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  1. StoneCold

    National Novel Writing Month 2015

    I've been slacking this weekend, bring my avg/day to 1800/day. I'm hoping getting back into the rhythm of school will help me write. After all, what's a better motivator then avoiding schoolwork?
  2. StoneCold

    Ask Tech!

    I see you picked the 10th doctor over the 11th, so I'm just going to reach for that 'unfriend' button right over there Seriously, though, liked the video. Even if you didn't answer my math question.
  3. StoneCold

    National Novel Writing Month 2015

    Hit 20,000 words today..... should be celebrating but I'm too drained right now
  4. StoneCold

    Ask Tech!

    -Favorite Doctor and why? -Favorite movie/genre? -Favorite book? -What fictional character do you relate to most and why? -If Train A is leaving Station C at 4 am and is going at 60mph, and Train B is leaving Station D at 6am at 45mph, and the two stations are 300 miles apart, when will they cross paths?
  5. StoneCold

    National Novel Writing Month 2015

    So, it took till 2:15 a.m., but I hit my goal for the 7th (2000 words today, totaling 14089 overall.) New tip for everyone: The ninja rule. If you find yourself having writer's block, have your character(s) attacked by ninjas (or some form of enemy). This will give you 4 or 5 pages to figure out who these ninjas are and why they're attacking, as well as moving the main plot forward.
  6. StoneCold

    National Novel Writing Month 2015

    Between this, studying for exams, and day light savings, my sleep schedule has really taken a toll.... But it'll be worth it when I'm done!
  7. StoneCold

    National Novel Writing Month 2015

    Day 3: Just hit 6000 words (averaging 2000 words a day) I'm going to hit 50,000 or die trying
  8. StoneCold

    How long is 30 moons?

    Well, the diameter of our moon is 3,474.8 kilometers (roughly 2,159.14062 miles). Assuming they're aligned in a row, end touching end, then 30 moons would roughly be 10,4244 kilomers long (64,774.2186 miles) That's 1140026.24736 football fields. Oh, you meant the unit of time, didn't you?
  9. StoneCold

    Movies/TV Steven Universe Fanclub

    HOW IS A GREEN SPACE DORITO BECOMING MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!?!? Okay, but seriously, I freaking love this show. The last couple of episodes have me at a loss of words.
  10. Spin Magic. I'm either seeing something like the Rasengan, or like the Tasmanian Devil
  11. StoneCold

    Favorite Brony Youtuber?

    MYSELF!!!!!!!!! Seriously though, either drwolf or silver quill
  12. StoneCold

    What features of some OCs do you really dislike?

    The only problem I have is with poorly written OC's. Any idea has potential, assuming it's written correctly. You want to make Prince Neon, the brooding son of celestia who's also been mentored by Sombra and is the seventh element of harmony? Fine, but you better do a damn good job of it.
  13. StoneCold

    Non-Pony OCs

    Stone Cold (My avatar) is technically a unicorn, but was transformed into a breezie. Does that count?
  14. StoneCold

    If your OC could be voiced by anyone........

    I would go with Tom Kenny as Stone Cold's voice (My Avatar).
  15. StoneCold

    How are you handling the hiatus?

    I just learned so now, so I'm still in the denial stage. Yep, there's no hiatus.... ha... ha... ha..