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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Writing an essay. Can't help but surf the web while doing so.
  3. I will attempt to answer the question that was asked in the thread title without taking the video into consideration. There are multiple reasons anti-bronies exist, few more obvious than others. I think that one of the most prevalent and blatant reasons is lack of knowledge about the the fandom, or to put it more succinctly, ignorance. Many anti bronies see fans of the show as 'fat nerds that watch colorful ponies' or something like that, what a lot of them don't seem to understand is that even if all bronies are 'do nothing nerds' flaming about them on the internet would do nothing to help their cause nor would it suddenly compel the fans of the show to stop liking it. Another reason one may decide to become an anti-brony is through the gross generalization of an entire group because of a few individuals. It is inevitable for a large community such as this one to have a few individuals that feel the need to attack anybody that does not share their point of view. Some people are attacked by these individuals and feel the need to reciprocate the displeasure back onto the entire community, I think that the theory that bronies only claim to like to show because they are trolls stems from this. In conclusion, I think that not all anti-bronies are willing to go out of their way to insult bronies; same applies when the two groups are flipped, both ends of the spectrum have their bad sides. There is no point in attacking anti-bronies and there is no use for anti-bronies to attack bronies, actions such as that are contrary to the morals FiM teaches and the ethic of reciprocity.
  4. Okay, back for real this time.

  5. I'd like to be a pony. The teenage dragons depicted in the show make dragons as a whole look bad.
  6. Haven't been on for a while. Sorry if any of you thought I left!

    1. Mrain901


      I thought you did. How have 'ya been?

    2. techbishop


      I've been fine. I'm sort of a lurker on IWBTF now. My main focus is probably school and fangames until summer comes around. I managed to finally beat Kanilia 3 a couple days ago.

  7. Please don't hurt me. Rick Astley perfectly illustrates my arrogance and tendency to never give things up whether it be a love interest or a new video game. Matt Mulholland, artist of the genius known as "My Heart Will Go On - Recorder Version" evokes emotions that don't normally come to me when watching music videos. My Heart Will Go On is something more, it had me on the ground crying because of its amazing aesthetics and visuals mixed in with passion that I have never seen before. Both of these videos represent my life and the trials I have overcome to become who I am today. I am in debt to these people.
  8. My goal in life is to leave my mark on this world. (In a good way)
  9. The NES. I feel so nostalgic whenever I play an NES game, especially Contra.
  10. Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay.
  11. I play on PC, N64, Gamecube, Wii, NES, and the SNES.
  12. We seem to have a lot in common. Welcome to the forums!
  13. I don't know anypony here that I would actually go gay for, but Jeric seems to fit my criteria the most.
  14. I'd take mares over stallions any day! Probably not, he just seems like a one-dimensional character that was shoehorned into the plot in order to create a sort of romance subplot and create more toys.
  15. I think Gravity Falls fits the bill for a "puzzle" cartoon. Just watching one episode will make you think that it is just an ordinary cartoon. After watching a few more you will start to catch on to the large amount of clues and realize how complex a cartoon can be.