The hand holding or the random nuzzles? I was thinking about giving you a kiss to pretty much explain, but I wanted to make sure that you were okay with the idea." He blushed as he knew they hadn't had their first kiss yet, but he knew he wanted it to be special, yet memorable.
  13. @Catpone Cerberus Dynamo watched with interest as the crow shook its head twice. That gave Dynamo the idea that they weren't followed, but the blue unicorn wasn't convinced. He knew the crow was smart, but he wasn't sure if it understood the question he had asked. "If only Ember was awake and conscious to let me know if they were followed, or if she could ask the crow. They have more of a better connection to understand one another." He sighed, knowing that he was running out of time. His eyes darted around to try and hurry to think of a plan. He noticed the crow had been removing the dirt from where the missing scales were. 'Oh, if only Starlight were here...' He stopped mid thought as he eyes widened, before grinning. '...Starlight! Of course! She'd know what to do! I just need to get to her and then we can try to heal Ember...' He decided to go head over to the castle of friendship, before a thought had crossed his mind. '...Wait a minute. The castle is almost all the way across town at this point. It doesn't help that it's off the beaten path away from town...' He groaned with a sigh, closing his eyes for just a moment as he weighted his options once more. "Okay. I'll take the crow's words into consideration, but only with a grain of salt. I'll go to the hospital to see if she can be treated. I don't think I'll be getting much sleep tonight at this point. If there is any sort of trouble near the hospital, then I make a beeline over to Starlight." Nodding at the plan he told himself, Dynamo stood up and took a deep breath. He casted a levitation spell upon Ember, while slowly levitating the dragon-pony into the air. He motioned her over to him slowly, before gently placing her on his back. Making absolutely sure not to damage or irritate any of the injuries any further. "Just hold on and bear with this for a little longer, Ember. I promise I'll get you the help you need..." He looked over to the crow and nodded. "...I'll need you on lookout. We're going to the hospital to help get Ember treated. However, if there's any sort of trouble that you might notice, then let me know. We'll change directions as soon as possible." He concluded as he started down the path and began making his way towards the Ponyville hospital.
  14. @Catpone Cerberus Dynamo Pad: Several week later. As the weeks had gone by, Dynamo and Sunlight's vacation to Manehattan was at an end. Upon arriving in Ponyville, they had given their report to Princess Twilight, before falling back into the daily routine of their lives. During those weeks, the blue unicorn had received a letter from his mother, Gentle Step, who was wondering if he was making any plans to visit. After talking to Sunlight on the plan for Fillydelphia, the pair decided to take a slight vacation. The only difference was that Sunlight had secured a smaller job from his hometown when they would be visiting. After arriving at Fillydelphia, Dynamo stretched with a yawn as he made his way off of the train. As the duo began to make their way out of the station to find a means of travel, Dynamo looked over to Sunlight and nodded at the story to introduce her. "Okay and thanks for the reminder, Sunny. Although, I wonder if telling my mom the truth would be a good idea. I understand that it's probably too risky, but I know my mom is pretty accepting." Dew Drop: As Dew had finished watering the flowers in the green house, she had opened the shop to start off the day. She had hoped that Jade would be up, but she knew the early mornings were pretty slow and uneventful. There would be the occasional customer here and there and then it would be quiet from time to time. As the time drew towards noon, Dew thought it would be good to make something for the two of them to eat. Taking an early break, she swapped the open sign to close as she headed back into the house. As she entered the kitchen, she grabbed some supplies from around the kitchen to have everything set for brunch. She began mixing a batter as she thought pancakes would be a good choice to have. She wasn't sure what Jade's favorite foods were, but she knew he would tell her over time. Once the pancakes were starting to bake, her ears perked at the sound of Jade's voice echoing into the room. She turned towards him and giggled at his change of words, before shaking her head. "G-Good afternoon, Jade. There's no need to a-apologize for anything. This is the f-first time that I saw that you w-were fast asleep. That, a-and I wasn't able to get you up a-after shaking your arm. I-It's something that we'll have t-to get used to as I'm more of a morning pony."
  15. @Critical-Hit "Perfect! Might I make a suggestion?" Gentle responded, grateful as she gained the attention of the couple. "Maybe we can stay at the zoo for a little while, before heading over towards the arcade? I think there might be someone that Dusky should meet, as well." At the mention of 'someone,' Dynamo grinned with a nod. "I know who you're referring too. You're talking about my old teacher, Pinball Wizard. I think that's a wonderful idea, mom!" He grinned, turning his attention back towards his girlfriend. "Plus, I can show you and Dusky the roots of which I started. Mister Pinball is also a really nice pony and very welcoming. If anyone is interested in gaming, then he's the right pony for the job to guide hopeful gamer's into the gaming world. There's something else I need to say, but I'll wait, until we get to the arcade." He winked as he didn't want to spoil any sort of surprise to Broken and/or Dusk. "I think it's because it's my mom, or the fact that she's a part of my family. Dusky was the same way after knowing that I'd be his dad. I think the fact that he knows he has more family has made him attached towards my mom." He assumed with a smile. While it might not have been the correct idea, he was still pleasantly happy to know that Dusky was warming up to his new nana. "I'm just so happy to see my grandson has taken a liking to me." Gentle beamed as she handed Dusk back over to Dynamo and Broken. "I just need to grab my purse and keys, then I'll be right back." She turned and momentarily left to go get the belongings she stated for the family trip.
  16. @Critical-Hit Dynamo smiled as he was glad that Scarlet had gotten a good laugh of the situation. "I'm just glad you were there when that happened. Otherwise, I think the arcade would have collapsed from the utter chaos that would have transpired." At the mention of hearing 'mom,' Gentle smirked as she decided to have a little fun poking at their relationship. "Oh, mom now, is it? Well if that's the case, then I would be all for welcoming you into the family. The only problem I see is where's the ring? I would have half expected my son to propose to you now." Seeing Dynamo's jaw drop and blush was exactly what she was hoping for. Should couldn't help in chuckling as she felt tears were welling up in her eyes. "Oh, I'm so sorry, kids. I just couldn't help myself in saying something like that. Besides, I know it's way too early for something like marriage. You've met for almost two weeks, but I can tell that the two of you seem pretty close. I still welcome you into the family, Scarlet." As Tabby peeked from behind Scarlet, Gentle smiled as she scooped up the small kitsune into her arms. "Aw. There's no need to be shy, little one. I'm perfectly friendly and I'm so happy to see my little granddaughter. Oh, aren't you just precious." She nuzzled Tabby and pulled her into a tight hug. "A drink would be lovely, thank you. I hope they have some ginger-ale." At the mention of the beverage, Dynamo shook his head, before levitating the canned beverage out of the cup holder. "I'm way ahead of you, mom. I knew you might have needed a drink. So, I planned ahead, just in case." Gentle smiled as she caught the ginger-ale in her own magical grasp. "Thank you, honey. That's really kind of you. By the way, I'm not late, am I? I hope I didn't miss the party."
  17. @Critical-Hit Dynamo chuckled with a small grin. "I don't blame you for having that train of thought. We were all staying in our separate hotel rooms. Granted, we could hopefully find a house to rent out and stay at. Since we'll be working on quest jobs or other forms of work to pay rent and food. Plus, I remember how you had already set up the room you and I would stay at. It's definitely a hassle if you just take everything away when we all paid for the rooms." He wanted to protest about Sora standing up, but he ceased any arguments as he was given word by the nurse. He held a hand out for Sora to take, while also providing her his arm. "Just lean onto me if you are feeling tired from walking. I know you're probably feeling better, but I want to take the nurse's word into consideration, Sora." He says, following Cobalt as he lead the group over to where the guild meeting would take place. "So, I'm going to guess that the others are just going to head over towards the guild meeting?" He asks, walking a bit slower to give him and Sora some distance away from Cobalt. "So, what do you think we should do, Sora? I thought the others would show up and we would tell them that we are a couple, but I wasn't sure if everyone else in the guild would be at this meeting. I guess we could wait until after the meeting. I just wanted to tell our friends that you and I will always be together." He gave her hand a reassuring squeeze to let her know that he meant what he said.
  18. The song currently stuck in my head is Type: Wild, by Hirokazu Tanaka and Shoko Nakagawa. The English cover of the song was done by the YouTube channel, Megami33.
  19. Okay and sounds like a plan. I know it's @TBD's turn to respond and then it'll be back to @Bakugou Is My Man ❤'s turn. I thought it would be good to check, before proceeding on the idea.
  20. Would it be a good idea to see if @Bakugou Is My Man ❤ is okay on the idea of Ryu being matchmaker? I'm all for the idea because I can see some interesting results happening for the RP, but I wanted to make sure that everyone was on board with the idea.
  21. I guess the healing magic could be close to making some injuries seem like simple fractures. While they aren't fully fixed, she's still hurt for the time being. Okay and thanks. I just wanted to be sure as I didn't want to pull an idea like that out of nowhere. Okay and that makes sense. When you said to make the decision based on in character information. Did you mean character information from Dynamo, Ember, or both?
  22. @Catpone Cerberus The time Dynamo and Blossom had spent together had gone on for a month. The blue unicorn had to accept the fact that maybe Ember really was gone. He hadn't seen her or her pet crow in quite a long time. He even spotted a few crows here and there when passing by town, but they weren't the same crow that he remembered. Even if he accepted the fact that she was gone, it still didn't change the fact that still missed her. After said month had bone by, Dynamo was busy asleep in his bed at night. While he was asleep, he was woken up by a loud knocking on his bedroom window. He sat up slowly and groaned, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as he tried to figure out the source of the noise. There were a few more knocks, while Dynamo turned towards the window. He tilted his head slightly, confused as he noticed a crow was knocking. 'Okay. That's just weird. Usually birds don't go flying into town this late. Not only that, but it's a crow.' He got out of bed and started to make his way towards the window. The gaming stallion was going to give that crow a piece of his mind and make it leave. Of course, that's what he thought about doing at first. As soon as he opened the window, he saw the crow go towards the front door. He heard the tapping of the door with it's beak, but decided that maybe this was worth looking into. "I mean, what am I going to do with it being the middle of the night? Going to chase after a crow, right?..." With a heavy sigh, Dynamo grabbed his jacket and started making his way towards the front door of the house. He made sure to bring his Quest Controller just in case he needed to swipe the crow away from the house. As he opened the door and made it outside, he was following the crow, who was leading Dynamo around the corner. After slipping the controller on his arm, he followed the crow and was shocked to see something around the corner. However, this something was actually someone. Upon taking a few tentative steps forward, he soon discovered that the someone was Ember. "...Wait a minute. Ember...!?" He rushed over to her and tried to make sure that this was all real. After scanning his surroundings, he shook his head as he couldn't believe what was happening. 'This doesn't make sense. First, she's gone for a month and now she's here? What in Equestria is going on around here?' He thought as he was shocked to see that Ember was really in bad shape. She was malnourished, her breathing was weak, she had a broken horn, her mane and tail were entangled, she was missing a few scaled and she was shaking badly. "...Ember? Ember, can you hear me...?" He didn't touch the dragon-pony as he noticed a small crater in which she was laying in. Dynamo had just woken up, but the blue unicorn was able to deduce that she may have gotten hurt in her landing. He could see the crow was beginning to clean Ember up by picking up any sort of dirt and cawed. 'What do I do? She needs help and she needs it now.' He thought as he he had a number of options. He could always go to the hospital as they would give Ember the treatment she needed. He could try and let her stay with him as he would need to nurse her back to health. The only problem was that he wasn't proficient with healing magic and he wasn't a medical expert. The injuries she sported were obvious, but he didn't know if there was more injuries that he wasn't aware of. "...Hey, little crow. I don't know if you can understand me, but I need to know. Were you followed by anyone when you and Ember made your way over to my house? Shake once for yes or twice for no." He knew this might not work, but he needed to weigh his options and figure out what he could do at the moment.
  23. I was thinking of the first or third option. I would have said take her to the castle to see if Starlight or anyone can help, but I'm not entirely sure how healing magic works in MLP. If I picked the hospital and there was enemies, then I could bring an item with him just in case. It's something used from another RP, but I think he would keep it as a memento/souvenir. It's a Quest Controller/NES power glove. Basically, the idea is when using the glove, he can make any weapon from video games he's played. Provided, he knows what the item/weapon in question from the game looks like. Would that be okay? I wasn't sure how strong the possible enemies would be, so I thought Dynamo could provide some support.
  24. That's what I was thinking of if the hospital was a good idea. Considering that he doesn't know where she's been or who had put Ember in such a state. Also, no. He would know how to put a bandaid on and all, but he doesn't know much on first aid. That, and given that she's malnourished. He would be worried if he let her eat food, but then the food gets stuck or she chokes. I remember hearing on some show or somewhere that you need to eat bread first and make your way up if someone becomes malnourished and/or lose weight. I don't know if that's completely accurate, but I know Dynamo wouldn't have the best clue.
  25. @Catpone Cerberus With how Ember was found near Dynamo's house, would it be wise to bring her to the hospital? I wasn't sure if the hospital was such a good idea as she is a bounty hunter. I didn't know if she had a reputation or if the hospital would keep records to use in gaining information from others.