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  1. I know that feeling thing... I would love a lot to have pony plushie... It would help me with my mental problems...
  2. True but I have problems to lift my PayPal account limits. Because it requires my debit card 4 digit number code and my card has only 3... I am also too shy to do it.
  3. Thanks... But I guess I won't get any plushies... Although I would love to...
  4. I must conserve money for rent and other taxes and wait until my money supports arrives. I am too shy to buy them myself. I also have only PayPal, since Amazons requires credit card.
  5. I love Protoss race and would love to behave as wisely and politely as one of them.
  6. *lollipop* Remember: There is no a thing as "normal" define but nvm that. x3 I would love to sleep with any pony plushie, especially Fluttershy because it would ease my mental problems, but I am too shy to even get one..
  7. I believe its not weird at all... Why would it be? I myself: Am too shy to get pony blushie and huggle it while sleeping... Although i know it would ease my mental pains.
  8. Ach... My MLP-fiM forum profile has begun dying... I haven't been active, because there has been nothing to do. Anyone care for any kind of PM RP?

  9. I understand about excactly everything what you just meant and/or mentioned. And no thank you: I don't eat cupcakes or drink any sort of cider. (Btw: Lapi Kulta is alcohol in my knowledge.)
  10. Jsut saw bunny. Mallard ducks stared it like: "What the heck is that creature?"

  11. Hey there Sharp. Now I have other problem when I finally got time to translate your English. Remember that Crystal Lands doesn't have any metal materials. It also includes concrete. Its "metal like" thing right? Plus: I don't really know how to continue the RP from my part, as I am kind of puzzled of this concrete and lack of material things. Also. I have no idea how pumice and concrete could be mixed and build any kind of ships.
  12. PRetty much is happening right now: We are planning to move from Jyväskylä to Tampere and to our new home. I was told to sell today some games and DVD's for store that sells "used and classic" things if you know what I mean. I dare to say that I sold there MLP-FiM season 1 pack. Though it included many "extra" features, buty they payed for it 10€ because its one of its kind at their store. I am not brony though so I don't really mind.

  13. Alright now Im back from elsewhere. I was lucky: It lasted only one week. Now i have PC in my use again. Atm: I am at my father-mother-mother burdering. What an end to vacation trip. I don't still understand. Wht do you mean by "concrete." (My bad english sry)
  14. It is done. My father's-mother-mother has been put to her final resting place. Burdering event ended just 20 minutes ago.

  15. Will be on vacation. If i'm lucky: I'll return somewhere in June. If unlucky: Somewhere the end of the June.

  16. Ok. I am still unsure is it good idea to use this: "Pumic" things. Sounds weak and risky to me. Oh yeah and I have to warn you about this thing: I will be going on vacation tomorrow and there will be no way to get net connection, since I don't have any 3G things and there will be no PC's with me because of the rules I must obey. I will return if lucky: Somewhere at June. If unlucky: The end of the June.
  17. What are those volcanic and this so called: Pumice? What are its limits? I mean: Strengths and weaknessess?
  18. Bored and really don't know what to do :C

  19. "For now... There is nothing. I will now anyways have to travel back to the capital... So I can sent a message and spread the word about the change. Then i'll have to go north and west cities, as I have things to do there." Blue Crystal said as he stand up and out from his chair and walk to the exit door awaiting Silver Gleam.
  20. "Alright... Then you may leave now. I have to notify my ponies about this upcoming change. Hopefully it will not cause troubles, but I don't think so... As there are left only earth ponies here from wars. I am quite sure they are ready for change... But I still hope the change won't be too much shock to them."
  21. I don't really understand how those FNaF animatronic robots can still be alive? They were already dead at FNaF 3 right and their spirits went free? Could this be the continue to the any ending of FNaF 3... You know that Springtrap is still free and alive? Could it be that he has stolen more children, rebuild animatronics and now opened some bisness again?
  22. Alright I am active again. The next fixing took a much less time than I first thought.
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