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    I choose to daily to share happiness, and commit random acts of kindness.
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  1. I do too! If that isn't RD's father, could it be her brother? The only reason I suggest this is because of Twlight and her brother, Shining Armour, they both have pretty much the same cutie mark don't they? And RD and this colt have the same cutie mark - from what I can see of it.
  2. I just noticed your sig. Stay shiny.

    1. Autumn Dreamer

      Autumn Dreamer

      And remember not to fret Captain!

  3. They are all so a-mane-zing!!! My faves are all the Fluttershys of course! Your work is wonderful Kysohi!!!!!
  4. Truly amazing! I'm in awe!!!!! Love the colour, would love to see all of them in that fashion!
  5. Busy day, need some MLP!

  6. Autumn Dreamer

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Thank you for being so nice.
  7. Autumn Dreamer

    The Royal Sisters.

    You may feel that way, but I'm totally amazed, because I wouldn't even know where to begin tackling something as cool as these are.
  8. Autumn Dreamer

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    She is all the things I see in myself as a rescuer, only she's beautiful inside and out.
  9. I think it's pretty darn amazing!!!!!!
  10. Autumn Dreamer

    The Royal Sisters.

    Love them both, but am partial to the second one myself.
  11. I'm manely, see how I did that, an ALL animal person, and we currently have 7 ferrets and 2 Catahula Bulldogs!
  12. Autumn Dreamer

    Hello Every Pony!

    I love being behind the scenes as well. I danced in a few shows, but it's the technical life for me too! Autumn Dreamer
  13. Autumn Dreamer

    Hello Every Pony!

    Hi MissPurpleBookworm! Interesting enough, I didn't start doing theatre until after high school. By the time I was in my late 20's, I had graduated from P.C.P.A.Theaterfest in Santa Maria, and started helping to teach summer musical theatre to kids in our city from grades 9th through12th. There had been a county wide budget vote, which once passed, had removed all creative arts programs to our schools. It was quite a blow to schools who were big on theatre, chorus, art clubs, wood & metal shops, and everything else that vote had considered frivolous. The non-profit group I worked
  14. This is what my brony son and I have so far, and we've only just begun collecting them. He just got a D.J. Pon-3 belt today, but he's wesring it now! Sorry it's sideways!
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