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  1. I like the coloring on those wings and the hair is looking good.
  2. Life is hard but I just keep charging on through.

  3. I love how last week was just rain, rain and more rain. How ever this week its the complete opposite.

  4. It's My birthday day

    1. Stardust Balance
    2. CrimsonWeb


      *smashes in through a window" HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

    3. Lucinda Night

      Lucinda Night

      Happy Birthday little brother! :)

  5. Hi there, and happy birthday! ^~^ Hope you have a great time! :3

  6. - animation artist-steeve DJ_PON3 gif party_hard vinyl_scratch.gif
  7. making art is hard and I wish it didn't take so long to do

    1. Lucinda Night

      Lucinda Night

      The more ya practice the easier it will come to you

  8. Cant wait to get home so I can play some games after working all week

    1. Lucinda Night

      Lucinda Night

      Sounds good to me :)

  9. Since becoming a brony I've been drawing pony's and I've been trying to improve on it with each drawing but a few months ago I hit a block. But thanks to my sister "Lucinda Night" who introduced me to this forum I have found some new Inspiration. So here is what I have been working on since joining the forums. The armor is based on someone elses but I'm going to work more on it later.
  10. Those are awesome dance moves make me wish I could do it. Nice job adding those effects in they really made it look better.
  11. That was amazing and we'll put together. Great job.
  12. I'm always looking for some good music to listen to and this one is just fantastic. Your doing an amazing job and I hope you continue to do your best.
  13. This sounds amazing. I love how it sounds overall and it sounds like you put a lot of work into making this. How long did this take you to do anyway?
  14. This is way better than the original in many ways and it still keeps the overall felling in my opinion. Great job