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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Hello.

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    2. TheRockARooster


      It's OK, I hope I'm not slowing you down.

    3. PanthaKyat


      Its ok. He is 3. He is always a bit of a pain when he first wakes up.

      Thats how he fell asleep last night. lol

    4. TheRockARooster
  3. Re-posting this. I don't know if you saw it yet. I need to know what you think before I go on with coloring it. I can do A different pose if you don't like this one. Anyone else seeing this I'm still open for trades.
  4. Lovely art on your profile.

    1. PanthaKyat


      Thank you! <3 I'm hoping to someday be able to open an art shop on these forums.

    2. Ghost Riley

      Ghost Riley

      Ah. Good luck with that! <3

  5. This is what I have so far for you OC. Let me know what you think. Also let me know if there is anything you want me to change.
  6. I'd love to draw her for you. for your half I like to have this girl done.
  7. I'd really like to do some art trades. I love to get some art done to my new MLP or SU Gem OCs. I'm offering full color art of one to two Characters. Here is some of my best work. Art examples You can see all my OCs here.
  8. Wow! Undertale took over my life for a few day. That game needs a warning on it telling people how addicting it is. XD

    1. Prophet


      You feel the sins crawling down your back

      o u o that fandom man...<3

    2. Blueberry Paint
  9. Oh, That's a good one. I couldn't find a Luna one that one ups that so I'll just let Pinkie do her stuff.
  10. I want to get a critique from you guy on a few of my OCs. I just finshed there character pages. Moxie- character page Jin- character pages Nano- character page
  11. Yes! Thank you so much! Where was it? Did I just not see it?